5.2 February Star Children’s Shoes Zooming again! The new Japanese -style scholarship sandals are only 6.4 % off!

Anyone who is familiar with Rongma knows that there is a golden channel in this public account. Basically, the price of Rongma here is the lowest in the entire network. Enjoy benefits.


Every year, you will start a group. Each time you are well received, I think most small partners have bought their favorite shoes at a very low price. It was not ready to make re -group. But the little brother Yue Xing said that the full reduction of the platform this time is quite strong, and the 20 % discount coupons exclusive to the fans of Rongma.


It’s equivalent to 6.4 % off


Intersection And there is a full reduction, which may be a record low. I temporarily decided to send another article and yell, because this activity is strong, and the multiple discounts are cheaper than before!

So I quickly sent a article to inform everyone that after missing the previous two or still, this event must not let go! The 20 % discount coupons exclusive to Rongma fans will be served again, first lead to buy it if you buy it!

20 % discount coupon collection channel

1. Copy the following coupon address to open in the browser ▼


2. Pay attention to the WeChat public account of “Rongrong Mom Raising”, and reply to the keyword “20 % off” in the background to get the QR code link of the coupon.

I will say that before that, I will say that before that, let me notify you. Another focus of this group is that Yuexing’s Japanese system is new!

Japan is new!

Although the first two group purchases are hot, the shortcomings of the United States and China are Japanese -made shoes. This time, 6 new Japanese shoes are on the moon star. Digital, you can enter this time. How good is the Japanese system in Yuexing, the new classmates who don’t know can poke here ☞


Lightly! Not only MikiHouse, the excellent Japanese scholarship shoes, but also the other two pairs of the same awards shoes

As shown in the red frame, the first three of the first line are the number of learning shoes. The last and second row of the second row are Zhongda children’s shoes. They are all handmade shoes from Japanese shoes. One has multiple colors to choose from. Most of the new styles this time are new styles. I have n’t seen it before, but there are new colors, such as the first and second doubles. Classic design has changed the color before.

The picture above is the moon -star sandals bought by Rongma from Japan in 2017. The design of 429 yuan is the same. But the color scheme at the time was the color of the blue heel and the green heel of the pink upper. The 2018 model is the one of the open toe. Everyone knew it before. In 2019, it changed back to the classic bag, but this time it was red -footed blue heels and yellow -footed blue heels.

The 459 yuan is also familiar, because it is the same model. After wearing it last year, I was comfortable, non -slip, breathable, and large toe. I was all in my heart. It happened to be wearing the season now.

Sister is the red color matching. Today, JD.com also sells it, but the number is incomplete. The dark blue and rice white code are very complete, especially the dark blue. It feels like a denim cloth. It should be pretty good to wear.

Both this shoe baby and Zhongtong have codes, with a sibling shoes or sisters and siblings. Especially for the great promotion, buying two pairs of thieves is cost -effective, which can be called a second -born family benefits.

Quietly speaking, the Japanese -based Japanese system can be worn at all. Whether it is sandals or sneakers, you can not wear socks. My two small primary schools do not like to wear socks in summer. Bare feet, comfortable and breathable, not particularly stinky.

Detailed explanation

Ding Ding Ding Ding! Below is the brain burning time!

Because this time JD.com promotes all kinds of discounts, discounts, and full reduction together. In fact, when the person in charge of Yuexing of JD.com communicates with me, I have passed directly by voice calls, because the words are really looking at words. It ’s so chaotic, and the response could n’t be reacted, so Rongma felt that she still took everyone how to play this event and how to spend the least money to buy the best things.


The intensity of the discounts of Jingdong Moon Star this time are divided into three parts:


The first is the discount of Yuexing flagship store -20 % off at full two pieces/less than 329 minus 30


The second is that Rongma fans enjoy 20 % off coupons,

Only the talents in our public account

The third is a coupon subsidy for Jingdong platform (on May 22, it was 299-80, and May 23 and 24 were 299-40).

The three parts are superimposed in parallel, as long as the conditions are met, the money is reduced.

Second, the time period is different, and the preferential policies and intensity are different. It can also be divided into three periods according to the time stage. Let me analyze it in detail. Everyone knows which time to place an order is most cost -effective.

Because JD.com ’s promotion time is

May 22 starts at 0:00

I chose to post today (May 21), leaving enough time for friends in need. Pick up in the afternoon or online, and you can pay to sleep at zero point. Pan the order and grab the blindness.

May 22 on May 22nd ~ 2:00

As the “June 1 Gift” to celebrate Children’s Day, the platform has launched a Jingdong coupon of 80 yuan over 299.

Open the Jingdong APP of the mobile phone and search for the “Moon Star Flagship Store”. After entering the store, you can see the page in the figure below. It can be used on the 22nd, and it will not expire.


Yue Xing’s brother said that a number of 80 coupons can be received multiple times, but there is a limit. He is not very clear about the specific number. In short, he will not only receive one as before. but

Rongma’s 80 % off coupons can only get one in a Jingdong account a day


All shoes in Yuexing flagship stores are universal, but it cannot be used for other stores. A voucher that reduces 80 yuan can be used for other stores, explaining.

In the entire promotion activity, the preferential intensity of this period of 0 to 2:00 is the largest. There are two activities in total, one is 20 % off for 2 pieces, one is 329-30, and one is the other. Please choose the model. Generally speaking, 2 double 20 % off will be more favorable.

After putting the goods in the shopping cart, there will be a choice of activities under the product, and there will be explanations on the product page. If you do n’t understand, old routines, you have questions to find customer service.

Take the new classic Baotou sandals, the original price is 429 yuan, and the two pairs of two pairs of 20 % off are 429*2*0.8 = 686 yuan, and then take the 80 % off coupons exclusive to the fans of Rongma. It is 549 yuan. , And then minus 80 yuan of Jingdong coupons, and finally pay only 469 yuan. On average, this year’s latest Japanese scholarship sandals can get it with only 234.5 yuan!

If you just want to buy a pair, it also uses a preferential policy of over 329-30. The 429*Rongma 80 % off coupons are 343 yuan, minus 30 and then reduced 80 yuan, and finally the price is 233 yuan. The price is almost the same. But if it is other more expensive Japanese system, two double 20 % off can be cheaper.

But if you just want to buy more than two hundred shoes, then I strongly recommend finding people to buy two pairs. For example, the unit price of a pair of shoes is 239, and the unit price of a pair of shoes is 239. According to the policy of 2 pairs of 20 % off: 239*2*0.8*0.8-80 = 226 yuan, the average pair of shoes is 113 yuan. If this is calculated according to the 329-30: 239*2*08-30-80 = 302, the average pair of shoes is 151 yuan, obviously 20 % off is more cost-effective.

Japanese floor shoe

Darong is the same model, this year’s new winning shoes forbearance series

However, if the unit price is 300 yuan (greater than 329 yuan) shoes, such as the winning shoes to endure models, the unit price is 369, the first type of 2 double 20 % off algorithms, the calculation is 369*2*0.8*0.8-80 = 392 yuan, only 196 yuan. Using the second 329-30 algorithm, calculate the 369*0.8-30-80 = 185 yuan. In contrast, the second discount is more cost -effective.

Of course, these algorithms are calculated based on the 20 % discount on the fans of Rongma fans ~ Our fans are lower than the price of others in the promotion. The more cheap others are.

2:00 on May 22 ~ 23: 59


After 22 o’clock on the 22nd, the activities in the Yuexing Store were only 329-30. Of course, it can also be used with Rongma 80 % off coupons and Jingdong platforms over 299-80.

In my opinion, if you just want to buy a pair of shoes, don’t make up the lively at 0-2 o’clock. The 329-30 event is 22nd. May wish to sleep well, and you can buy it in the morning. But if you want to buy two pairs, it is not limited to Japan or the same model. Two pairs of other shoes are also considered, it is more cost-effective to catch 2 doubles and 20 % off.

Take Baotou sandals as an example. Buying a pair of 429 yuan is 343 yuan to use Rongma’s 20 % off coupons, subtracted 30 and then minus 80, and finally the price is 233 yuan. If you buy two pairs, the real payment amount is 429*2*0.8-110 = 576. On average, a pair of shoes to the hand price is 288, but it is not as good as a pair of pairs. However, the unit price of the shoes is more than 329 yuan, otherwise it will not be reduced by 30 yuan.

For Moon Star shoes with a unit price of less than 299, Jingdong Platform still has coupons that can be received by 199-50 and over 159-30, but it depends on the validity period. Some are only 22 days and one day. Shoes, these small coupons receive it, and then superimposed the 20 % discount coupon of Rongma, more than 200 shoes of more than two hundred shoes, and more than a hundred shoes can even get it. Essence

May 23 and 24

The Jingdong platform coupons that have reached 299-80 can only be used on May 22, and it will not be reduced by 80 yuan after a day. On the 23rd and 24th, it will be 299-40. 20 % off with 2 doubles, of course, Rongma’s 20 % off vouchers can still be used.

Without me, I am afraid that everyone knows that buying two pairs at this stage must be lower than buying a pair of actual average price.

But I still have to calculate, I also take the new Japanese sandals, the original price 429*2 double*monthly star 8 % off coupons*Rongma 20 % off-40 = 509, the average pair of shoes to the hand price is 254 yuan, 0 o’clock on the 22nd- The single double double is 20 yuan.

Compared with the 22nd, the discounts on the 23rd and 24th have weakened, mainly because the amount of Jingdong coupons dropped from 80 to a decrease of 40. Therefore, I recommend that you buy shoes on the 22nd. Whether it is one pair or two doubles, it is more favorable, but if you accidentally miss the 22nd promotion, you still want to buy Yuexing. Order in time.

However, here to explain,

When the first two months of the month, there were 5 discounts after 5 orders were placed.

Because this time the discount is too strong, the price is too low. So this time you bought the previous main promotion, such as ninja models, don’t go to customer service, unspoken ~ please know.

Finally, I want to emphasize that each pair of shoe products in Jingdong Moon Star flagship store has a coupon entrance. The picture shows a screenshot of the computer web version. Essence

In addition to the 299-80 yuan coupon, you will find that there are coupons over 199-50 and over 159-30. If you just want to buy cheaper shoes, these small coupons receive it, and overlap again, and overlap again. Rongma’s 20 % discount coupons, more than two hundred shoes of more than one hundred pieces, and a hundred pieces of shoes can even get it, it is very cost -effective.

However, please check the use period of the coupon carefully. It is only available for 299-80, and it is only available for 22 days. After 22nd, it can only be used for more than 299-40 and 159-30. These two coupons can be used. These two coupons can be used. These two coupons can be used. The period of use is from May 22 to May 24. Taking advantage of the activity, no matter what time, hurry up and use the maximum discount amount during the settlement.

This time, JD.com ’s promotion is rare. Two pairs of 80 % off Rongma 80 % discount coupons are equivalent to 6.4 % off the shoes, which is lower than the first wave of 40 % off. It is almost the best discount in the first half of 2019 The price is the same, it can be said that it is a leak -type group, and you will never know if you miss the next luck.

After the group purchase, the moon’s moon shoes will no longer be grouped, and it is time to get on the shelves. Don’t miss it if you want to buy Moon Star.

After all, it is really the only one that can match Mikihouse but only half of Mikihouse’s half -Hisi Mi -Mi -Mi -Mi -made shoes. And the six new models this time are all Japanese, with abundant inventory, and the price is lowered to an unprecedented freezing point. Do not hesitate to be in need.

There is also a time to pick up and find people every afternoon and find people to organize groups. Hurry up at 0 o’clock on the 22nd. It is only less than 12 hours. Do n’t miss it if you walk through.

Pay attention to the WeChat public account of “Rongrong Mom Raising”, and reply to the keyword “20 % off” in the background to get a 20 % discount coupon exclusive to Rongma fans! Become a fan of Rongma, take you a piece of money to buy the best thing!