Wu Xin same paragraph Hello Kitty! Meng turned the heart of genuine girl doll store airborne Xiamen friends!

Fairies home is not also a doll

Good night every day before going to bed one by one

And even take turns holding a day to sleep

After this the moment when this fairy Showcase

Drag could not drag away! ! !

These cute little comes from

The third floor of the Gulf of Joy

The particle specialize in doll brand

Sheepet (Shu pet)

吴昕同款Hello Kitty!萌翻少女心的正版公仔专卖店空降厦门啦!

Shu Chong was born in 2006

11 years focused particle doll

吴昕同款Hello Kitty!萌翻少女心的正版公仔专卖店空降厦门啦!

Are selected

Senior US Lycra fabric

Imported soft

吴昕同款Hello Kitty!萌翻少女心的正版公仔专卖店空降厦门啦!

Snow particles as a filler

Combined with ergonomic sewn

吴昕同款Hello Kitty!萌翻少女心的正版公仔专卖店空降厦门啦!

Dehaired, skin-friendly comfort

It is not only cute doll house

The quality of its home as long as you hold will fall in love with a

Shu pet doll is used

吴昕同款Hello Kitty!萌翻少女心的正版公仔专卖店空降厦门啦!

Cotton cloth-lun

吴昕同款Hello Kitty!萌翻少女心的正版公仔专卖店空降厦门啦!

Lun cotton cloth used for underwear, swimwear girls, etc.

Feel smooth, skin-friendly and strong!

So many stuffed skin allergies and do not worry sister

It also received a doll house

Many genuine licensed cartoon

For example I like

SpongeBob SquarePants, HELLO KITTY,


吴昕同款Hello Kitty!萌翻少女心的正版公仔专卖店空降厦门啦!

Mickey Mouse, Stitch


Even games fire

吴昕同款Hello Kitty!萌翻少女心的正版公仔专卖店空降厦门啦!

Diminshing music


Like entering a lovely world

Passing this showcase could not take another step!

吴昕同款Hello Kitty!萌翻少女心的正版公仔专卖店空降厦门啦!

Sheepet (Shu pet) doll has become attached to many times with many stars

吴昕同款Hello Kitty!萌翻少女心的正版公仔专卖店空降厦门啦!

Hong Kong singer bathing children, Candy Lo Wu Xin, etc.

吴昕同款Hello Kitty!萌翻少女心的正版公仔专卖店空降厦门啦!

TA are very fond doll house

Sponge baby

吴昕同款Hello Kitty!萌翻少女心的正版公仔专卖店空降厦门啦!

SpongeBob only to put in the middle of the entire Showcase

It is said that this big but cute

Zhendian treasure

Woolen cloth!

Cute little more than a

No wonder even Mayday A letter

SpongeBob have to declare on Weibo

It is the largest body shop

So much is certainly a super comfortable to hold

Fabric is very comfortable

Do not worry plush allergic to it


吴昕同款Hello Kitty!萌翻少女心的正版公仔专卖店空降厦门啦!

No hello kitty girl does not love it

This girl belongs to the heart symbol cartoon

Wu Xin also the hearts of love

It is said that her family had only several Kitty pet comfortable home it

Colorful insects

Only like caterpillars doll is

吴昕同款Hello Kitty!萌翻少女心的正版公仔专卖店空降厦门啦!

Shu pet signs

Different sizes suitable for children of different ages

As stools, you can lie on top sleep

I did not expect pretty much functional ~

吴昕同款Hello Kitty!萌翻少女心的正版公仔专卖店空降厦门啦!

In addition to this there are particularly attractive to me

It will transform the doll!

Shake becomes a bird crocodile friends

Used to tease girlfriend is also very interesting


In addition to functional kinda cute

In addition to the children they love the outside

They are also well received by the Office of the girls love and favor

Whether luggage accessories household items

Tourism products or office supplies

Fairies are so small they want to buy a home one by one

They are not just cute!

Nor beyond the doll!


The neck pillow is not only the color value Corgi online

Or a particularly practical u-pillow

It’s just close your ears and neck

Rest of the time do not lean back

It can be very comfortable for your neck comfortable enjoyment

吴昕同款Hello Kitty!萌翻少女心的正版公仔专卖店空降厦门啦!

The u-pillow can be directly tied to the saddle

吴昕同款Hello Kitty!萌翻少女心的正版公仔专卖店空降厦门啦!

The rear strap can be adjusted

Comfortable fabric makes you feel comfortable even driving

More importantly, is this lovely coat can be demolished oh

吴昕同款Hello Kitty!萌翻少女心的正版公仔专卖店空降厦门啦!

There may be a transfiguration of u-pillow

Before it is turned stay Meng doll chick

Transfiguration is comfortable and practical u-pillow

吴昕同款Hello Kitty!萌翻少女心的正版公仔专卖店空降厦门啦!

Two roles two functions

Office girls is worth the purchase of a single product!


吴昕同款Hello Kitty!萌翻少女心的正版公仔专卖店空降厦门啦!

The Office of the seat is indispensable

吴昕同款Hello Kitty!萌翻少女心的正版公仔专卖店空降厦门啦!

A comfortable soft pillow

For people who work in offices to long-term maturity

Soft and comfortable pillow is very important

And such a high value on the office Yen

You absolutely elected office Meng sister

吴昕同款Hello Kitty!萌翻少女心的正版公仔专卖店空降厦门啦!

And they house the most powerful thing is the headrest

Next there are two things like wings

We will be firmly stuck in your office chair

Not easy to fall back cushion

There is also a cute pig doll

This is particularly designed for girls

Compact size just right for little girls waist

Cost is particularly high, the price is relatively affordable!

吴昕同款Hello Kitty!萌翻少女心的正版公仔专卖店空降厦门啦!


Goggles office lunch break is a must-essential items

A lot of people demanding fabric of goggles

吴昕同款Hello Kitty!萌翻少女心的正版公仔专卖店空降厦门啦!

After all, it is close to the part of the eye

Shu pet home fabrics especially smooth

吴昕同款Hello Kitty!萌翻少女心的正版公仔专卖店空降厦门啦!

Worn on the eyes very soft and very comfortable

There are not only comfortable especially lovely selection

Even if you bring goggles are also still cute I am!

Papa pillow

This is a favorite sister office pillow Papa

Noon nap when the tummy sleeping comfort, but then the

Just large height is just high

And especially soft fabric is very skin-friendly

Doll backpack

Cute small doll backpack

吴昕同款Hello Kitty!萌翻少女心的正版公仔专卖店空降厦门啦!

Using a three-dimensional image of the doll design

It uses a waterproof fabric diving

In addition to the cute kids

Street beat the concave shape is a good single product


Not only for children is more suitable for a girlfriend

Ling Lang everywhere cute little

In addition to the children will love this counter

It is also a great gift to send his girlfriend!

Yen value and function of all online

For the pursuit of quality and fashionable urban women who

This is the best choice, however it

sheepet Shu pet

吴昕同款Hello Kitty!萌翻少女心的正版公仔专卖店空降厦门啦!

Address: 3rd Floor Gulf of Joy

Phone: 13959247292

吴昕同款Hello Kitty!萌翻少女心的正版公仔专卖店空降厦门啦!

Hours: 10: 00-22: 00

Senior US Lycra fabric