The fashion concept and style of Japanese dignitaries reflects political concepts and style

Kobawa Lily’s “Combat Service”

Japanese politicians, especially female politicians, are more eye -catching, so that experts study their clothes. For example, the book “Golden Rules of Kosichi Lily Tale” with the theme of Koto Kotako Koto Koto Lily was published in June last year. Color bow producer.

According to the analysis of the military colored bow, the dressing style of Kobawa lily is similar to the ruling wrist, soft and hard. The former Democratic Progressive Party’s first lotus dressed is a hardcore style. It always erected the collar and looks aggressive.


Avant -garde Minister Dao Tianpei is unsuitable. It is popular as “pretending to be tender”. As a defense minister, he holds pink bags, wears mesh socks, wears tight ski clothes and jackets with chest flowers. Someone may be reminded until he stepped down for some time before he worn the black suit.

Kobawa lily is a typical female politician with strategic consciousness in clothing. On the same day, participating in different activities, she must consciously reflect the fashion strategy. For example, one day in June last year, when she met with a regular journalist in Tokyo in the morning, she wore a Tibetan blue suit and the Olympic pattern scarf. When she went to the launch conference of the “Dumin First Conference” in the afternoon, she was wearing. Green set. Green is Xiaochi’s “fighting suit”. She also worn in Tokyo when she was in Tokyo. Xiaochi uses his own fashion language to interpret the two identities of the matter and the first identity of the party. Her fashion has always become a topic of women’s magazines. Xiaochi once said in public that there are more than 200 sets of fashion in the closet at home.

Her dress also has a characteristic of a silk scarf around her neck, which can make her expression soft and reflect the gentle characteristics of women.

In addition to Kobawa lily, Japanese female politicians overall speaking and colorful European women’s politicians are more monotonous. Japanese female politicians generally wear monochrome suits. The Liberal Democratic Party’s Marukawa Pearl loves red suits. The single color is the characteristic of women in politics. They adhere to the fixed style. From the dress to see the situation of women in politics, it is difficult to make breakthroughs in politics.

Look at the governing style from the suit of male politicians

Watching the images on TV and the politicians published on the media, studying their dress, can see the personality of each person and governing style.

During the period of the former Prime Minister, Zeng Kanghong and Hosokawa Huxi had their own dress consultants, and they chose clothes for them every day. At that time, Zeng Kanghong always liked to tie a tie with water droplets.


Although Zeng Zeng is 99 years old, he occasionally appears in front of the public, and it is still unambiguous in dressing. His suit looks like the British House and the famous brand of Yinza, a well -known and fashionable place in Tokyo. Both are high -end suit stores. A cheap one costs 300,000 yen. Essence

Zhong Zeng always wore an orthodox dark blue suit and white shirt, with a stable color and elegant tie, which is very consistent with the identity of the veteran of the political world, making people approaching feel the majesty.

Although the former Prime Minister Sen Xilang’s suit seems to be a high -end brand, his way of wearing is a bit “irresponsible”. The buttons in front are full, the sleeves are too long, and half of the hand is covered by clothes. Similar to his careless style.

Former Prime Minister Koizumi Koizumi’s suit does not seem to be customized, but to buy ready -made. He looks like Langfan’s suit. The tie is Mila Schon (Miraskao), which is the favorite brand of Koizumi. Koizumi likes unique politically, and is preferred in the brand of clothing. It’s just not customized clothes, and sometimes it doesn’t look like.


The current Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s suit is the same as that of Zhong Zeng Kanghong and Sen Xilang. However, Abe chose the three -button suit, and the suit was too large, giving people impression that there was no vitality and pride. It is also a luxury, but Abe can’t wear the demeanor of Zhong Genkanghong.

Earlier, Mrs. Abe posted a photo of Abe on the SNS social network to play golf, which caused netizens to ridicule. Abe on the photo was wearing white socks and shorts. The socks are reversed, and the shoelaces are not good. Netizens said that the image of this shorts is not like a son -in -law and an old elementary school student. Netizens also pulled out a photo of Hitler, almost exactly the same as Abe.

Former Prime Minister Fukuda Kangfu’s dress is impeccable orthodox, not very advanced. It looks like the dress of a civil servant, principal or doctor, which makes people have a sense of trust. Buried hard.

The costumes of former Prime Minister Aso Taro looked luxury. Makotaro, who was born in the famous gates, has settled in a prestigious shop in Qingshan, Tokyo since his student days. At least 300,000 yen. His suit has always been very close, belonging to the style of Savil Street, Britain, and has a noble temperament. Masheng’s suit looks more than Abe’s fit, saying that he is the most fashionable person in Japanese politicians today. It is said that not only the suit is customized, but also the shirt is special. It is estimated that a suit of about 1.5 million yen is estimated. Mason also likes to wear a hat and sunglasses on the international political stage. It was ridiculed by netizens as a “triad leader” and exposed Japan’s domineering on the international stage.

Former Prime Minister Hatoyama Yukifu is a person who has a very popular brand. He likes George Armani senior men’s clothing. The outside world commented that he is not like the Japanese. Whether it is dressing or governing style, he is full of fantasy. He claims to be a cosmic person and is the same as the style of dressing. On the international political stage, there are almost no politicians in the brand of George Armani, and Hatoyama Yuki is bold in dressing. He once participated in the clothing show with his wife.

In the former Tokyo, Ishihara Agarari liked to wear double -breasted western clothes, because it gave people a feeling of “big character”, which may be the realm pursued by Ishihara. But his suit always looks large. He also likes to insert a handkerchief in the pockets of the suit, but unfortunately the way the handkerchief insertion is not uniform at all, affecting the overall style and beauty. Dressing the details of the details, which is similar to his behavior style. (Huang Wenwei)