Add some vitality to exercise: Reebok FURYLITE retro running shoes

Finally, I still contributed to Aunt Zhang for the first time. I silently followed the aunt to pay for so many years and there are many things to report to my aunt. In the end, I was squeezed out of all kinds of things … (Actually, I am lazy lazy

给运动加点活力:Reebok 锐步 FURYLITE 复古跑步鞋鞋内

In the end, I still didn’t hold back the little throbbing in my heart. why? Because I really like these shoes very much, I also feel more valuable. (You can also deceive gold coins

The opportunity to buy this pair of shoes is that the shoes used to wear training before are really grinding, mainly because the soles are already uneven, and the feet are tilted when exercising. Over time on the soles of the other side of the side, the skin has begun to wipe off. After changing the new training shoes, it was quickly put on the agenda. I have to say that Nike’s workmanship is good, and the soles are obliquely or incomplete, so the first choice is to go to Nike shop. But it feels either ugly or expensive … As a pair of training shoes, my needs are not too expensive, lightweight, not too ugly, just change it …

Later, I looked at the NB Vazee series, and they were all ready to pay for it. As a result, I saw the JD homepage in the opening season. The price is also reasonable (RMB3 ** at the time). So the grass instantly and joined the shopping cart …

给运动加点活力:Reebok 锐步 FURYLITE 复古跑步鞋鞋底

But as a sharp step in childhood memory or old LOGO, I still feel that I have to find a double trial in a physical store. No other, I just want to know the shoe code.

Sadly is the same as expected. Most of the shopping malls are wooden. Finally, I found a few sporadic pairs in a collection store, and there was just this one. After watching the quality of workmanship, more grass. Immediately told the MM to try on the mall, but was told that there were only women …

Fortunately, I tried the other styles and determined the size. When I walked out of the mall, I immediately took out my mobile phone and prepared to shoot the goods, but found that the price had increased to RMB406, but there was an additional 299 minus 50 coupons … Hate hated that at the time, it was more than 300 less, and one gritted teeth. Think about it, it’s just needed, just need it! Later I found out that a big pit was jumped …

给运动加点活力:Reebok 锐步 FURYLITE 复古跑步鞋


—————————– The following formal sun-sun-bearing list ———————————————————————— ——

Although it is a JD, the seller is actually the flagship store of Jingdong. Later, Yunda Express was sent, but it was not slow. The order was placed during the holiday on September 5th, and shipped on Sunday on Sunday 6th, and it was shipped from Shanghai to Chongqing on the 8th. Logistics impression is ok.

The packaged packaging is a large box bag, but the direction is turned on. When the shoe box took it out, the shoes jumped out … but in order to keep the excitement of the box out of the box, I pretended that I hadn’t opened the packaging …

The shoe box is slightly stripes, which is very comfortable to feel. Put your shoes and hold it lightly.

给运动加点活力:Reebok 锐步 FURYLITE 复古跑步鞋订单

Shoe box

US 9 yards, China Code 42. The difference between other shoes and shoes is not much different.

The reference to the worthy friends is that I wear Nike US9 yards, and the Chinese code corresponds to 42.5.

给运动加点活力:Reebok 锐步 FURYLITE 复古跑步鞋鞋盒

shoe size

Pretend to open the box … The first feeling is that the breathable net of the toe is not too good, but later I feel that it is getting better and better.


给运动加点活力:Reebok 锐步 FURYLITE 复古跑步鞋鞋垫

Delivery list and refund list. If your eyes are good enough, you can clearly see that the inside is “Please read in detail


Mall service content and. Essence Essence “

It is very light and comfortable to hold it. It can be seen that the lace is fixed and does not need to be manual. Very convenient.

给运动加点活力:Reebok 锐步 FURYLITE 复古跑步鞋后跟


给运动加点活力:Reebok 锐步 FURYLITE 复古跑步鞋反面

On the left side of the front, the streamlined type is fine.

给运动加点活力:Reebok 锐步 FURYLITE 复古跑步鞋

front side

Made in china


insole. Very very soft.


heel. You can see the words “3D Ultralite”. Baidu was under Baidu, I didn’t feel it …

3D-Ulraelite is mixed with ordinary EVA materials, rubber materials and outsole materials. Compared with ordinary rubber outsole, it is reduced by about 10%-30%, so it is also called “feather outsole”. Shoes with 3D-Ulraelite have excellent venue and reactivity, and at the same time have a certain cushioning performance. 3D-Ulraelite is often used in DMX technology to ensure excellent cushioning performance. But the 3D-Ulraelite Osoles has a fatal disadvantage. If the quality of the stadium is average, the life of this outsole is difficult to be satisfactory.


Later and inside. You can see that there will be a bit of burrs in the binding place, but you don’t feel the feet on your feet.


Shoe soles. Personally, it still feels soft. But the heel is a bit hard. It is understandable that for support, it is still necessary.


Get on your feet! Beautiful side!

Upper foot

给运动加点活力:Reebok 锐步 FURYLITE 复古跑步鞋

Looking at the front is like this. I still feel pretty good about this large mesh.

This is the case. As a post of cheating gold coins, should you think that you can end? But as a responsible gold coin guy, I think I still want to fill in the pit I dug in front …

给运动加点活力:Reebok 锐步 FURYLITE 复古跑步鞋

——————————————————————————————————— ————————

I don’t know if you have such a habit of masochism. After buying things in the physical store, you must search the price online, and then it is likely that you want to go back to exchange immediately … After buying things online, you have to go to see if there is a price change.

So, you know …

Let’s pull the time back to the beginning.

Around August 30, the price of these shoes is

RMB3 **


On September 5th, the price increase to the price


Essence Dazhu did not hold back, and used 50 yuan coupons to

给运动加点活力:Reebok 锐步 FURYLITE 复古跑步鞋正侧面

406-50 = 356

The price is back.

September 6th, shipped.

On the morning of September 8th, the express delivery arrived in Chongqing and delivered before delivery. It has been discovered that the price is reduced


And there are shop discounts 200 minus 20. The price is the price is

给运动加点活力:Reebok 锐步 FURYLITE 复古跑步鞋开箱

348+10 (freight) -20 = 338

Essence At this moment, I was depressed in my heart … so I found the customer service. The customer service was pretty good, and began to return directly. Later, he directly communicated and said that the difference was 18 yuan. In the heart of Luzhui’s heart, I got a little comfort. In fact, everyone understands that I don’t want to make up much difference, but just ask for comfort.

In the afternoon of September 11th, I wrote submission now. The stewed hands opened the product page and opened the product page, or

, But there is no stock. But! Who will tell me why there is one

“Event preview, the products on September 16th participated in full reduction ***”

Essence I opened the introduction page without a loss. It turns out that I still lose. You will tell me who you want to kill me 299 and minus 60. Essence

At this moment, the heart of Book of Book collapsed, and I could only pray that there was no goods on the 16th … Baby, you.

——————————最后是穿着几天之后的感受———— ———-

Appearance 4.5 star

: I personally think that the appearance is very vibrant, but it is more picky. However, for running, some sportswear are generally pretty good.

Comfortable 4 stars

给运动加点活力:Reebok 锐步 FURYLITE 复古跑步鞋

: Very light, but you can still feel weight. It is not as good as other brands of high -end running/training shoes, but individuals still prefer a little weight. The shoes are more breathable and hollowed out. All braised feet are wooden wearing socks. But the shoe is completely uncomfortable, very comfortable. But if it is strenuous exercise, it may be better to wear socks. I don’t know how everyone usually wear it? Book of drunkers in the past two days, training, and participating in a severe aerobic dance, there were no problems. The shoes are still very soft. The only disadvantage should be a little harder.

3 stars

给运动加点活力:Reebok 锐步 FURYLITE 复古跑步鞋鞋码

: I originally wanted to give 4 stars+, after all, the original price was 580. But …

In addition to the large slot of the price, it is generally worth it. recommend!

给运动加点活力:Reebok 锐步 FURYLITE 复古跑步鞋上脚

For the first time, I would like to see how everyone talked, haha.

Add some vitality to exercise: Reebok FURYLITE retro running shoes