Bangrou Clothing: Several kinds of velvet of warm underwear, four main materials for warm underwear and velvet

Several kinds of velvet in thermal underwear are divided into these four types of velvet, namely: pearl velvet, no poured, shake pills, and fleece. Plel of warm underwear is warm. People who are afraid of cold can choose velvet. Although it is not warm, it is comfortable, but it is comfortable to wear. And the velvet is the kind of sweltering warmth, prone to sweating, electrostatic and dandruff.


Four main materials for velvet

1. Pearl velvet: Pearl velvet is a special function that can achieve special functions such as moisture -proof and warmth through special processing. Nowadays, pearl velvet on the market is mainly used for making pajamas, baby products, children’s clothing, clothing inside, shoe and hats, etc.

2. Do not pour down: Do not pour a velvet similar to a kind of velvet fabric. The luster of the fluffy is very good, and it is elastic, and the feel is softer. Nowadays, no fluff on the market is mainly used for making pants, which has the effects of tightness, self -cultivation, warmth, and softness. It is loved by the majority of love women. 3. Velvet: The velvet is also called cashmere, and the production process is complicated. The front of the fabric is pulled, fluffy and dense, not easy to drop hair and get the ball. The reverse sides are sparse and well -proportioned, fluffy elasticity

4, fleece: Pochina is an excellent heating fabric, which is often used in the inside of making winter clothes. The fabric is comfortable and soft, elastic.

How to distinguish the good or bad of the inner velvet in the warm underwear


1. Touch it with your hands: Instead, the inner velvet of the warm underwear is touched with your hands. The good thermal underwear is very soft and elastic. You can put the two kinds of warm underwear together, and you know it.

2. Look at the eyes: good quality and warm underwear, the velvet is thin, very uniform, and the difference is thick, and the thickness is not uniform, and it is strip.

3. Pulling one pull: Some heating underwear deforms soon, the neckline and cuffs have become very large, but the middle section is reduced; when buying, pull with both hands to see if you can’t restore it when you pull it. The original state.

4. Put on the skin and rub: The warm underwear is usually not tried, but the inner velvet part can be close to the belly and legs, rub it, and experience the feeling of rough and stabbing the skin. It will hurt the skin more after wearing it.

5. Pull the hair: When looking at thermal underwear, you can pull the inner fluff with your hand. If you drop it as soon as you pull it, it means that the quality is very poor, and it is likely to drop the hair in the future. 6. Washing situation: The quality of good quality and warm underwear will not deform in the washing machine, but if the quality is very poor, it may fade and deform; if the quality is not determined when buying, then only only the quality is very good, then only only first Buy one. Determine the quality is very good, buy the second item.

The principle of dressing and keeping warm

The principle of dressing and keeping warm is achieved by reducing thermal conduction, that is, the heat is stored in the convection between the clothes through the cold air surface thermal. Therefore, if you want to wear warmth, you must reduce thermal conductivity! From this perspective, we usually pay attention to keeping the air between the mezzanine when wearing multiple layers of clothes, so as to reduce the thermal conductivity. This can also explain that the clothes wearing a lot of clothes that are not necessarily warm. The laminate air of the clothes becomes less, and the thermal conductivity will accelerate. If you want to wear warmth in winter, you must first remember these three points: thin and soft inside, warmth, and windproof. As long as you wear these three layers of clothes, and protect your head, neck, hands and feet, knees, etc. are particularly afraid of cold parts. Remember to wear a hat when you go out and tie a scarf, you can let yourself resist the cold weather.