60 grass tanks? Give you a reference

Pay attention to Yuanan nature and learn more about nature

Since this time is really busy, there are many friends who consult how to build a tank, I have not found a suitable time to give suggestions! I have been considering that I simply give the corresponding collocial suggestions according to different sizes, and give a reference to friends who need tanks.

The equipment is not in the lower limit, and the general level of personal understanding is the case. If there is any objection, you can leave a message to discuss, please do not spray!

Cylinder and cabinet

Based on the conventional watercorn ecology cylinder, I will not consider the cylinder such as side filter filtration here, select five super white glass.

It is recommended that there is no need to pursue brand cylinders. Some brand cylinders are indeed doing work, such as grinding glue, but as a mass player, we only need to have no bubbles, glass specifications, and permission, It is determined that it is super white glass, it is enough to meet the normal use requirements.

60 long-size super white cylinders, usually 60 × 40 × 40, 60 × 45 × 45, etc., and 60 × 30 × 36 this imitation ADA size, this casual choice, the price gap is not Big, if the size is dissatisfied, customization is also possible, but the price will definitely be higher.

60 grass tanks, generally recommended filter buckets, so at the bottom is space, if there is no corresponding cabinet or table in his own home, then you need to purchase an additional cabinet.

The cabinet, she holds, I will suggest that choosing solid wood, now I generally recommend choosing a iron shelf, durable is also cheap.

If you want to have a door with a door, you can choose solid wood. Generally, all the material prices are relatively high, and to tell the truth, these prices are relatively low, don’t expect their work. How good is it, but it can be used.

There is also a brocade, which is a background sticker, which is also available in recent years, with the corresponding scenery, it will have a lot of money.


Regarding the light, I don’t talk about it. I am interested in turning my previous article or answers. Whether it is brand or light itself, I have written, 60 cylinders, I only recommend one of my personal feelings. It is also possible, one of the price is relatively high, thousands of search A series or thousands of A series 2 generations.

The only problem is that the thousands of search for a series of 2 generations of 60 lights, the lamp holder is only adapted to a glass of 6mm, and now many manufacturers 60 long cylinders are basically 8mm glass, in fact, as long as they change it slightly If you don’t have a confident friend who is doing your own ability, you will choose the Qianfu A series, in addition to function, in the actual cultural effect, the generation and the second generation are not very big.

Filter bucket

Filter bucket, this is nothing to say. There are many new brand of filter buckets that appear now, in fact, it is produced by an active, and some appearances are even the same, and they will come out for a new brand. Generally used, it is recommended to use a star bucket, CF800.

If the budget is still relatively adequate, the Yihan classic series filter tank can also, the classic international version 250, as for the cotton bucket or biocides, can be selected according to your own preference.

Water grass mud / under sand

Is it a water grass, or the Sandy, this is a whole with you.

Water grass is recommended to use Nitley, the old brand, worth choosing, do not know how to choose, directly select the general version.

Shenmu / landscam

Commonly used cuckoo roots, Shenmu, and relatively small, such as Thai branches, shrimp, twist vine, etc.

Stone, loose stone, green dragon stone, streamline, etc.

The novice just started playing, suggested that the combination of loose stone + azalea root. It should be noted that loose stone should be washed with a bubble.


It is very simple to play in your own home.

The tweezers, long straight, don’t buy curves.

Scissors, straight cut.

The flat sand shovel does not buy, it doesn’t matter.

The grateful knife, this is to buy, 60 of the cylinder, the grateful knife is used to brush it.

Basically, it’s almost so much, as for water grass,

That’s talking, for a newcomer, the first don’t want too much about the scenery skeleton, the more simple, better, because you will quickly turn the tank, second, as long as the budget is enough, the grass, you make it energete Because I like to see the water grass, I will basically buy it once.

Pay attention to Yuanan nature and learn more about nature