Poetry “May Day” Labor Day: pay tribute to workers

Editor’s note:

On the eve of the May Day International Labor Day, tens of millions of workers in the motherland took responsibility with their shoulders, supported happiness with both hands, and lifted hope with their backbone. As a result, the poets praised this day to make “the most glorious labor” became the sound of the times.

Spring Ying Gengzi May Day Labor Day

Li Dianren

There is no need to admire the Zhongxian Tiantian, and to work hard to build great achievements.

Creating a new world with both hands, breaking the old cage alone.

Time and space love the true diligence, and the people know that they are Junxiong.

Destroying and discharge of pollution and discharge, galaxy, and rushing forward.

Respect the most glorious labor

Li Wenchao

Vientiane people look at all beings and respect the most glorious labor.

The fields are full of sweat granaries, and the factory starts the vault.

Tongda Trade Merchants Lianbao Road, high -tech science and technology exhibition.

The enthusiastic service adds warmth, and the security security is preserved.

May Day Labor Day Costume (Paid)

King correction

And the tour of the day of the day, it is not easy to feel the country’s country; The Labor Day should praise the creation of the people, and to inherit the power of the sanctuary. Mo Wang’s early minds and early minds can start and end. Looking at my rivers and mountains, the goal of struggle has been set; So read the dream of China, the road of leisurely road. The algae of love, expressing the sound of poetry. Poetry said:

The Yangtze River Wanli Spring Tide, Shun Tu Yaotian is high.

The roots of the pillar are deeply connected, and the mid -wandering is dangerous.

Well -off the dream of thousands of years, and the prosperous age still needs to work hundreds of times.

The 1.4 billion people forge ahead, and the poetry was surging.

Gao Balcony ・ To Gengzi worker

He Yunchun

The tide rushing, the car of the car, the flowers of the flowers, and the flowers are fragrant. Ziyan’s title mud is busy with the nest. The queen bees came out of the dragon and snake dance, driving Yun Tao, and watching Yingxiang. Think carefully and want to take the lead, do not hesitate.

An Tian Da’s industry stood up and took advantage of the late sun, and he couldn’t bear the spring light. Together with the same signs, I am particularly affectionate. The copper beam jade pillar span across the air, the arm wields, and the cargo is full of ships. The national flag is hanging, the waves are rolled in silver sails, and the four seas flutter.

Praise Labor (two songs)

Deng Hongmei

Hard work can make dreams come true, and the world is the struggle.

Seventy -two lines are bid for color, and the champion is comparable to Kunlun.


The hard work is full of spring spring, and Baimei Qianjiao plasticizes the soul of the country.

Just for the world’s good colors, giving birth to flowers in the dream.

To the most beautiful worker -Angels Angel Hubei White

He Xiaoping

Who is the backbone? Bai Yi reverse travel to see the dragon.

Xiongguan is in danger.

Pluging the fog and driving the haze is not old, and he is particularly generous.

The people have their own back to Tianli, and they vowed to live with the world.

Moon Round ・ China 70th Labor Day

Tian Fenglan

Dongfeng Wanli Yunxia, ​​Huaxia Zhengyangchun. Harvest rice and wheat, Changlong Baiye, get rich and get rid of poverty.

Revival dreams, the people first, and adhere to their original intentions. There are countless heroes, loyalty, and praise.

Shi Zan Teacher

Iranian college

The chalk silver ash was accompanied by the podium, and Chenxia was enlightened.

The frost didn’t feel the green silk, and looked at the mountains.

Courier brother

Zhao Anmin

Electric Mercedes -Benz Fire Wheel, hurriedly coming and going.

Poetry has won Feihua Order, and happiness is also a dream chaser.

Labor sisters praise

Wu Huaqiang

In May, red rain flowers were opened, and Yingge sang her daughter to boast.

Picking ten miles of wind and stringing, holding Sanchunshui Huanyan in his hand.

The hot earth aura adjust the taro, and the clear sky thunder aries.

The seedlings are the most likely to Cheng Lu, plug in Yuntou Green Haiya.


Zhang Erke

Dai Yuezheng accompanied Rihui and walked through the streets a few times.

Dust dust in exchange for fresh gas, not dyed the plum of the park.

May Day Rites

Wang Wenrong

Ququ Shengge was swinging for nine days, and the emotional firing was winning the year of Xiaokang.

Diligent and sweat sprinkle the road, to get rich and get rich.

The strong country chase the sun and the moon for the people, and open source benefits Top Shanchuan.

The re -production and re -production festival, the dream frequently urged on the shoulders.

Sahaxing · Labor Day has thoughts

Xu Shiping

Anti -disease is like songs, passionate all the way, spring light is infinite. Ordinary all over the heroes, flowers in May.

Working, the critical crime goes, and Xin Zhi has towering towering towering. Xiangguan is the most sad, just because of the often remembered shade.

Poetry most beautiful workers

Xu Shouxiang

Flying the world’s sea exhibitions are sparse, sweat nourishes Wanwan grain.

The iron arm Xiongxia shoulders and great careers, inheriting the first time and rear.

The hard -handed blueprint paint, wisdom for thousands of years.

The people of the labor should be praised, and the years enjoy the glory.

Xijiangyue ・ Planting tree afforestation

Shi Dali

Mo Shang’s spring breeze dances, and the branches of purple swallows shake frequently. Green mountains and green water. The wonderful clear song lingers.

Zenghuang Huangsha is located, and now the haze fog disappeared. Scientific governance see real tricks. Several cultivation returns.

Dedicated to Gengzi Year May Day


If you do n’t waste your whipping, you have a lot of redness.

Late spring loves to listen to Huang Ying singing, and early summer should prevent the dog crazy.

Tiger Xiao Zhou Tian drove the evil rain, Long Yinyu Yu Chang and the wind.

Yin Qingyuan lacks control, singing and warm songs everywhere.

Youth Friends of Linjiangxian · Labor Day

Chen Gongyun

Resisting and resuscitation work together, and I write lyrics in spring. Shao Hua Momo can be time. Just fight for the day and night.

Seeking a sword for ten years, the thorns waved. Who is the restraint? The stars and the sea, come on with dreams.

He Wuyi Labor Day

He Jie

Spring deeply set the valley to fly, and the craftsman carefully created the green.

Yuyu Qionglou Teng Guang sleeves, carved dragon painting phoenix drunk.

He is attached to his life, and competes with the world with the world.

The unceramentation of knowledge is great, and the song and laughter celebrate Jinhui.

Gengzi May Day Labor Day

Ji Shijun

Diligent from ancient times, he has made great achievements.

Catch the deep ocean to recruit evil waves, picking stars to shake the sky.

Dan Xin Khan warms the snow, and the red courage is the rainbow.

Strange news reports, flowers and heroes are dedicated to heroes.

Yizan Petroleum Conference Battle

Ma Junxiang

Who said that the past was like a smoke, and it was eight thousand.

In adventure, he was deepened by the teacher, and he was desperate to fight with Youyan.

The oil dragon dropped under Kunshan and came to the Bohai seaside.

The spirit of Daqing spreads the spirit, and the people and the country are happy.

教 一 ・ ​​Wuyi Consistent Teacher

Wang Zhen

A few degrees of spring and autumn, rain and frost, youth has a dream. The morning light evokes who is the companion, Xiaomu is quiet.

Yun Yue Garden, keep the lone windows. Why does it destroy Yan Liang? Yin Yinqing cuts Guan Tao Li, but Wang Wang has urged Man Shufang.

Praise modern workers

Zhao Liping

Iron shoulder giants paint spring and autumn, and create innovative in Kyushu.

Field refinement cloud computing, the factory in the factory is invincible.

The bridge climbed the long climbing ridge, and the eaves of the pavilion built the building.

The blue sky of the blue sea is healthy, and the revival of the world dreams.

Tribute to construction workers

Feng Yuhua

Guangxia Tennishann thousands of lamps, the steel tower hangs.

Ingenuity is ingenious, and the wisdom -eye arrangement is arranged.

Sweat and mud -based warranty, Danchen’s dream of building a dream.

Shenzhou pays tribute to the cultivators, and brings together the light of the light.

Song of Labor

Zhou Faling

Watching the bee colony is busy, and Shenzhou craftsmen are brilliant.

Qianqu made a spiritual map, and Wanba repaired into Ruiyang.

The avenue was sweaty, and the high -rise building stood up.

Hard work and entrepreneurial inheritance tradition, sun and moon’s heavy light reflection.

Golden Qu ・ Gengzi May Day


May Fangfei Festival. Du Shaohua and Plustering Yingyan, bee butterflies. Dispel Dongfeng to drive the plague, and the rolling Liu Yanmei snow. Recalling the day, how much is the tragic. After the nine provinces were blocked, they gathered in Jiangcheng and angels. Volunteers, do their best.

Global poisoning fog is still rampant. Greater China, Yun Hongrili, deep and clean. Haihai Rivers and Mountains, Yiyunjin, Shuige Mountain Tower City. Zhan Beidou, fishing Aoyao to take the moon. The Wulin Silk Road is also built. Labor songs, thousands of ,.

Yuan Longping, the most beautiful laborer

Yu Yunjie

Science and technology offers Chicheng, and seedlings are deeply affectionate.

Speechless but quoted Qianqiu praise. The name of the king of rice.

Linjiangxian ・ Teacher praise (Xin Yun)

Zhang Lijuan

It looks like spring silk spitting, and it is like a drizzle. The deepest essence of the landscape is wide, and the doubts and teachings are solved.

Tao Li gave out tens of millions, and his hard -working white hair increased. Sunshine career is the most glorious, people are dedicated, and their blood is full.

Poetry Hair Master

Mao Hongmei

Su Shi Qianchi cut the messy numbness, and crawled quietly.

Monter Mo asked He Fangke, Jing Jian knew like a flower.

东 莫 莫 莫 鹧鸪 鹧鸪 鹧鸪 鹧鸪 鹧鸪 鹧鸪 鹧鸪 鹧鸪

Liu Xuecong

The years are in a hurry like alarm clock, spring deep willow green peony red.

Early, the tea and cultivation land is early, and the trees are planted to help the seedlings.

Love silent, Zhi Honghong, ideal to learn Xuyang East.

For a while, Yanyu’s heart was blooming, and the wind was unreasonable.

Like farmers’ construction workers

Yan Qiulin

The parcels are resigned from Zi Sang, and the sheds are hidden frequently.

The face was greeted by the steel shelf, and the back of the back of the burning of the sky was tasted.

Ye Jing has no sleep, and she dreams of crying back to her father and mother.

I do n’t try to return to the hometown, I hope Ping An Guokang.

Freight driver

Zhong Jieping

The wheels were busy, and they ran around the long day and night.

Summer in summer, taste cold and cold in winter, and enjoy the wind and frost in the north of the south.

Inadvertently cared about the scene, and intentionally stayed in the Avenue.

I only want to drive thousands of miles safely, and Shenzhou has logistics everywhere.

扫 清 清 鹧鸪 鹧鸪

Gong Tengfang

Flying broom dawn the rain and wind, and the return is hazy.

Qingshan is in vicissitudes, and in the years of white heads.

In the morning and evening, Bu Xidong, the beauty angel is admired.

Ordinary occupations are praised and indifferent in their lives.

Praise worker


Steel flowers splashed like a stream, and the rain was mud.

There is a letter to operate the road, selfless dedication to be a ladder.

Anbang’s native people’s hearts, saving the doctor and hurting the people.

Create Shenzhou’s shocking sun and moon, praise and Tian Qi.

Labor Day

Fan Wenzhong

Maihua snowy apricot plum, busy in spring song.

The ravioli rails are cooked, and the iron cow can be cold.

The aunt of the village made a good harvest, and the clever woman was strong.

The lotus ponds are strong in the lotus ponds, and the poverty alleviation is mad.

Paeonia lactiflora

He Lixin

Paeonia lactiflora blooms, and the wind blows the butterfly shadow to fall into the village.

Raising his head, there is no cloudless, and the dreams are extremely dreamy.

However, there is a good harvest of labor, and it is connected to the summer and summer.

Life is the most expensive, sweaty is calm.

Labor flying

Pu Jun

The labor was busy in May, and the sweat was the most beautiful.

The migrant workers are wonderfully followed by the dream of the Star, and the national craftsman strikes the well -being.

Thousands of rural areas are fruitful, and Qiancheng Industry is glorious.

Should it live up to Yun Tianzhi and sing all the way to help Xiaokang.

Song of Labor Day

Pang League

Spring flowers and autumn are working hard, and the labor is glorious.

The thin land is strong, and the martyrdom is lazy.

Yu Gong has Zhiqi Mountain Wall, Dayu is selflessly abandoning Xiaojia.

Happiness is due to hard work, strengthening the body and enjoying the stream.

Transplanting season

Luo Mingzhou

In April of Shuxiang, the green seedlings were inserted, and the emperor urged the spring to be Zisang.

Foot Xia Yunxiang colorful phoenix, wearing Cuiyi’s Qingfang.

He has never been diligent in the family, and since ancient times, he has a strong country.

Mix water and touch the fish boy.

He Gengzi Labor Day

Pu Runkang

Huaxin Banner Show Kaige, and the valley urged the hundreds of industries.

Steel water rushing to pour dreams, and iron cows bombarded the warehouse.

The New Year’s tide fluttered the rainbow, so the country dragons and dance Fengxiang.

Cocoon hips, describing the splendid, British models of hard -sweat -sweat dyeing.

Huanxi Sha ・ Working

Wen Guangyan

The Spring Festival hurriedly was unbelievable.

The scaffolding is chasing the sun and the moon, and the father and mother are chased in the shed room.

Poetry is a sanitation worker song

Li Tingquan

When it was sunny, the sweat was dripping, and the drizzle was silent.

Late dew in the sun and moon, winter and summer summer summer.

Three streets and six lanes disappeared, and thousands of households and thousands of ports were Manchu.

A broom is described as a splendid, and he is ingenious.

“May Day” Labor Day Songs

Wang Guangde

May 1 song is full of heaven, and Liu Yang Yan in his son’s voice.

Jiahe Mo Mo smoked a new green, and the pond pond around purple smoke.

How many hard -working books are brilliant, and you can paint Sangtian with color pen.

The only hero is the beauty of the labor, and it is eye -catching.

Wuyi Consistent Teacher

Chen Ruiyu

The soft and man -showed show, walking away from the dragon and snake.

The artisans are fine, and the new words of the goblin will be given.


Zhang Li

The blueprint of the well -off society is on the way to share the prosperity.

It is unswerving to the dream of a strong country, and it is difficult to change the people’s hearts at the beginning.

With both hands with both hands, he shakes the earth and is relying on Junxiong.

Inherit the beauty of labor from generation to generation, everyone strives to take advantage of Dongfeng.

May Feige

Pu Yansong

Mai turned Jinlang apricot Yu Xiang, and thousands of families were busy in May.

The sweet eggplant bean purple, Yuncun silkworm old Sydney yellow.

Diligence is on the way, sweating and rainbow, rainbow phoenix.

Labor and voices flying Hao Yu, fighting at Shi Kang.

Peasant praise


The pace of time is always in a hurry, and it has repeatedly experienced the cold and cold heat.

The breeding of poverty is not changed, and the cultivation is infinite.

Feed the poultry fish music, and the hot sweat poured the fruit and vegetables.

Four seasons are hard -working, and they have been heroes for many years.

Sanny worker

Chen Xuming

Discovering Yinghan Step, and he was busy with his hand waved.

Clear the garbage and the heart, sweeping the dust and purple gas.

Guard the homeland to dress up and paint the city’s clever dressing.

The world is inlaid with beauty, and the life is full of Lifang.

Poetry is a migrant worker of the worker song

Zeng Haixiong

Dongfeng blows the rain and falls into the sky, and it will live up to the year.

Heye Ci Ci Di Di fingers, cultivating sweaty shoulders.

Yesterday, the building pavilion rose, and today the Hongqiao extended to the sea.

The four seasons are hard -working to chase the sun and the moon, and the dream on the road of Fuxing is the same.

Painting Hall Spring · Zan Girl Traffic Police

Jiang Guilong

Yingzi stood on the street, and she was quiet and quiet. People come to the car and command the best, showing the romance.

The law enforcement is solemnly like iron, standing and mighty. I do n’t know how to go home and feel gentle.

Praise the city builder

Zhang Zhaosong

The high -rise buildings are desperate, how much glory to the top.

Who knows who knows the builders, sweating day and night.

Yunxia Fan

Jiang Chengguan

Youzi went away in the spring, and his wife and children said goodbye to Kunlun.

After chasing the dream cloud tower, a wet of a wall of spiders.

神 精 ・ Artisan spirit

Peng Fengxia

When the rain comes, do not have a hometown, and it is not surprised to open the day and night.

With a cup, you can sweat for spring wine, and he lives in a warm room.

Evergreen, simple food. The eight thousand people are soaring.

In the end, the ten -day book will be a thousand years, one page of spirit.


Chen Qianqiao

Facing the back of the loess, half of the farmers and half fairy.

Plant beans Planting melon clouds, tea and wine, bamboo fence.

Tian Chou has my food and cotton, and the years have no traces of blessings.

Labor is glorious and respects all generations, and Shenzhou is full of Taoyuan.


Feng Mingsheng

During the emergency, the hometown was eliminated, and the dangerous competition was excluded.

Shenshan Gao Gorge hulled the world, crushed rocks of Pingjiang House.

Dare to call Xingchen Fire. Hi Yin thunderous battle flag.

Vowing Gobi Tongdao, contemporary energy workers are worldwide.

May Day praise college students Gan Dang farmer

Tian Xingyun

Yingxuehan window sun and moon, ten years of grinding swords read the vertical and horizontal.

Do not tend to pay for senior officials.

Liuhe Pastoral has many illusions, and the heart is well -known.

On the sprinkler of the poems, the people are indisputable for food.

社 社 鹧鸪 鹧鸪 鹧鸪 鹧鸪 鹧鸪 鹧鸪

Yu Zhijun

Silently with dreams, the original intention did not see loyalty. Gonglian in the morning and evening, wearing a star, and shoveled the dust.

Relying on the rain, Ren Fengling ushered in the east of the earth. Long wave broom is like a pen, and the capital is brilliant.

Foreign Fighting Divine Doctors

Zhao Rixin

Fur Qingyin has repeatedly around the beam, and the wind has risen again.

Nine heavy spring dance little angels, a colorful red claim.

There are no costumes and cleanliness, and they are generous.

The joy of the work of Bowlai, keeping the blue sky and cooling.

鹧鸪 鹧鸪 农 · ·

Xu Yaling

A tea garden Cuiman Mountain, Liuquan smoke white clouds. The last year was planted to have a slope tree, and this year recovered 10,000 baskets.

Yingyu pointed out that Cai Xinyan, the village Ghana wet the wet and snail face. The pot boiled in the spring river and soaked in the white leaves of the stream.

Linjiangxian · Zan Moisturizer

Ren Shengli

Beauty in the city has love, Tong Yanhe is in estrus. Give full play to the heat of the year. Delivery and cleanliness.

Step in a hurry, exhausted and covered with dust. Holding a smile of a smile. The original heart was dedicated, and he presented fragrant tea.

labour is the honour

Li Xueying

The traceability has been thousands of years, and all kinds of survival has been survived.

Banling tea fragrance is out of poverty, Kyushu moonlight takes a kick.

Weishang said with a smile, and the high -speed rail traffic was connected.

Labor trail is everywhere, and the world is watched.

Labor Day

Liu Hong

The spring breeze in May, the north of Saibei Jiangnan laughed.

Praise the diligence of the mold, and all the hard work.

After the scientific research field, precision poverty alleviation is more brave.

Hi Xiang Changtian song, heroes have no repentance.

Praise worker


The people of the labor will respect and respect the history of civilization.

Thousands of industry can open. Junling urgency is fully connected.

Clear new obstacles with both hands and break the old cage with one heart.

Sangtian Canghai and Shijin, dedicated to selflessly praise Jiexiong.

Welcome to May Day International Labor Day

Yuan Yujun

What if you ask? When pushing the work!

The Paris Conference opened a new festival, and Huanyu workers smashed the old cage.

There is no monarch in the world, and the hero has a hero.

Shenzhou also helped Ling Yunzhi, Shun Riyao’s courage.

May Day Labor Day is sent

Xu Bo

Human labor is respected, and all industries are in spring.

The doctor’s heart kept love, and the epidemic warrior solved Fan cage.

Pioneer technology has many talents, and the fields are available in the field.

A ray of dust and smoke wind, the flowering period is warm and rushing.

Spring Ying Gengzi May Day Labor Day

Sun Faving

It has always been dedicated to the most respectful, and the model of the times has often worked.

The factory and enterprise rural news report, the reputation of scientific research and commerce.

Diligorability is a salary, and the hardships are loyal.

Against the anti -epidemic medical praise, coincides with the festival to respect the hero.

There are thoughts on the Labor Day

Guan Shiduo

Human civilization has always been respected, and human civilization has achieved performance.

In May, the red celebration festival, the three mountains hanging green to see the green onion cage.

The glory is hard work, and the dedication is not a saint.

At home to the world, civilians have clearly rushed.

Gengzi May Day Labor Day Express

Li Guozhen

The workers have always been admired that the ancient Yan Yellow counts.

Not afraid of the three rivers and waves, Mochou Wuyue Yu cage.

After changing the earth, the talent, the cross -moon flying star out of Jiexiong.

The prosperity of Sheng Dai opened the road, and the people dared to rush.

Tribute to May Day Labor Day

Martial arts pavilion

The hard work is the most respectful, and the people have created strange achievements.

Move the mountains to treat the hydroponic species, and break the barrier to rush the cage.

Yang Hai Xunzhen discharged evil dangers, and Yukong explored the exhibition of Haoxiong.

It will come to Wuyi hearts, and a few times towards the British model!

May Day Labor Express


Hard work is respectful, laziness is not a generation of poor generation.

The stationery can be self -sufficient, and it is even more conquered by the grass.

Taiping always wants to think about peace, and he knows that it is empty.

You and I should be trembling now, and you should fight for a hundred times.

May Day Labor Day song for the struggler

Zhao Yun

The responsibilities are not restricted to the post, and they are working hard to welcome their duties.

White in white skills, storm, sanitation Qingchen Meicheng City.

The sowing farmers are ingenious, and the soldiers report to the country.

All walks of life dedicated the physical and mental, struggling stubbornly.