It is very suitable for the “half -dragging white shoes” that lazy people wear. It is fashionable in summer!

Hot high temperature weather, do n’t wear canvas shoes, many girls will choose cool sandals or slippers. Sister paper who loves small white shoes can choose more convenient and comfortable half dragged white shoes. It is fashionable in summer ~

Style 01: It feels very lazy in summer. In hot weather, girl paper does not want to wear impermeable shoes. This half -dragging white shoes that are very suitable for lazy people are convenient and comfortable, and white -feet white. The design of Baotou, not grinding feet, girls with width feet can also be worn. The design of the heel is very cool and convenient. The soles of the thick soles are very high, and they are already fashionable with jeans at will.

Style 02: Sister paper who likes small white shoes can choose this new half -dragged white shoes. The design of one pedal is very suitable for lazy people to wear. As long as you wear it, you can go out directly. The clean white, highlighting the clean temperament, very comfortable Baotou design, there is no sense of oppression, the bow of the upper is modified with small white shoes, full of sweetness, and casual with a pair of very stylish jeans can already go out.


Style 03: Wearing a small white shoes that are tired, try this semi -dragged white shoes, a bit like a slippers style, very convenient, lazy favorite shoes, comfortable and versatile, light butterfly knot lace The small white shoes are very sweet, the design of no heels, very cool. The small white shoes with college style are Korean style.


Style 04: This is a very simple -style half -mop small white shoes. Because the design is a bit like a slippers, it is called half dragged white shoes. It is convenient to wear and take off. Girls with width feet will not have a sense of oppression when wearing them. It is very versatile. It is very fashionable to match at will. The simple style can wear the trendy.


It is very suitable for the “half -drag small white shoes” that lazy people wearing. It is fashionable to wear in summer ~