Recommend 8 exquisite and easy -to -use hair ball pruning device, one push is clean and not hurt clothes

Winter clothes, especially sweaters, are easy to get hair balls for a long time. The most direct and effective method is to use the hair ball prunter.

There are so many brand styles of the Mao Ball Pruning Merry. What are the worthy of buying? Next, I recommend 8 exquisite and easy -to -use wool ball prunings.


Feike | FR5266 hair ball prunter



With “low price and good quality”, Feike always maintains the status of the first brand of domestic electric shaver. In recent years, it has tried to develop multiple small appliances categories. The hair ball trimmer is one of them. Although it has not become the next explosion of Feike, it also occupies the industry’s leading market position.

Feike focuses on the door, and the power of the wool ball trimmer is 1-5W, and the battery life is between 1-1.5 hours. After full electricity, it is enough to trim 10 sweaters at one time. Most of the new models use 6 knives to deal with stubborn hair balls. The price is between 20-50 yuan, and the material workmanship is located above the industry average, and the price / performance ratio of the entry-level hair ball trimmer is obvious.


FR5266 is the cheapest one. It uses a frosted process body with a comfortable grip, and has the smallest volume in the same price. Put it in the handbag or luggage to occupy a small space. The unique waterfall -type wind -absorbing system can prevent the back of the hair balls and the design of the transparent hair ball warehouse. You can view the remaining capacity at any time in order to clean it in time to avoid blocking.


Mijia | mqxjq01kl hair ball prunter


The Mijia Mao Ball Prosper has only one MQXJQ01kl. It is produced by Xiaomi Ecological Chain Company Koala’s mother. From the perspective of various configurations, it is obviously thinking and improved the pain points of traditional hair ball pruning. Compared with other brands of the same price product product The comprehensive strength is very prominent.


The thickness of the traditional trimmer mesh is 0.18mm, which is easy to deform, which will pull the fabric and cause damage. The Mijia uses a 0.35mm thickened mesh cover, the diameter of the mesh is not over 2mm, and the clothing is not easy to inhale into the mesh cover and cause damage. 5 blade with a 6500R/min speed motor, the goal is more efficient; the unique P -shaped air duct design can effectively avoid the return of the hair ball, prevent blocking the wind holes or spraying out of staining clothing.

The battery life is also very capable. It can last for 1.5 hours for fast charging. Many similar products can only achieve half of the battery life. Adopting Mijia’s consistent design language, pure white light surface, simple and smooth shape, pulling up the workmanship level of the hair ball pruning device within 50 yuan, is the representative of strength and face value.



Philips | GC027 hair ball prunter


Philips did not invest too much in the field of hair ball pruning. The two hair ball prunings sold in the sale were classic styles launched in their early years. The appearance was unpredictable, but the core function was not inferior. The price is about 100 yuan, and the price is slightly higher, but there are big -name reputation and mature after -sales blessing.

The two models are mainly different in charging: the USB is convenient for charging, and the power cords and mainstream adapters equipped are compatible. Don’t worry about it but there is no spare battery when you use it. However, when the power is reduced, the motor power will be weakened and the pruning efficiency will be reduced. As far as the voltage stability is concerned, the dry battery model is more prominent. As long as there is electricity, the motor power is very sufficient.

The speed of the two motors has reached 8,800 rpm per minute, and it operates very strong. Even if only 3 blades can be “clean”. The air duct settings are traditional 90 ° direct, and there are slight dandruff stuck in the knife head and backflow phenomenon. But for the overall use, flaws are not covered.


Daewoo | M2/M3 hair ball prunter


There are many small home appliances under Daewoo, and the design is often more fashionable, and the functional configuration is quite new, as well as the hair ball trimmer. It is not pulled by gift box packaging, and the price is close to 200 yuan. It is a good choice if the budget is loose or used to give gifts.

Except for M0, there is still a traditional trimmer. The M1 to M3 uses a T -shaped structure similar to the hair dryer. The whole body is one color, the lines are round, and the shell has a matte texture, showing the simplicity and beauty that is not modified. All the titanium steel mesh hoods are popular. The surface of the mesh cover is colorful as a rainbow, and it is higher than that of ordinary stainless steel. It is not easy to deform. It can protect the clothes from rolling.


The function configuration between different styles has each highlight. Among them, the M2 uses 180 ° rotating head design, which can flexibly cope with different angles of fabrics. After the trimming head is completely rotated, the left -handed holder holds it. The waterproof effect of M3 reaches the IPX7 level and can be washed directly. It is quite rare to equip the hair ball trimmer.


Oaks | 609 Mao Ball Prunter


Oaks has the highest awareness of air -conditioning products. Although its small appliances are not prominent, they also occupy a certain market position. Dimension to the field of hair ball pruning, Oaks has a layout from 10 to 100 yuan, and the performance configuration is remarkable.


The Oak Mao Ball Prosper is divided into two -purpose charging model and charging. The two-purpose model is large, 5W-9W, and the battery life is also more than 3 hours. It can deal with large quantities, and large families with more commercial or people are more applicable. And not affected by electricity, forgetting can also be used while charging.

The charging model is multi -layout in the downstream price section, and the configuration performance is very ordinary. However, there are exceptions to 605s. 5W power, 6 blade with a speed of 7000r/min, can handle a sweater in less than 1 minute. There are several screens at the handle, and the power status is clear at a glance. Avoid forgetting to charge. Even if it is completely out of power, it can be quickly filled within 2 hours.



Delma | MQ900 hair ball prunter

Delma’s independently produces high cost -effective home appliances, and it is also a Xiaomi ecological chain company. The appearance of its hair ball pruning device presents a clear “Xiaomi” wind, which attracts a lot of consumers to pay by the face value, but the actual experience varies from person to person.

In terms of configuration, Delma is not inferior. The built-in speed of 7000-7500R/min is used for dual-use use. It is also equipped with a hidden sticky stick. It can pre-process pet hair and debris sticking on the clothes to achieve two-purpose use of hair and shaving.

However, there is no separate dandruff space, which is the largest short board of Delma hair ball pruning. Only a circle of narrow space around the head of the knife as a dandruff box, the hair ball is easy to accumulate around the blade, affecting the cutting blade again, and also hindering the smooth flow of the air duct. It can still be operated normally on the clothes of lightly, but the disadvantages are particularly obvious when a large number of operations.


Superman | SR2862 hair ball prunter


Superman’s shaving knives, hair dryers and other products are well -known in the industry. Its hair ball pruning device is mostly the basic model. The workmanship is rough, but the practicality is good.

The appearance of Superman Mao Ball Prunims has no additional features, but the core of the core ball function is acceptable. The power is basically above 5W, and some have reached 9W, with sufficient power, and can cut 7-8 pieces of sweaters at once. The mesh cover uses mainstream stainless steel, which is easy to deform without thickening. Fortunately, the random support has a net cover protective cover, and novices with poor control can also get started.

The net weight of most hair ball prunters on the market is about 200G, and the net weight of some superman’s models is close to 400g, which is about the weight of a can of canned cola. The actual experience varies from person to person. Some users think that it is heavier, and some users like to feel a heavy feel and feel “more weight.”



Zhigao | ZG-M33 hair ball pruning device


Zhigo’s main household air conditioning and home appliance business has also launched a lot of styles in the field of hair ball pruning.

Zhigo’s product iteration is mainly changed in appearance. In addition to the traditional “7” shape, there are also curling, “T” and other styles. Among them, the Icemo -shaped handle is small and easy to grasp, and it is suitable for small groups. In addition, the popularity of sticky shaving on the market has also been launched. The sticky hair tube is not attached to the handle, but it can be pulled out separately, which is more flexible.

Although Zhigo does not have much advantage in functional configuration, the overall performance is more practical, and the price is about 20 yuan, and the price advantage is obvious.