Kun Ling’s figure is a bit round, wearing vests stitching sequin pants, loose legs but full of waist and abdomen

#What to wear today#





Four seasons

Lean weapon

Really come! A wide -leg pants take you to complete the four seasons, whether it is spring, summer, autumn and winter, wide -leg pants can always be

Covering the fat and lack of legs and calves.

Want to match the same paragraph, it is better to learn fashion darlings

Kunling’s clothing

, Easily open

The gate of the new world.


The matching of exposed legs is often a kind of aesthetic that many girls cannot accept, but fortunately, new fashion is beckoning to us. One can be covered with insufficient

Stretch long legs

The pants finally came.

I believe many people have seen young and beautiful mothers, many of their clothing we have so far


Still in use.

The wide -leg pants that eliminated sounds in the past few years, finally ushered in

New peak

Essence Even Kun Ling has to make up this new round of matching


Kun Ling has the appearance of being a mother, watching wide -leg pants


Although there are sequins, it is not tacky. Sure enough fashion forever

Regardless of age


Don’t look at gender, don’t compare.

The most powerful wide -leg pants should be talked about

“Concealer” ability

Essence Don’t make mistakes that the editor is not a liquid foundation, but is comparable to the foundation of liquid foundation.

Wide leg pants.

I have to say that Kun Ling’s figure is a bit round, wore a vest stitching sequin pants, his pants are loose, but his waist and abdomen are full. It doesn’t look like being a mother at all, it is completely

Girls feel full.

The matching of this wave of wide -leg pants is completely



, Still hurry up for sisters who have troubled figures

Amway gets up.


A simple wide -leg pants do not need

Too much modification

It can be displayed well in direct hanging down to make your leg advantage well, and all aspects are showing the figure.



After the embellishment of high heels, let the beautiful legs go further


It’s right.

However, the length of the choice of wide -leg pants is best to be half the best of high heels. Not only can it present the looming beauty, but also to help you match a set

Perfect bottom

, The element of fusion of high heels is completely

The spokesperson for charming women.

Small details on wide -leg pants selection

Color color: single color system is mainly to avoid multi -color mixing

We generally choose the color matching of wide -leg pants

Single color system,

The simple atmosphere is quite energetic. In the choice of monochrome system, you can use it

A pure color

, Solid color can create one

A sense of arrogance.

In addition to solid colors, you can choose

Same color


Color with similar saturation

This can also easily create gradient coloring characteristics while showing a sense of high level, making your wide -leg pants even more


Style: Mainly capable, embellishment as supplemented

For mature women, one


The wide -leg pants are the “evergreen trees” of wearing, not only

Can be versatile

You can help yourself to attend easily

Any occasion

Don’t worry about the choice of clothing.

But many girls who like to match are not satisfied with non -decorative wide -leg pants, so you can choose to match some of the same

Small accessories

In the details, work hard to achieve the effect of decoration,

It won’t be too fancy.

Wide -legged pants to appreciate

1. Umbilical installation+wide -leg pants

The body effect and style characteristics of the body showed by the navel installation and wide -leg pants are

Very perfect

Because the improvement of wide -leg pants can let girls show the legs


Line sense.

And the loose wide -leg pants also showed some

Casual and comfortable

a feeling of.

The integration of the umbilical umbilical installation can also bring some of the overall


Let girls also reflect some figures in the loose


, Showing the temperament

Body advantage.

The navel is installed on the show of the body curve and the sports style to the girls.

The most important thing is that as an inside navel installation is the smartest place with the smartest set, and it will not let the navel installation become the theme.

The limelight of wide -leg pants.

No too too much

Obvious charm

And the upper body of the wide -leg pants with a suit combines the previous one


After that, let the whole show some show


style of.

2. suit jacket+wide -leg pants

Girls choose to wear a suit jacket to express some of the simple and formal styles of the suit to express some of them

Occupation temperament.

At the same time, let girls’ aura


So when combining with a suit jacket, you can use it

This item.


Wide -legged pants can be for suit

Advanced enhancement

, Let girls show the temperament


At the same time, the style of the suit and wide -leg pants


A unity was formed.

Both suit and wide -leg pants


This allows girls to show up

Casual comfort

, Loose and full of matching also has a very strong


You can make up for some shortcomings of girls.

And choose a tight inside in the upper body can also show the curvature of the body in the suit.

Figure charm

Get demonstration, let the overall curve feel reflected

More prominent.

3. Sleeveless T -shirt+high waist wide -leg pants

In many modified figures, wide -leg pants can perfectly present the figure

Sense of advantage

, Especially with the characteristics of high -waisted design, wide -leg pants further highlights girls’

The proportion is beautiful.

Let girls reflect the matching


The combination with a strong sense of styling also makes girls show strong ones


In addition to showing your body proportion, you can also become

The most popular beautiful girl.

The most important thing is that the wide -leg pants are based on the long style


This also completely hides the beautiful legs of the ladies, but in order to highlight

Skin advantage

, Girls choose one on the upper body


Sleeveless T -shirt.

And the tight -fitting sleeveless T -shirt is also undertaken with the loose wide -leg pants on the lower body

Very natural

, The use of the belt for dressed is also perfectly distinguished

Lower body

, Make the body proportion obvious, while strengthening

Fair -skinned

Visual effect.

So girls can fully use wide -leg pants to reflect

Your own style.

Wide leg pants.