Zhejiang Lanxi Textile Wind Rapid “Sunset Mantra” launched the upgrade battle

Textile workshop. Lanxi Propaganda Department provides photos

China News Service Jinhua, March 13 (Xuejue reporter Li Qianqian) As a traditional industry in China, the textile industry has made great contributions to the development of the national economy. However, when the development and change became the main theme of the times, dazzling words such as “large fluctuations in cotton prices” and “difficulty in recruiting” tests the survival and development wisdom of the Chinese textile industry.

Zhejiang Lanxi, which is located in the main road of “Sanjiang Interchange, seven provinces”, is a famous “Chinese weaving famous city”. As Zhu Ruijun, secretary of the Lanxi Municipal Party Committee, said: “The textile industry will never be eliminated. The key is to make a good article for transformation and upgrading.” In recent years, Lanxi Textile has brought intelligent equipment, product fashion, and serving “Lan Mom”. Wait for the “recruitment” to break the “sunset curse” of the textile industry. In 2016, the city’s textile companies achieved an output value of 33.6 billion.

Machine substitution intelligent equipment internationalization

Lanxi’s textile industry started early and developed rapidly. When Tang Xianheng was built, there were a variety of silk fabrics, and the textiles produced by it were also listed as tributes. After the 90th century, with the completion of state -owned enterprises and the large -scale investment in private capital, the Lanxi textile industry has developed rapidly.

However, in the 21st century, the problem of “people” such as “difficult recruitment” and rising labor costs has become a problem that cannot be avoided by labor -intensive industries, and the textile industry is no exception.

Wang Keli, vice president of the China Cotton Textile Industry Association, said that textile companies can fundamentally solve problems only by removing invalid labor, simplifying workflow, and improving production efficiency.

In this context, in 2008, Lanxi Textiles introduced high -end intelligent production equipment such as Toyota Toyota Jets and Belgian Belgium, and took the lead in setting off a wave of “machine substitutions”.

Among them, Zhejiang Liyunshan Textile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Lima Textile), founded in 2002, can be described as the pioneer of the upgrade of equipment.

Zhang Shigen, chairman of the company, introduced that at the beginning of its establishment, the international high -end textile equipment was introduced and continued to update the replacement. Textile equipment from the original Toyota 610 jets to Toyota 710 jet machine, and then to Toyota 810 jet machine. Production efficiency is improved.

The change of textile was just a microcosm of Lanxi Textile. According to statistics from the Lanxi Inspection and Quarantine Department, since 2007, Lanxi has continuously introduced various types of imported textile machinery and equipment. As of 2016, the total imports were US $ 531 million.

“At present, the proportion of domestic shuttle machines is 68%, and Lanxi has reached 100%.” ​​Tong Yongsheng, director of the Lanxi City Economic and Information Bureau, introduced that at present, Lanxi has a total of 30,000 weaving machines, of which nearly 20,000 Toyota woven jet machines are nearly 20,000 Taiwan, accounting for 30%of the annual sales of Toyota Woven Jets in China.

Technological Innovation Fashion Textile High -end

After years of development, Lanxi Textile Industry has formed an industrial chain of textile, weaving, seal, and clothing, and established the advantages of the Lanxi cotton textile regional industrial cluster in China.

However, in the face of increasingly fierce market competition, the Lanxi textile industry is also seeking a strong way to make a stronger way: to strengthen the middle, extend both ends, and implement scientific and technological innovation and product upgrade.

In recent years, Lanxi textile companies have been constantly promoted. The products have developed from a single cotton elasticity to color cloth, industrial cloth, and functional fabrics. The diversified development of printed fabrics, color weaving, and littering fabrics.

There are many types of products, and the quality and characteristics of the product cannot be dropped. Zhejiang Shuangliang Home Textile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shuanglun Home Textiles) is the “vanguard” of this product upgrade war.

Zhang Jian, the chairman of Shuangli Family Textiles, introduced that in recent years, the company has developed a smart ecological induction towel with the characteristics of “pollution and discoloration” through the cooperation with the returnee team of the post -85s of Lanxi. The safe use time leads the new concept of health and environmental protection.

In Lanxi, more and more textile people have aimed at product upgrades like Zhang Jian. It was under this product tackling that Lanxi Textile products not only mentioned quality, but also widened sales. The industry’s new product development volume is nearly 1,000 monthly, and it sells well in more than 80 countries and regions around the world.

浙江兰溪纺织风起云涌 破“夕阳魔咒”打响升级战

Government and enterprise will serve “Mother Lan” intimately

In the face of a complex and changeable market environment, what role should the government play so that Lanxi Textile Industry has stable?

“To develop the Lanxi textile industry, it is not possible to participate in enterprises, and the government must participate.” In the view of the mayor of Lanxi, the government should do a good job of leaders and participants to promote the “mother -style” intimate services.

In 2003, the Lanxi Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government issued the “Several Opinions on Accelerating the Development of the Textile Industry”. Later, Lanxi successively introduced policies and used nearly 30 million fiscal funds such as technical reform and technology of textile industry each year.

At the same time, the Lanxi Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government also organized textile entrepreneurs to train and study at Tsinghua University, Donghua University and other colleges and universities to recruit talents in domestic textile colleges. The institution signed a cooperation agreement for industry -university, research, and research, and established Zhejiang University of Technology Technology Research Center to provide technical support for Lanxi textile enterprises in all aspects.

It is under this trick to punch a punch that Lanxi Textile “Old Tree Sends New Bud” has successfully created “China Weaving Famous City”, “China Textile Industry Base”, “National Textile Industry SME Public Service Demonstration Platform”, ” The national textile and clothing talent training base “and other national business cards can be described as a foothold in China.

However, under the pattern of world integration, Lanxi is deeply informed. Only when you go abroad and occupy a certain international market can Lanxi Textile go further and more stable.

“We have to do the government to set up a Taiwan, corporate singing,” to push out Lanxi textiles through various activities such as forums, exchanges and other activities. “Cai Yan said.

It was under the guidance of the “going global” belief that at the 2016 China Import and Export Commodity Fair, there were 24 textile companies among the 35 Lanxi companies participating in the exhibition.

The road to transformation and upgrading has opened slowly. In the future, the Lanxi textile industry will take off again. (Finish)