No wonder fashionable essence loves “down jackets+skirts”.

Many girls like to combine down jackets and leggings in winter matching, and use the tightly matched matching method to present a sense of contrast. This kind of matching method usually does not make mistakes, but if you want to wear femininity, it usually compares it. Difficulty, in fact, this year is very popular to use down jackets with a skirt. It is warm and fashionable like Sanmu.


Same color matching

No wonder fashionable essence loves “down jackets+skirts”, even if you keep warm, you can look high. Sanmu is matched with the use of the same color system in color presentation to present a visual harmony. For young ladies and sisters who are not good at color matching, this basic color matching method of the same color is usually simple and easy to use ,,


Short down jacket+mid -length skirt

The short down jacket with a medium -length skirt, although the color matching of the body is very simple and low -key, but in the design of the style, it uses the inner and external short matching method The short down jacket can show a sense of exquisiteness. It reduces the fluffy feeling of the single product itself. It is exquisite and not bloated and obese.

Fluffy down jacket+knitted skirt

The short down jacket of the fluffy fabric is full of warmth, and the style design of the bread uniforms is usually not very high for the body shape, especially for those girls with a slightly larger skeleton of the upper body. This version of the design is moderate design. The loose bread clothes are very easy to use. The lower body with a knitted fabric skirt is comfortable and fashionable.


Coffee color boots -foreign spirit is thin and thin

Sanmu is paired with a pair of brown boots on the feet, and the color matching method of shallow and deep color matching on the color matching of the body to present the color matching effect of the shades. The matching effect, at the same time, can be used to make the calves look more slender and well -proportioned by the moderate boots.


Short down jacket+A -line skirt

The short version of the black down jacket with a high -waisted A -shaped skirt is very simple in color matching on the body, but the high -tech matching method is used to wear a high sense of tall in the figure, the high of the lower body is highly matched with the height of the lower body. The waist -style A -line skirt can wear a high sense of high sense through the method of lifting the waistline, but also through the design of the A -line model to wear a girl.

Middle long down jacket+long skirt


The medium -length down jacket is more conservative with a long skirt. This style of matches is more suitable for mature women who are slightly older, especially for women with a little shortcomings in their figures. Using this moderate and loose method to easily hide the small shortcomings on the figure.


Thick down jacket+thin skirt

In the body’s matching, it is necessary to emphasize the practicality of warmth, but also emphasizes the layered sense of matching. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid heavy and bloated matching effects. Therefore, when wearing thick down jackets The skirts are concentrated on the down jacket on the down jacket.

Light -colored down jacket+pleated skirt

In winter, many women like to wear dark down jackets, because dark down jackets are usually stable in color matching, and the thin effect is also intuitive. In addition, it is also not resistant to dirt and poor practicality, but it is undeniable that in the black and gray down jacket with a water, you wearing a white down jacket with a pleated skirt will definitely stand out from it.

When using a long down jacket to match the skirt, pay attention to the sense of difference between the skirt length and the length of the down jacket. It is best to make the length of the skirt grow a little bit more than the length of the down jacket. Layering and three -dimensional sense.

This year’s fashionable essence likes to use down jackets to match the skirts. The younger sisters throw away leggings. Like Miss Sanmu use down jackets to match the skirt, not only keep warm, but also tall and thin.

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