Micro -wish Three or five clocks are difficult to go through many times and finally do as you wish

Speaking of the three or five -brand clocks, the older generation must have a deep memory. When many grandparents, uncle and aunts get married, they will find a way to set up a three -five -brand clock. Wu Laobo, who lives in Huodong Street, has such an old bell. It has been broken for almost ten years. Old Wu has always wanted to repair it, but he could not find the maintenance master. Therefore, the old man sought help on the micro -willing platform. Can you solve your wish?

Wu Laobo said that the three or five -brand clocks in his family were produced in 1974. There were reliefs on both sides, which was a more exquisite style at that time. In 1978, this watch, as the only dowry of his wife, came to Wu Laobo’s house. When he got married, he finally got a ticket to buy, which was an important memory of marriage.

After accompanying the owner for more than 30 years, the old Taiwanese clock stopped swinging, but the couple Wu and his wife have always wanted to repair it. The old man said that they treasured their marriage memories for decades.

微心愿丨三五台钟维修难 辗转多次终如愿

Since this clock is no longer produced, he can’t find a local repair, so Wu Laobo sought help on the micro -willing platform through the community neighborhood committee. Soon, Zhang Min, the chairman of the Hugong Street Social Security Team, recognized this wish. In order to find the maintenance point, Zhang Min took a lot of effort, moved a few watch shops, and finally locked a family.

微心愿丨三五台钟维修难 辗转多次终如愿

Master Ding, who has more than thirty years of repair experience, opened the old bell and took a closer look to confirm that the total clockwork was good to ensure that it can be repaired.

微心愿丨三五台钟维修难 辗转多次终如愿

Hearing such an answer, Wu Laobo was very happy.

In the eyes of many people, it may be just a trivial matter. However, in the heart of Wu Laobo, this three or five -brand clocks are the memory of his love and wife’s love, marriage life, and the meaning of repair can no longer be measured with money. The meaning of the micro -wish is exactly the little thing of this drip to make the warm current of love, so that more of the old uncle Wu gets warm and help.