Take a look at the nine types of bottle opening in life

“Workers want to be good, they must first benefit their instruments,” and the weapon of wine is a knife. Witches are a must -have weapon for wine enthusiasts, and this must -have weapon is also diverse. Today, I will take a look at the nine types of bottle opening in life.


1. Plastic spiral bottle opening

Plastic spiral bottle opening device is the most common bottle -opening in the Chinese market and one of the traditional bottle tuber. The structure of the plastic spiral bottle opening is simple and only one screw cone and one handle. You need to cut off the tin foil and rotate the spiral cone on the center of the wood. Then move the handle to pull out the wood. This type of bottle opening is simple, cheap, but more laborious.

2. The Winged ‘Butterfly’ Corkscrew)


The butterfly cylinder improves the shortcomings of the traditional bottle driver. The butterfly cylinder has 2 handles with gears. Using the principle of physical leveraging, the shape of the arms with both arms is designed. The wings dancing the flowers butterflies are simple and not too difficult to use. When the bottle is opened, the screw cone is spin, and then the handle of the two sides is pressed down. The leverage can be easily plugged out of the wine. And it is very beautiful, so it is welcomed by wine enthusiasts.

3. The Waiter ’s Friend


The hippocampus bottle opening is a single bottle driver. The principle of opening the bottle is mainly two leverage principles. The shape design looks like a hippocampus, which makes the metal plastic tool that was originally cold. Not only beautiful, but also convenient and simple to use.

There are many functions of hippocampus. It is made of high -quality stainless steel and medium -carbon steel. It consists of two main parts: two main parts of dry, screw drill, and jagged knife. Since the invention of the Spanish, there are many people who follow the wind, but there are still no bottle -opening operators who can match it. Therefore, it is also known as the “king of the bottle”. The bottle opening device is also the title of “friend of the waiter”.

When opening the wine bottle with a hippocampus, first cut the glue with a small sawtooth knife; then cut the wine gum with flat; then spin the spiral drill tip into the cork center; then the upright spiral drill, slowly rotate the clockwise direction and drill into the clockwise direction. Cork in the cork. Use the principle of leverage to stuck the bottle mouth, use the first level to lift the wood plug, and then use the second level to lift the wood.


4. Rabbit -shaped cylinder

This bottle -opening is famous for its appearance with a pair of long ears that resembles rabbits. When turning on the bottle plug, use the “rabbit ear” to pinch the bottleneck, then quickly press down the press to make the spiral drill quickly enter the bottle plug, and then pull it back to the stretch rod to remove the bottle plug. This kind of bottle driver is beautiful and time -saving, a kind of bottle opening device loved by many wine enthusiasts.


For those who have no experience in bottle opening, this is the best choice. It is not necessary to consider which position of the drilling mouth on the cork, nor the vertical of the bottle opening device, and put it on the bottle On the top, the fine physical structure will help you avoid all your worries. But the price is slightly expensive and it is not convenient to carry.

5. T -type bottle opening device


The T -type bottle opening device is a traditional bottle opening device. The structure is simple, with a screw cone. When the bottle is opened, you only need to spin the screw cone into the wood plug, and then move the handle to pull out the wood. This type of bottle opening is simple, cheap, but more laborious.

6. Old wine bottle opening (AH-So)

The old wine bottle opening device is used to open the old wine. As the age of wine grows, the liquor is constantly aging and becomes fragile. When it is opened, it will be broken by accident. To the original pure wine, it is a very distressed thing for the wine lovers, and the old wine bottle opening device just solves this problem.

The old wine bottle opening device is connected to the handle of the metal piece with two pointed tips, and the structure is simple. You only need to insert two iron pieces along the gap between the wine and the bottle. Gently rotate and pulled out the wood plug slowly.


7. Bottle opening device

The bottle pentorator is a bottle -designed use of real air pressure principles. This kind of pneumatic bottle -like bottle -like bottle -like bumper can be easily opened by the bottle. Compared with the previous bottle -opening device, the air pressure bottle opening device can indeed save time and effort.


When using the air pressure bottle tuber, first insert the red wine bottle needle needle into the wine bottle from the middle of the cork, protect the bottle mouth with a plastic protective cover, and then move the needle on the upper and lower movement. (Usually 4-7 times per bottle of wine can be opened).

8. Electric bottle opening device

To this day, the bottle -opening device has entered the third -generation intelligent period. During this period, the electric bottle driver (dry electric electric bottle driver and charging electric bottle) has successfully got rid of the labor and clumsy shortcomings of the traditional or commonly used bottle opening machine, combined with modern science and technology. It is simple and convenient to use. Just use the “cutting device” to seal the bottle down, put the bottle pussle at the bottleneck, and then gently press and hold the electric bottle “activation button” until the rotating action sound stops stop. , Then hold down the “activation button” to exit the bottle plug. The whole process only takes more than ten seconds, which is very fast. If it is a charged electric bottle, it needs to be charged for 10 hours before use.

The appearance is also very elegant and stylish, just to achieve a harmony with the noble and elegant temperament of the wine.

9. Table Top Wine Opener

This type of table -type bottle opening often appears at the bar of some high -end restaurants, mainly when the waiter is opened when the waiter provides a cup of wine (Wine by the Glass), and the bottle just guarantees that the bottle is in the perspective of the guests visible to the guests. , So that the guests who buy a glass of wine can rest assured that this bottle is just opened. For some ash -class wine players, a elegant table -type bottleer is a good embellishment in the wine cellar, which is often used as a gift for gifts, but except for prejudice, it is really not really good -looking. Know what’s useful.