Snow shoes (Qiao Shufeng’s original heart language)

Every year to winter, I will involuntarily buy a pair of snow shoes. Rather than snow shoes, it is better to say cheap shoes. Value picking up. It is a winter waterproof cotton shoes. In the past, I bought black. Unfortunately, black out stock this year, I had to buy a double red one. In those days, the winter in the north has not been handled, and the weather is quite warm. Husband said, such a warm day, what snow shoes to buy, can’t wear it! Buy some ideas. I said, busy in time. This is not a long time, and yesterday’s north became snowy. My snow shoes came in handy, although it was not good -looking, it was warm. At this time, I was so beautiful in my heart, like a triumphant warrior, fought a victory. With an idiom about today’s record, it is called ahead of time, and there is no preparation!


When you knock on your keyboard, your thoughts are flying and removing life. If you live ahead of life, you will be prepared, and there will be a spark of the soul everywhere. Floating, fairy too! I feel like a learning. If your family has a thick money, you can spend it casually without having to calculate. If your family is a bit tight, I think you still need to be a little bit, so that you can plan ahead and be prepared! In fact, the situation in life is different. There is no need to compare, as long as it is available, it is good! There are always people in life who like flowers with big hands and feet. They look very generous and feel very happy. When major events are coming, when they need money, such as the ants on the hot pot, the rushing group turns, the style of the past is no longer. This is called a Chai stove with a meal, which is not good. What is the biggest sadness of ordinary Chinese families? It is to treat children as rich seconds! Obviously, the child has the illusion of the second generation. When parents want to give their children all the good things and all their love around the world, they forget to tell their children one thing: the hardships of life are often difficult to imagine. Lives need to be carefully calculated, and there is no preparation.

Normally, there is no need to buy it, as much as possible; if you have to use it, you have to buy it. That is to spend money on the blade. Usually, there is something, there are things, the fields are arranged, and the scenery is beautiful. He usually eats the sea and drinks, and scratches his ears. this is not good. Life is not a mathematical problem. There is no way to die, and it must be used flexibly! Who’s income is not the same, and there is no need to compare with expenditure. You must do your best. Holding the thoughts of preparation, the days will be smooth and welcome to a new life!