vivo pad evaluation: Android tablets that can really work

One saying in the industry: two types are divided into two types, one is iPad, and the other is other.

For a long time, the iPad has always had no opponent in the tablet market. Compared with it, the Android tablet has always been a little congenital malnutrition. If it weren’t for the demand for tablets for the home office, online meeting, remote learning and other scenes due to the epidemic, it may be difficult to see products like vivo Pad today.

vivo Pad测评:真的可以干活儿的安卓平板

Rendering -level real machine texture

As the first tablet product of Vivo, vivo Pad must be aimed at productivity.

The main reason for this is not configuration and parameters, but a small detail in design. There are three metal contacts on the back of the vivo Pad to connect to the physical keyboard. The same design can be seen on the new iPad Air and iPad Pro.

vivo Pad测评:真的可以干活儿的安卓平板

Making three metal contacts on smooth, complete integrated metal body, which is obviously “less elegant” from design. The reason for making such a compromise is actually to tell users that the ideal way of using this product is to match the physical keyboard.

Obviously, it can be seen that vivo Pad has used a lot of design elements of iPad Air. This is a very mature and difficult hardware design solution. I can tell you for sure that it is not lost to iPad Air in terms of workmanship and materials.

The texture brought by this whole piece of aluminum -cut and polished body is difficult to achieve by other processes. In particular, the sky blue we got is a sense of vision of “rendering level”.

vivo Pad测评:真的可以干活儿的安卓平板

The keyboard protective cover of vivo Pad is also quite standardized. Most tablet keyboards on the market are similar to Apple’s “keyboard double -sided clamps” structure, such as OPPO PAD and Xiaomi tablet 5.

The protective cover of this form uses the tablet itself (the keyboard surface is designed with a groove), but the support of vivo Pad relies on the folding structure of the external protection surface. Compared with the former, its advantage is that it can use multi -angle adjustment to adjust the pitch angle of the screen.

vivo Pad测评:真的可以干活儿的安卓平板

I have a small suggestion for this keyboard protective cover: you can learn from the idea of ​​the split keyboard protective cover of Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra to separate the support structure and keyboard part. In this way, the tablet does not take up too much desktop space in some scenes that do not need keyboards, such as washing dishes in the kitchen.

vivo Pad测评:真的可以干活儿的安卓平板

Everything is to improve efficiency

Another advantage of the vivo Pad keyboard is to save part of the space for touchpad, which is another configuration point that can improve efficiency and productivity.

At the beginning of the birth of tablets, the main interaction was mainly based on touch. Later, the entry of the physical keyboard was actually to meet the requirements of long -term and continuous input text. In theory, completing interactions similar to PC touchpads or mouses on the tablet can be done directly by touching and point -pressed operations on the screen. But if it is in some severe scenarios, this interaction may not be efficient.

vivo Pad测评:真的可以干活儿的安卓平板

For myself, in most daily office scenarios, you need to switch between different applications, folders, documents, web pages, and accompanied by frequent selection, drag, editing and so on. If it is working on the tablet, it means that the keyboard can only meet the needs of text input. Most of the other operations need to be done by relying on the touch screen. This requires frequent operations to switch back and forth from the screen to the keyboard. It is actually more laborious in severe scenarios.

The introduction of the touchpad is a relatively complete and secure solution. On the one hand, it transforms the process from the screen to the keyboard to from the keyboard to the touchpad. The latter’s “interactive itinerary” is closer and more troublesome. On the other hand, most people are familiar with the touchpad itself, and we can transition directly from the PC. Frequent switching between touch interaction and key and mouse interaction will not occur, bringing experience in experience.

Vivo Pad actually optimizes a lot of optimizations on the touchpad in the system part, such as many of its operating logic as the PC platform. Introduce the function of “adaptive cursor” similar to iPados, edit documents, and switch the current page operation, it can be completed very conveniently and smoothly. With some optimization of the Origin OS HD system itself in terms of division and multi -tasking, the screen of the vivo Pad has indeed improved significantly in terms of display and interaction efficiency.

In addition to these, handwriting pen is also indispensable. The handwriting pen is almost standard for the productivity tablet (although I still have to buy it by itself), and naturally there is no reason for vivo Pad. In terms of experience, this handwriting pen is done well in terms of delay, pressure sensitivity, simulation pen fronts, etc. You can use this handwritten pen to make some handwriting comments, records, and even hand -drawn operations.

However, there must be a certain gap between this handwritten pen in the overall experience and the current benchmark Apple Pencil. For example, the edge simulated according to the severity of the handwriting when writing is not so linear and authentic.

vivo Pad测评:真的可以干活儿的安卓平板

In addition, when using this pen, it is obvious that the pen is a bit heavy. The reason is that it uses the battery power supply. After the cover is unscrewed, you can see that a No. 9 battery is hidden at the tail of the pen. Compared with the current charging handwriting pen, this scheme must have a gap in terms of convenience and environmental protection.

In addition to these hardware configuration and system adaptation, atomic notes are the key points that reflect the efficiency and productivity of vivo PAD. People who have used vivo mobile phones before will definitely not be unfamiliar with the native app of atomic notes. Unlike most native notes apps, atomic notes integrate notes, memo reminders, and documents.

In terms of functionality, atomic notes have certain advantages compared to most system note apps. For example, in terms of memo and notes, the memo of atomic notes can be recorded in various situations. In a note, use text editing, handwriting fonts, and even voice to perform detailed collation and records. Combined with the powerful typesetting editing function of the atomic notebook itself to generate a rich and perfect content of notes.

If you are an office worker like us, then the document function of atomic notes is very easy to use. It can automatically classify and organize local and cloud files, support common Office three -piece format, TXT text, and so on. You don’t even need to download the third -party editing app to the tablet alone. You can directly complete the editing, modify or annotate in the atomic notes.

Of course, all functions and files and notes of atomic notes also support the synchronization and sharing of the cloud. After logging in to the same vivo account, all the modifications, editors, and comments completed on any device will be synchronized to all devices in real time, which is very convenient.

What’s more, vivo also developed atomic notes of PC and Mac versions, so that the current work process can be seamlessly switched between various devices, which is not too practical for media people like me.

Video and learning functions are quite attentive

After talking about the mobile office experience, let’s talk about audio and video.

There is no doubt that the importance of the audio and video experience of the tablet is largely connected with “productivity”. After all, although most people always buy tablets with the purpose of “learning”, many of them have been reduced to “iQiyi player” in the end.

Vivo Pad uses the mainstream 11 -inch screen of the current tablet. This screen is used to chase the drama and browse the text experience than ordinary large -screen phones. We have used OPPO PAD before. The two tablets are similar in display size, and the parameters and specifications of the screen are very close. However, vivo Pad is more accurate in color display, especially in comparison, the latter’s screen is slightly warmer.

Under the condition that the screen core parameters are approaching, the advantage of vivo Pad is that it supports Dolby Vision playback. However, after comparison, we found that vivo Pad was not as expected in the presentation of Dolby’s vision effect. Compared with Dolby’s OPPO PAD, it seems to have a slight advantage in the highest brightness of the screen. There is no gap in the most critical picture quality experience and color presentation.

vivo Pad测评:真的可以干活儿的安卓平板

In terms of sound quality, vivo pad is still doing well. Four speakers, with the effect of Dolby panorama, when watching some large blockbusters, the sense of atmosphere created is still quite good.

If you like to play games with a tablet, there is no problem with vivo Pad. It uses the Snapdragon 870 mobile platform. As a god U, which is loved by consumers, Snapdragon 870 does not need to repeat it too much in terms of performance and game performance. With the large battery and 44W fast charging of Vivo Pad more than 8000mAh, most game needs vivo Pad can be satisfied.

I know that many tablet users are now students, and Vivo Pad has also considered. The main application scenario of the use of tablets for the student group is online lessons. Parents are often outside these functional problems and pay more attention to children’s eye health and other issues. Vivo Pad has related core functions such as Blu -ray eye protection and adaptive environmental light on the hardware. After entering the children’s mode, the tablet will automatically switch the low blue light mode.

vivo Pad测评:真的可以干活儿的安卓平板

Vivo Pad even adds a TOF lens below the screen to monitor the child’s eye distance, posture, and so on. When the child is too close or sitting, it will actively send a reminder. Such functions are relatively rare in the current tablet market. Many products of the same type use the front camera for AI recognition, which are different in terms of accuracy and accuracy.

Written at the end:

vivo Pad测评:真的可以干活儿的安卓平板

After using it for a while, although vivo Pad is the first tablet product of the Blue Factory, the experience it brings me is quite complete. Vivo does not use the concept of “11 -inch mobile phones” to make this product. Instead, it has made a lot of targeted functions and experience levels according to the needs of tablet users.

For the productivity that the tablet is emphasizing now, Vivo Pad, which has a series of software and hardware solutions, can really “do things”. In fact, while experiencing vivo Pad, I did a lot of daily work with this tablet. Although it is not as good as PC in terms of convenience and efficiency, it can indeed meet my basic needs in some mobile office scenarios.

vivo Pad测评:真的可以干活儿的安卓平板

This proves that the “productive forces” of Android tablets are no longer a pseudo -proposition, and Android tablets are no longer the big screen entertainment equipment that can only be covered and chasing drama, but a tool that can help us work.

vivo Pad测评:真的可以干活儿的安卓平板

My overall evaluation of vivo pad is still very high. Because from the perspective of the needs of audiovisual, productive forces, and learning, it has done a good job. No matter what the purpose you are to choose this product, it can meet the needs in experience.

I have to admit that in the tablet market, we have always hoped to have a product that can be used to bid iPad. On this basis, it is best to have a certain cost -effective. From this perspective, I think vivo Pad is currently rare in the Android tablet market and can do this product.