MARGARET MI of Angry Wei Zhe: Mother is a famous illustrator, and a suite is sold at the wedding home

Margaret mi, Miko Xue

怒怼卫哲的Margaret Mi:母亲是著名插画师,结婚家里还卖套房

Author Lantai, the headline signing author

Some time ago I wrote an article about Wei Zhe’s family. The response was not bad (

Wei Zhe family background

), Many friends leave me a message, hoping that I would write a woman Margaret Mi who criticized Wei Zhe’s bad math.

怒怼卫哲的Margaret Mi:母亲是著名插画师,结婚家里还卖套房

There are still many friends who leave a message asking me if this “Margaret Mi” is the same as Wei Zhe.

Through this time of data collection, today I will introduce this Margaret Mi who criticized Wei Zhe’s bad mathematics.

怒怼卫哲的Margaret Mi:母亲是著名插画师,结婚家里还卖套房

Margaret Mi, Chinese name Miko, authentic Beijing girl.

Objectively speaking, her family conditions are already stronger than 90%of Chinese families. Her mother is at least a student of workers, peasants and soldiers (college).

However, if he is a large state -owned enterprise executive like Wei Zhe, it is far worse; compared to Wei Zhe, Miko said that she was born in an ordinary family, which is not exaggerated.

Judging from the public information I currently collected, Miko’s mother should be a well -known illustrator Huang Yimin in my country.

Ms. Huang on a human website

Why do I say that Ms. Huang Yimin was at least from the origin of workers, peasants and soldiers?

This is because Ms. Huang Yimin’s graduation time was in 1975, and she graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Capital Normal University in 1975.

怒怼卫哲的Margaret Mi:母亲是著名插画师,结婚家里还卖套房

As we all know, before resumed the college entrance examination, there were only workers, peasants and soldiers at that time, and the academic system was 2 to 3 years. Although the 1993 Education Commission acknowledged the undergraduate degree in the University of Engineering, Peasants and Martial Arts Students, in fact, many units used college students for engineering, peasants and soldiers to follow college students. Treatment.

Therefore, I think Ms. Huang Yimin, who graduated in 1975, should be more likely to be workers, peasants and soldiers.

After graduating from college in 1975, Ms. Huang Yimin married Ms. Mozi’s father in 1977, and has since served as an art review at the Chinese Children’s Publishing House.

Huang Yimin’s works

怒怼卫哲的Margaret Mi:母亲是著名插画师,结婚家里还卖套房

In the 1980s and 1990s, he created more than 20 children’s picture books and won many awards. She later moved to the United States as a “special talent” and should be inseparable from her artistic achievements during this time.

Miko Xue probably had a certain talent in literature because of her mother -in -law. When she was 17 years old (1997), she published a youth campus prose “Noise”.

怒怼卫哲的Margaret Mi:母亲是著名插画师,结婚家里还卖套房

Douban score 8.8

From the introduction of the author of “Number”, Miko was indeed a talented woman when she was a child.

According to the introduction, Ms. Mizi studied in magazines such as “Chinese Children”, “Middle School Students”, “Doll Pictorial”, “Little Bee”, “Monthly Primary School” and other magazines.

He has also won the Municipal Sanhao Student Award twice and won many awards in the painting contest.

And from the perspective of the short book of “Noise”, readers are still very recognized by Miko learning.

怒怼卫哲的Margaret Mi:母亲是著名插画师,结婚家里还卖套房

“Very interesting strokes, I can’t resist the brushwork of the harmonious and interesting women.”

“I don’t know where to put it, but I still remember when I saw it that year. It is the favorite in the same series.”

“I read the books that laughed at N’s side.

“Mi Zixue should be a very ghostly child, sometimes it is cold if it comes. Change the name of the game to “Dr.”, and the parents who sign up will definitely be unprecedentedly enthusiastically ‘. “

Why do I say that Miko is a genuine talented girl? It is because the information of Miko’s school year is quite good. Unlike Wei Zhe, he has little information in his youth. His information will not start to get in detail after graduating from college.

In addition, the reason why I have always emphasized that Miko was born as an ordinary family. I accidentally checked on the China Magistrate Document Network in 2013. In 2013, Misko’s father’s father and other people’s contract disputes were checked. Zhena is really far away.

Because the core of this contract dispute is that Miko’s father’s litigation house agency has sold his property in Haidian cheaply.

The reason why Miko’s father and mother sell houses, in the words of Miko’s mother, are married in 2011. They want to buy a house near the unit, and the money is not enough. 3 million looks.

怒怼卫哲的Margaret Mi:母亲是著名插画师,结婚家里还卖套房

Judging from this civil dispute, Mi Zixue’s family conditions can only be regarded as ordinary middle class.

By the way, the reason why Miko studied at Peking University and then graduated from Cornell University, the United States, not because of her relationship, because she was now moving to the United States in 1998. In American universities, it is reported that Miko Xue did not want to go abroad at first. It should be true to stay at Peking University, but after that, Miko changed his mind to study in the United States.

怒怼卫哲的Margaret Mi:母亲是著名插画师,结婚家里还卖套房

Therefore, from the current grasp of the information, the conditions of Misaki scholars are good in China, but they are still far worse than Wei Zhe, but ordinary middle -class families.

After talking about Miko’s family background, let’s take a look at another thing. Miko Xue recently broke the news that she had “sleeping” Li Xian, and Li Xian himself revealed that he had been on the show on Anhui Satellite TV. The 12 -year -old sister pursued that Li Xian was born in 1991, and Miko Xue happened to be born in 1980.

怒怼卫哲的Margaret Mi:母亲是著名插画师,结婚家里还卖套房

This is a bit interesting.

In this way, I think Miko Xue is much more interesting than Wei Zhe.

Huang Yimin’s works