The thick cotton basic model of junior high school girls is loose buns (with weaving instructions)


Earlier, I saw the forum that accidentally saw the tassel hoods weaved by Teacher Yutu. I liked it very much. I thought that there was a yellow cotton line at home, and weaved one of the girls in junior high school.

I showed the teacher’s post for the girl. The girl liked the style, but she didn’t want the tassel. I felt that the back of the back of the back of the class would be played by the classmates behind. I also refer to the many data of Teacher TY in the forum. Thank you very much.



16 -share cotton line+1 share frame home yakon

Needle number:

No. 6 No. 8



Bust 96 clothing length 62 sleeve length 52


10 = 16 stitches


Work Show:

Weaving instructions:

Data: After the 6th needle, the 82 -needle weaving single thread 16 rows of weaving, the flat needle is 21 lines of the rubbing board 3 lines (24 lines of one group), and after 3 groups of the flat needle 21 lines (at this time line 93) It is 47 rows of washboard needles, weave a total of 140 rows (about 58cm), and the back collar is flatte 32 stitches in the middle. The shoulder is 2-4-1,2-3-7, a total of 25 stitches.

No. 6 Points with 82 stitches, single threads, 16 lines of weaving, flat needles, 3 lines of rubbing board (24 lines), weaving 5 groups, 15 lines of knitted washboard needles, to 140 lines. In the middle of the collar, 14 stitches were collected, and twice reduced the needle 2-4-1, 2-3-1, 2-2-1. A total of 9 stitches were reduced.

Pick 80 stitches after the shoulders are sutured, and the back of the film+shoulder on both sides is returned 6 times, and the back of the film should be picked back to 2-3-1, 2-2-2, and returned 6 times.


No. 7 needle collar 10 lines of single thread, No. 8 needle ring 9 lines, and then use No. 7 needle single thread to collect needle.


Sleeve: Pick the sleeve at 20cm at the shoulder suture, and the upward number is 64.


Pick a total of 80 stitches in the sleeve (there is no small triangle in this place, it feels a bit big) to weave 8 lines and reduce the needle once, and then all 6 lines of needle 1 needle, a total of 17 times (8-2-1,6-2 -16)

The remaining 46 knitted 6 -line rubbing board needles, and the 8th needle is reduced by 4 stitches. At this time, 42 stitches are left, and 10 rows of single threads are woven.

• END •

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