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Follow the strap, or the pants that comes with stealth adjustment, it may only have a fixed effect. If you want to create the sharpness and vertical pants of the waist, the belt does not seem to be the first two.


But thinking about it, the belt has become the waist accessories that most men choose today, and naturally have its reason.


One of them is that it seems that it can always be the finishing touch of your shape in a thin summer match, and it can reveal your level of dressing and taste.


Category of belt

There are many types of belts on the market. According to the category of buckle, the category of men’s belt can be roughly divided into 5 types.

1. Pinstand belt

There is a flat needle in the middle position of the buckle head. The belt is tied to the belt. It is divided into a formal dress and leisure style. The matching style of the formal suit is an extremely standard match for modern suits. It is also known as a classic belt.


2. Automatic belt

The automatic belt is a belt that is tied with a spring or magnetic mechanical structure. Although it is fast and easy to adjust, the embarrassing sound is not suitable for formal occasions because it makes an embarrassing sound. It is mainly suitable for leisure occasions.

3. Board belt


The buckle belt is usually removed, also known as a smooth belt, which is the main type of some brand big logo buckle style. Put the belt through the nail on the head and insert the hole in the belt for tie.

O -type / D belt

With a casual belt, there is one to two buckles on the buckle. Generally, the leather holes or stepping on the wear method are fixed, which is generally used in woven belt.


SNAP waistband

The military style is more suitable for wearing in outdoor dressing. It is a very casual style. The deduction method is extremely simple. You only need to bite the two ends like a seat belt tightly.


How to choose a belt

The types of belts are diverse, and they are quite particular about the choice. According to the style and field, choose the belt that is suitable for you to make this seemingly small but finishing touch.


1. Width

The width of 1.25 inches (about 3cm) is the standard for regular belts, which is more suitable for tight jeans and cone pants. In addition, this width is more suitable for thin men (waist circumference 34).

The 1.5 -inch (about 3.8cm) width waistband is suitable for formal or casual dressing. It is more effective with tannin or diagonal cotton cloth and heavy fabrics with heavy texture.

The size of 1.75 inches (about 4.5cm) is wide, and it feels easier and casual. It is not advisable to match gentlemen.

In addition, in addition to the width of the belt, in addition to choosing the style of dress, you should also pay attention to the proportion of your body.


Men with a fat body are recommended to choose a medium -width and narrow belt (about 3cm wide) too detailed to coordinate with the body shape, and too wide will highlight the waist more rounded.

People with a thin body can choose a 4cm belt, which can make up for the thinness of the body and increase the width ratio of the body.

2. length

The size of the belt should be 1-2 inches longer than the waist waist

For example, if you wear a 34 -inch pants waist, you choose 36 inches to choose 36 -inch and ensure that the remaining part of the remaining part is appropriate, and it can completely surround the waist without too much.


It should also be noted that when the size of the belt is not appropriate (the waist hole is not enough to meet your trouser waist), do not use tools such as small knives or scissors, because it is easy to break the waistband and affect the beauty.


The reasonable approach should be taken to the stores or shoe repair shops, let them help make the new wax you want.

3. Material


Cruckets are the most common raw materials for leather belts. Among them, the effect texture of all -grained leather is the best and most wear -resistant, while the calfskin is relatively soft. In terms of dressing style, the formal belt leather is usually shiny and smooth, while the leather leather is rough and matte.



The belt of the fabric, such as canvas belts, developed from military uniforms. At first, it was mainly practical and functional, usually with box buckles. Since the evolution, the style has become more young, more interesting color matching and patterns, as well as more D -type buckle loops, adding a highlight to leisure and outdoor dressing.


The belt made of this fabric is generally “not too rigorous” and is not suitable for formal dressing. Instead, it is more suitable for casual pants such as jeans, military uniform trousers.



Different from the traditional belt, there are more and more belts made of different materials on the market, such as


Cotton and polyester fiber

It is a good choice, and even now the number is far more than the leather belt. Trying to wear in informal occasions is a new and personality choice.

Rope belt

It is more common in women’s fashion, but now it is gradually used by many men who are pursuing special for themselves.

This belt pays more attention to decorative rather than practicality. It is usually fixed by knotting. Its advantage is that durability and easy cleaning. Wearing in summer leisure styles not only bring a sense of lightweight, but also bring visually visually Freshness.


But in Chinese customs, such a belt is a bit taboo. If you want to try bravely, in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, it is best to choose white belt.




Black and brown are the most formal colors of leather.


The dark color series of belt is low -key and versatile, and the practicality is greater than the decorative effect. If you choose a style with fancy and design details, you can add decorative factors for the “serious” dark color series. Of course Choose different colors from dress.



The belt in the wear

The biggest use of the belt is to fix the waist of the pants and create a waistline. Bringing the highlights with the waist should also consider whether there are outstanding highlights in your shape.


For example, the shoe pants are too eye -catching, so the belt is still a good job of being a “practical assistant”.

Gentleman style

The gentleman style must be indispensable for trousers shirts. When choosing a leather belt, it can

Choose the same color as your shoes or other leather accessories. In addition, the metal buckle on the belt is the same as the same color of your other metal jewelry or other accessories.


When it comes to metal buckle, many media will DISS’s luxury logo belts, which are considered a symbol of local tyrants.

But here I feel that as long as you can control it, and to reduce the eye -catching level of LOGO metal buckle, it will not have much relationship, and it can play a role of icing on the cake, highlighting the low -key elegant and natural and noble temperament.


It is not necessary to say that the belt in the formal style is consistent with the tie as much as possible, but the degree of freedom of the choice of the belt in the informal gentry will be relatively high. Color -based.


You can change the patterns in the sample, such as choosing a thin width belt, which can weaken the formal wear; or choose a casual buckle (such as O -type D or SNAP type, etc.) Add a low -key way to add leisure effect.




The style and color and material of the casual style are relatively free and more widely selected.


Try the narrow width, style casual, bright light, or other novel fabric belt


It will not look too rigid, affect the overall coordination, and can also add color to the waist waist.

The traditional belt is tangled after a circle of wounds and “ended” the remaining parts neatly and neatly. However, in the casual style, the other method of the belt “opened the new world” again, adding a lot of views to the shape to the shape of the shape. Essence

Choose the fabric light and soft instead of leather belt (such as fabric fabric). After fastening the belt, put the remaining part through the first hole of the pants. If you are worried that such a method is too elegant and the flow is too strong, you can pass the end of the tail through the belt, and you have the effect of decorating the three -dimensional accessories.

Lieutenant clothes are the clothes that many people want to try this year, but they are afraid that the jacket is too rigid and rigid. It looks particularly important.

A jumping belt, which creates a waistline while adding a highlight to the shape, and the remaining part of the belt is hanging in front. From top to bottom to create a straight line with a liquid effect. Wearing a rigid board can be significantly higher.


The belt under the casual wind does not necessarily rely on color to grab the show. The high waistline created with black waist is enough to add color to your shape, which is especially suitable for the shape of all tone. (The same is true of other dark belts)

The top color of the same color blurred the boundary of the waist waist, plus the black belt, and the layering created by it to dispel the straight and straight stereotypes, and cleverly stretched the leg lines.

Or choose a black belt with logo/printed/printed/printed/printed/printed/printed/printed/printed/printed/printed/printed/printed/printed/printed/printed/printed/printed/printed/printed/printed/printed/printed belt, fix the belt and deduct it, put the belt in front of the trousers to simulate the effect of the line rope decorative element, the casual street feels stronger, even in ALL BLACK The black belt in the wear can also make the shape feel quite stylish.

If there are already other accessories (such as packaging, strap, etc.) in the shape, then the color system of the belt can be selected consistent or similar to it; in addition, in the choice of the belt metal buckle, the same reason is to match the gentry. As much as possible as possible with necklaces or rings, the same color.


In summary, the belt of casual funds generally has a larger buckle, width or thin width, and is mainly matte materials, rich in style; and the formal style of the belt is single, dark color, style in style, style in style Most of the board buckle or needle buckle type and moderate width and thin, usually look shiny.


When matching the belt in the shape, it is clear what its role played in the shape to choose the appropriate model. The shape.