How much is heating underwear and cutting leeks?

In the past few days, the cold air has been constantly invading, and my ass has become ice. Many people start to buy various warm underwear online, but do you know that the North Pole Monkey, Antarctic Velvet, Fish Photos in the shopping cart Lin, hungry fish, sheep and sheep’s classic brands are actually harvesting your sickle?


It is said that a sign of a punk youth no longer Real started from wearing autumn pants.


If this young man dares to wear armal underwear, it often means a complete degeneration.


Ah Ban once quietly told me behind me: Warm is the hotbed of fallen.


When you are no longer young, hold wolfberry, hold the thermal insulation cup, and carefully select a “shame” warm underwear on the Internet, you will be surprised to find: Why do these brands have so many specialty stores on the Internet? Intersection

Why do they sell everything from warm underwear to massage instruments?

Why are they always discounting and promoting at low prices?

Why are the quality of these old brands so bad?

Hello everyone, I will take you to take off the industry’s bottom pants and reveal all kinds of messy truth detective burdocks. Today, we will open up the bottom pants of the Arctic monkeys to reveal the dirty buttocks of these big factories.


Winter is quiet, and the boy must be better to himself, so I am going to buy a few sexy underwear.

Thanks to my good aesthetic education, I chose nearly a thousand models with almost harsh aesthetic standards. In the end, this set of Arctic monkey ink landscape Chinese style underwear moved me with a full sense of art.

Yes, only such a cultural underwear can be worthy of the temperament of my poet.

Seeing the color on this ass is very elegant ~

But what made me unexpected was that after receiving the goods, it was not so comfortable to wear, and it felt squeezed.


As we all know, as a big man in Shandong, I have a proud height of 1.85 meters. Underwear and I have always wearing the size of XXXL. It is the issue of secondary development in recent years.

Later, after I checked it carefully, I found out that it was a pity that the problem was still on the underwear. Its tailoring was quite non -three -dimensional, causing not to fit so much. Some places were loose and some places were tight.

How do you say, this feeling of love is very ambiguous because of his face value.


I remember when I was a kid, the Arctic monkey was still a very good brand. Many stars advertised it. At that time, I had the biggest doubt about this brand:

Why do they buy the golden armor, but I bought it black?

Later, I realized that they were all about underwear and took the superhuman route.

Later, I slowly discovered that the Arctic Monkey’s company was not ordinary. In addition to keeping warm products, they tried to create everything:


Arctic monkey wolf tooth stick

Arctic Monkey Taoist Golden Wolf Teeth Stick


Electric toothbrush starting from the Arctic Monkey 19 yuan

Arctic monkey insulation cup


80%selected Arctic Monkey Luxury Green Hat Rice Cooker

Arctic Monkey Cotton Dippana. Essence Essence Essence


And more terrible: Arctic monkey military training special sanitary napkin insoles? Intersection Intersection

There are so many categories of underwear brands, which is not that it does not work, but it is like “Li White Mineral Water” and “Blue Moon Oral Liquid”.

I even found a “airplane cup” in the patent reserve of the Arctic monkey:

This men’s massage health care device applied at the beginning of the 17th year. The turbine fan blades of the meat grinding machine at the entrance are very novel. The industrial design of this aircraft cup has a nervous magic.

Imagine the cold winter, you wear the golden armor warm underwear luxury suit in the house, hold the Arctic monkey insulation cup, use the massage stick, electric toothbrush, sanitary napkin insole, rice cooker, and rice cooker. This must be It feels happy.

Yes, the Earth people can no longer stop the category of the Arctic monkeys from expanding.


What kind of business strategy is such a crazy expansion category, can the quality of the product be guaranteed? What new tricks are these old brands playing?



At the president’s office on the top floor of the building on the north side of Shennan Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, the well -known Internet leader, the overbearing president PONY Ma President President President President President President President President President President President Monkey’s warm underwear, holding the Arctic monkey insulation cup, sitting quietly in front of the large floor -to -ceiling window.

Suddenly the chairman’s secretary rushed in panic and shouted: Mr. Ma, the big event is bad, and Pony has become a trademark of the Arctic monkey.


Did they even grab my name? President Ma sighed and murmured: What are they registered?

“Ultraman”, now they are also them! The secretary lamented in despair.


Yes, the Arctic Monkey is such a magical company. It is not the traditional company that specializes in the production of heating underwear. The owner of the “Arctic Monkey” brand is a listed company Arctic E -commerce. It also has many brands:

Among them are our familiar international big names: Car Di Le Hungry Fish, Classic Teddy, Pony, of course, there are also Ultraman.

Let me see Pony, look at Teddy, and look at the hungry fish. Why do you say that the Arctic Monkey does not always live with animals?

Many times you have to admire the commercial smell of the Arctic Monkey. In 16 years, the Arctic monkey bought the Kaidi hungry fish. The brand authorized the universe, one more general, and the international brand.

Hungry fish is definitely a tide brand in the national -level townships. Which urban -rural combination department has not changed the season throughout the year. Every month, they are selling tears and sale.

If the top ten brands of China’s most popular women in China are selected, if there are Arctic monkeys on the line, offline is definitely a hungry fish.

Buy a pair of hungry fish leather shoes for the old man at home, and then a set of double -layer warm golden armor demented on the heating underwear. It is the dream of every middle -aged and elderly woman who is pursuing.


What most people do not know is that as early as ten years ago, the Arctic monkeys have cut off their production lines and started the combination model. From then on, they will no longer produce a product and only do brand operations.

It turns out that this is indeed a good business.


Look at the scale of this trademark registration, absolutely first -class industry leaders.

After checking the 2018 annual report, the total operating income was 3.353 billion, a year -on -year increase of 240.12%.


Although it is incomparable with Ali Tencent’s trillion -dollar Internet listed company, from the perspective of the dimension of making money, it is not an exaggeration to speaking, all of them are younger brothers.

From the 18 -year annual report, we looked at 147 R & D personnel, accounting for 25.17%, which means that less than 600 people made so many income, and the single -person output value was simply explosive.

My hand is cheap and went through the business information of this company again

The number of participants is 39. Essence Essence Essence

This listed company with a market value of 30 billion has only more than 3 million fixed assets:

In this regard, there are not as many assets of the fixed assets as the property company in our family. It can be called the big brother in the light asset model.

I decided to investigate.



In order to figure out the magical operations in this, I pretended to be the merchant who opened the store, went to the official website of the Arctic Monkey, and made an application. I filled out the information very seriously:


Soon a salesman contacted me. In addition to the investment department inside them, I also contacted many agency channels and roughly figured out their routines.

Basically, I hope to be a Arctic monkey store, there are two main costs:

One is the brand authorization fee, paid annually, ranging from thousands of dollars a year to tens of thousands of dollars;

One is the fee of tags. The manufacturer is straight, and the amount is charged. The more cheaper, the cheaper;


The price given by this agent is preferential, but it is not cheap. There are more than four tags in thermal underwear, and 5K set up. That is to say, at least once 2W.

Interestingly, the cheaper the category, the more cheaper, the tag of men’s clothing only needs 1.5.

In other words, if my “Ultraman Aircraft Cup” can really apply, I have core competitiveness in the brand cost.


The entire service process is even more intimate. As long as the information is made up, there is no need to review the qualifications, no quality inspection, no samples. Since then, Ma Zai, who has become the old -fashioned big names, is no longer a dream.


This is basically the weird Arctic monkeys, Antarctic velvet, sheep and sheep, hungry fish and other brands we have seen on major e -commerce platforms.


The big name is created like this.



In fact, many old brands have embarked on this light assets and the road to brand authorization. The four major warm brands of Shanghai Beach, Northern Monkey, Fish Zhaolin, Antarctic Velvet, Sheep and Sheep.

The Arctic Monkey is just one of the outstanding representatives of one of them.

In Nantong’s Lie Shiqiao market, dealers pick up good supply from the market, and then spend a few dollars to hang the just bought tags, and when they change, they become old -fashioned domestic products. Through authorized specialty stores, sales are sold to consumers who do not know the truth.


According to the information that knows in the group, a pieceless white -branded cargo, after sticking to the trademark, it is no problem to make more dozens of pieces.

It’s a bit more heartbreaking. It is not a big problem to add one or two hundred or two hundred.


As for quality, after -sales, quality, we should not think about this model. This is an illegal announcement notified by the General Administration. These four families are regular customers:

This model determines that the product cannot have the quality assurance. If it is you, I spent a lot of money to buy it. What you first thought of is how to fish the money as soon as possible, how to pass this part of the cost to consumers How to make more money faster, not to maintain the brand image and ensure product quality.

The brand is rented anyway, and it is overdrawn as soon as possible to meet the principle of maximizing interests.

As for brand operators, authorization is a reduction in marginal costs. Only by giving enough authorization can we ensure that enough profits can be guaranteed, so many, so thin, how can we run fast? How can I get mechanized harvesting operations quickly?

At present, in the information I found, the Arctic e -commerce has authorized more than 3,000 authorized dealers and more than 4,000 authorized stores. Jumping to the entry voucher in the bloody sea.


The latter road will not go much.

We are all familiar with the story of the gold rush of California:

The wind of the gold mine was surging, and countless people came to California with a dream of wealth. Hundreds of thousands of people gathered here. They put their heads on the trouser belt, and worked on the night, night, night, and day. Finally, under the cleaning of the rule of wealth 28, Most people turn into white bones, and few people escape from death.


After the adventurer’s bones, another group of wealthy people stood.

They provide basic services for hundreds of thousands of people to find a dream army, sell gold rush tools, sell jeans, sell water, and do the same as the Arctic people:

Copper sheets without earning risks are their business scriptures.

You replace the stories from gold ore to e -commerce, and then go back to see: the essence of human beings is a repeat machine.


I hope that there are so many pigs who climb up the wind, why not sell them for ladders?

Pig Fei is risky, and the sale of the ladder is steadily earned (double -escort X2). The path and hallucination of wealth is the best secret to harvest the leeks.

However, no matter who harvested, and what kind of enchanting posture, the order is ordinary consumers.

Seeing this, it is time to check your shopping cart and clean up these Li Gui. I was Newton. I took off my underwear for our common cause. I do n’t need to thank me.