Xuanlu roaming Disney, wearing a strap “Apple Skirt” Demic’s Ears, playful age and cuteness

The actor Xuan Lu is well known to the majority of netizens. In the TV series “Chen Qing Ling”, she played the role of sister Jiang’s hate. In this two male lead’s TV series, there are not many women in female characters, but Xuan Lu’s performance It was well received. One was that she explained the personality of the original work well, and the other was that her performance was also very well -in place. This time, a group of Xuan Lu’s travel photos were exposed. I saw Xuan Lu roaming Disney and wearing a strap “Apple Skirt” Demic’s ears, playful and cute.

Xuan Lu was wearing a strap “Apple Skirt”, and her eye -catching color and lifelike pattern rendered a warm and unrestrained atmosphere. I wear a white short -sleeved shirt, refreshing and clean, the age reduction effect is good, the head wears Mickey’s ears hairpin, the shape is three -dimensional, playful and cute. The contrasting color width waist band matching, closing the waist, pulling the body proportion, significant and thin. Wearing small white shoes, echoing with the inside, showing the vitality of sports.


Appreciate Xuan Lu’s previous style of dressing!


1. Yellow sweater with leather skirt: significantly high, dazzling

Xuan Lu was wearing a bright yellow hooded sweater. She was gorgeous, highlighted, highlighted her skin, with drawers, and added a little dynamic and playful style. The hem is tied into a black leather skirt, which is more tall, luster, fashionable and avant -garde. Wearing a thick black short boot on your feet, there is a sense of fashion trend in the retro style.

2. White top camisole pattern pants: retro, sweet

The design of Xuanlu with a white top, the collar and cuffs of the fungus, the sweet girly style. The checkered suspender with a checkered trousers, harmoniously unified, presents a set of vision, exuding the British retro charm. Holding snacks, smiling, very cute and playful.


3. Knitwear jeans with fisherman hat: show high, Xiu Xiaomi waist

Xuanlu’s upper body is wearing a blue sweater, a jeans on the lower body, the hem tied to the pants waist, showing the small waist, lengthening the proportion of the lower body. , Zhang Yang’s uninhibited personality, wearing a pink fisherman hat, is cool and handsome in retro, with waves of wave pattern, adding charming little women’s atmosphere.

4. Patriarch top with suspended stitching skirt: small sexy, retro

Xuan Lu was wearing a perspective top, with a suspender stitching skirt, a delicate tulle skirt, the skin of fair legs is looming, revealing the small sexy, wide pleated skirt, free and easy, slightly retro charm, crooked black peaked cap hat With a serious expression, walking forward, it is very cool and handsome.


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