“Thick Boots” is hot, versatile and fashionable, this autumn and winter this year is like this, which shows its temperament

Introduction: Are you still using Martin boots as the best match in winter? This year’s most popular thick -soled boots can be a wave of fashion trends. Knowing how to use wearing to present femininity is an excellent interpretation of fashion!

With the different fashion trends, the difference between each woman’s aesthetic ability and fashion taste. When choosing clothing items, pay attention to improving the overall advantage.

For example, to modify the body curve, outline the waistline, highlight the gas field, and elegant temperament are very good choices!


Popular elements are always sought after by the public, but it is also important to pay attention to it. It is the most important thing for you. To learn to chase fashion, keep elegant temperament,


“Thick Boots” is hot, versatile and temperament, and put Martin boots aside.

Thick -bottom boots advantage

Increase the body ratio

Compared with the general boots style, the thick bottom can improve the overall figure line. The high advantages of thick -bottomed boots are also very fashionable when matching fashion items. For example, straight pants and lambsca coats. It can also perfectly interpret the trend!


Create aura queen

A right -soled boots can create a strong aura of women. The height of the thick bottom is not only the best choice to show the proportion of the figure. It can instantly highlight the domineering Queen Fan in the matching and ankle length. Selection of accessories.

The eye -catching and exquisite accessories can often reflect a good style.

For example, the matching of silk scarves, the embellishment of the metal jewelry, and the decoration of the bag belt are all good things that are worth starting. They and thick sole boots can create a high -level temperament of women!

Style of thick -bottomed boots

Thick Martin boots

The style of thick -bottomed boots is ever -changing, and the costumes of each style design are also different, while the Martin boots style thick sole boots can be largely

Increasing the body ratio is more significant than the general flat bottom.

Whether it is the generous personality brought by white, or the black versatile fashion, the thick Martin boots can be favored by women, becoming an indispensable item in clothing matching, and the advantages that can modify the ankle instantly kill other styles.


Thick bottom Chessier boots

The last one to introduce you to you is Checier short boots. This style is also the most versatile and fashionable. Whether it is with leather pants or jeans, it is a very good choice, or hips, knee coats, cotton clothes It can be perfectly combined with the thick -bottomed Chessie short boots. Different heights also mean different modifications.

For example, a capable and smooth and ankle height can outline the calf lines well, enhance the charm of personality and help women create a sense of fashion!


Thick sole high boots


At the height of the boots, we must pay attention to the high level of too low, and it will not show great advantages, and too high will be too exaggerated, which will lower the overall temperament. Often the thickness can make people more fashionable.


Secondly, the style of the boots must also be correct. If you want to achieve the effect of being thin and high, do not forget the great advantages brought by the high Martin boots. Coupled with the thick bottom design, the high -end design is modified by the high tube. The area of ​​the legs is more extensive, and the length of the knee can not only modify the deficiency of the leg shape, but also make the calf more slender!



The matching of the thick Martin boots

The thick -bottom Martin boots can also be like the fish when it serves as a fashion item. Whether it is to use black straight pants to play a better effect, or denim small pants to outline the excellent legs of the legs, it is very good.

Secondly, the choice of tops needs to be more important to avoid weaknesses. The hip -covered style can often achieve this role.

Then use some fashionable elements to set off the momentum, such as grid elements, striped elements, cotton and linen elements, and velvet texture is worth trying. Whether it is the concept of the suit or the elegant temperament presented by a coat, as long as it is just right, it is just right. Combining is enough.

The overall effect often values ​​women. The simpler the fashion insights, the more the items can highlight the excellent temperament. Martin boots are organic.

The advantage of thick bottoms increases the body proportion, plus the denim jumpsuit uses the way of holding trousers to show the ankle, and the waist lace design is justified to outline the waistline. Part of the details.

The matching of thick bottom and high boots

High boots are very popular in women this winter. Whether using the lower body to miss or cover the hip jacket with leggings, it is a very good fashion display. Get hip -to -hip suit to match.


It is a great help for women with pear -shaped figure apples. In the case of clever use of the belt to improve the waistline, high -bottomed high boots can show their greatest effect. Get perfectly.

High boots with thick bottoms are also divided into many styles, with knee length, over -the -knee length and knee. If you want to highlight the handsomeness, but not the sense of personality, you can cleverly use your knee to set off. Select a neutral coat to perfectly present the overall effect.

For example, dark gray and knee coats can be perfectly combined with the thick bottom knee boots. One to improve the gas field and one modification leg shape. The combination of the two will create the most eye -catching strength.

The matching of thick -bottomed Chelsea short boots


Checier’s short boots have high requirements for pants. If women want to match the thick -bottomed Checier short boots, pay attention to the choice of pants version. Being pants that can play the same effect is the best partner, loose pants, and versions, which can not only cover the lack of thigh fat, but also use the waist cutting to create the effect of the perfect curve.

At this time, choosing a gentle and fashionable sweater to soften the overall personality is excellent.

Fashionable women know that short boots and dresses can show a very elegant and charming charm. Just like the freshness and softness brought by the thick Checier short boots with a floral dress, just the right exposure of the calf lines is charming and eye -catching, so it is also good to match in the cold winter.

Whether it is using the knee woolen coat to highlight the intellectual temperament, or the college style of the horn buckle coat, the thick Checier short boots can greatly help.


Fashion summary

First, no matter what fashion trend, we must not forget the advantage of the advantages when choosing. Whether it is the belt to improve the waistline, the short boots to modify the ankle, and show the aura is very good!

Second, elegant women must remember when choosing thick bottom boots, they pay great attention to its height. First of all, choose according to their actual situation. For example, if the leg shape is not straight, you can use high -bottomed boots Where!

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