What is the “prominent and siege” of domestic high -end high -end cleaning brands on fierce market competition?

China Business Daily/China Business Network (Reporter Ma Jia)

In the context of the strong background of international brands such as Procter & Gamble and United Lahua, how does domestic high -end cleaning brands “highlight”? At the eighth China Business Innovation Conference held on December 10, the chairman of Oba (Xiamen) Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Oba) Cai Yizhuo shared the “unique skills” and the retaining consumer’s “unique skills” and How to find the brand’s exclusive positioning experience in fierce market competition.

Cai Yizhuo, chairman of Oba (Xiamen) Trading Co., Ltd.

As a domestic washing brand, Oba fancy the mid -to -high -end market of domestic washing products. Cai Yizhuo said that the Oba brand’s hair care products are positioned in the mid -to -high -end market. In addition to selling products to the mid -to -high -end prices, it also provides consumers with mid -to -high -end services. Since this year, whether it is online or offline channels, its products have good sales results.

“Solid is the characteristics of our brand. Use solid raw materials and solid quality to make brands. After consumers have used products, they will repurchase and spontaneously promote the product. This is also our main energy on research and development. The main reason for investment is the quality of the brand. “Cai Yizhuo said.

市场竞争激烈 国产高端洗护品牌靠什么“突出重围”

As a domestic brand working hard in the high -end market, Oba also encountered difficulties in market competition. According to Cai Yizhuo, how to retain consumers has become the focus of its efforts. Compared with international brands, domestic washing brands need to start the brand awareness around consumers.

What do domestic high -end cleaning brands retain consumers? Cai Yizhuo said that the quality of the product is still the trump of consumers. Consumers have experienced fun, interesting, and useful in the product, and naturally they will become fans of the brand. To retain every consumer who has experienced products with the product, it is also the goal that Oba has been pursuing.

In addition to deep cultivation of the domestic market, Oba also sells products to the international market. The Oba brand has been registered in Madrid, Spain, universal in 112 countries and regions around the world. For three consecutive years, it represents the only hairdressing supplies in China to participate in Bologna, Italy. meeting.

Cai Yizhuo said that Oba is currently actively developing the international market. In addition to looking for distributors and agents in the international market, the product “goes out” through e -commerce platforms. In addition, Oba also uses the World Boyfo Conference platform to cooperate with some industry leaders and well -known people in various countries to work hard to make Oba a world brand.

What else can domestic brands play in the future high -end washing market? Cai Yizhuo said that the European shipments launched products and more fine services for young people to launch the concept of health, so that customers can truly feel the natural beauty brought by health products. In addition, Oba will also make some trendy and interesting packaging for young consumers, making the product more trendy.

How do domestic high -end cleaning brands go in the long run? “For the industry, the brand must be valuable for the industry’s benchmarks and examples. This brand will be valuable; for enterprises, it is necessary to bear more social responsibility so that the brand can benefit customers and achieve employees.” Cai Yizhuo said.