Gina Paris Fashion Week is too stunning, wearing a camisole dress, a 16 -inch belt is too perfect

Girls with slender figures are usually very suitable for wearing some slim clothes, especially dresses. Through a little slimming design method, the grace and curve of the figure can be fully demonstrated. For example It is a typical girl with a skinny girl. She wears a slim black suspender dress with the same color belt, and the body curve of the whole person is simply beautiful.


Gina’s styling analysis:

Style design -expose fragrance shoulder and collarbone

Gina Paris Fashion Week is too stunning, wearing a camisole dress, the 16 -inch belt is too perfect. Gina’s dress uses a sling design method on the style of the style to present a beautiful right -angle shoulder and sexy collarbone. For the slender and skinny Gina, wearing this moderate exposure when participating in the event The skin of the skin can perfectly present the superiority of the body. Even if the color of the dress is very simple, it can look very eye -catching.

Basic color matching

Gina’s figure is very good and looks very superior, just like a live -action Barbie doll, so when she is wearing, she is very suitable for some basic items. A simple black dress is worn on the body. Through the exquisite version and moderate exposed design method, your charm can be displayed to the extreme.


Black wide belt

When Gina is wearing this black dress, she is paired with a very wide black belt around her waist. The color matching method of the same color in the color matching of the body is used to achieve a visual harmony, which reduces the difficulty of color matching. The combination of wide belts can play two aspects. On the one hand, the lines of the waist are very slender, and on the other hand, it can show a trendy sense through the combination of wide belt.

Exquisite long curly hair

In addition to the combination of clothes as a whole, the matching of the hairstyle is also very important. Generally, direct hair is relatively young, but it often corresponds to a more old -fashioned feeling, and curly hair looks more foreign, but it is also easy It seems that the whole person is too mature and sexy. Gina chose a very delicate long curly hair, which can modify the face shape and not look too old.

Analysis of other styling of Gina:

Cosmetic sweater+black leggings

In the color matching of the upper and lower body, you can use a complementary matching method to present a visual richness. Use a colorful knit sweater on the upper body to wear a very eye -catching matching effect. The matching effect of a moderate skin brightening is presented. The lower body is paired with black leggings. The tight -fitting items wear it on her body and looks very superior.


Green knit sweater+high -waist leggings

Green knitwear can be worn on the upper body to wear a moderate lighting effect, and at the same time, you can also wear a sense of youth and vitality. The lower body is paired with high -waisted leggings. The color combination method shows a complementary effect, and it can also be combined with the short and high -level matching methods to wear long legs.

Red sweater+tight jeans


Gina is really a ghostly weaving sweater. In the daily out of the street, she often wore a sweater. The wine -red sweater with high -waisted tight jeans. Atmospheric, you can wear a perfect waist -to -hip ratio through the matching of tight jeans.

Black short jacket+same color pants


The basis of the same color system is the best way to use, the foundation is simple and very durable. The upper body uses a short black jacket to wear a sense of sharpness. With a moderate loose version design method, you can wear enough comfort. The lower body can be worn. It is simple to match with the same color pants, and the combination of tight pants can be worn out of the slenderness on the leg shape.


Gina’s figure is really amazing. Wearing a tight body outlined 16 -inch small waist, this figure proportion is rare.

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