Analyze Taiyan Baolan’s daily wear to open the journey of lover’s savings

BNT News Valentine’s Day unknowingly coming, it is time to dress up for a romantic date with her boyfriend. If you are still worried about what you want to wear, then look at how beautiful stars match daily. If you can find a star similar to your figure, you will be more icing on the cake. At the same time, it is essential to create fair and glorious skin. Let’s take a look at the daily dressing of the stars.

First of all, it is best to analyze your body shape first, and then choose clothes. Although the upper body is thin, if the thighs and calves have fat, you can choose to cover it with a long skirt.

解析泰妍宝蓝日常穿搭 开启情人节约会之旅

Taeyeon chose a long dress with a grid ruffled edge, which was noticeable and not monotonous. The lower body part of the long skirt has folds, so it will not make it look dragging. There is also the combination of see -through socks and high heels, which is more charming and feminine.

解析泰妍宝蓝日常穿搭 开启情人节约会之旅

In addition, the dark color dress and Taeyeon’s fair skin form a sharp contrast, which makes people look bright. The moist and shiny skin is enough to attract the attention of the public. She mentioned that the water supplement mask can be used as a sleep mask, so she chose the water supplement cream to fully apply it to the face to perform skin care.

If you want to highlight the cute and charming charm, you can try the youthful campus style. Recently, singer Park Baolan appeared at the event site with a simple and generous and cute shape. She combined the ivory knit sweater with the black mini skirt, and one pair of shoes is even more complemented.

However, Park Baolan’s previous figure was full, but through weight loss, he created a slender figure. She said that she should eat more chicken breasts, sweet potatoes, bananas, walnuts and other vegetables, and eat 5 meals a day.

If you are not suitable for wearing a mini skirt due to your body shape, then start to lose weight before the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

Singer Jin Zhaoxi showed a charm of charming style with a black horn skirt. The pattern see -through socks, high heels, and mini chain bags are more prominent.

In addition, if you have a flawless skin like Jin Zhaoxi, it is enough to attract the attention of men. To create glossy skin, try to use spray. It is recommended to choose a small bottle of small -volume spray so that you can spray at any time. Especially the spray of preservatives without preservatives will have a better effect on the skin.

Editor ’s Pick

1. Mulbit Premium:

This product contains various vitamin ingredients and functional raw materials that help whiten the skin and improve wrinkles. It is a new concept carbonate spray nutrition agent that provides nutritional skin that can provide nutrition. In particular, the product does not contain preservatives, and the new type of use of the vitamin carbonated tablets into the water, making Meiji Ste a safe and economical product. This product can be purchased in or various SNS, which is purchased in physical stores.

2. Banilaco (Banilaco) Dear Hydration Boosting Cream:

This product can lock the deep water of the skin, making the makeup more convincing. It is a hydrating essence cream that can create hydrated skin.

3. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask at night:

解析泰妍宝蓝日常穿搭 开启情人节约会之旅

In sleep, through the purification effect of Sleep-Tox ™ to create a clear and bright morning muscle, it is a sleeping mask that can be hydrated. Wu Yin Shan Zhao Jin/Wen Qingdao Paster Trading Co., Ltd.

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