How much is the water password three -piece set of water password password facial care set prices

Water password skin care products are cheaper than ordinary Korean and Japanese skin care products, and the skin care effect is not bad, so

How much is water password three -piece set?

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Reference price: 109 yuan

Product Name: Wetcode/Water Code Fresh and Hydrostatic Gift Box

Whether it is a special use cosmetics: No

Listing time: 2011

Month: March

Efficacy: Moisturizing, moisturizing and cleaning pores deep cleansing

Specification type: normal specifications

Brand: Wetcode/Water Code

Facial Nursing Set: Fresh and Hydrostatic Gift Box

Skin texture: Any skin type

made in China

Square period: 3 years

How about water password water milk

水密码三件套多少钱 水密码面部护理套装价格

Water password water milk is relatively moisturizing, easy to apply, fast absorption, and not greasy, very popular with oily skin. All emulsions of the water password are squeezed pump heads, which are convenient and hygienic, and they will not waste. The water milk with water code is not completely mild, and many people use it with redness, acne, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to try it before using sensitive skin to avoid discomfort. #p#subtitle#E#

Different series of water passwords suitable

Water password red pomegranate new living series

Red Pomegranate New Living Series is suitable for people aged 25 to 40. Red Pomegranate’s new live series is mainly used for repair, tightness, suitable for rough and loose skin. The red pomegranate new series adds red pomegranate essence, which can improve skin aging, dull, rough, relaxed, soft and firming the skin, increase skin gloss, and keep the skin young.

Water password Snow Extraction Series

The Xueyan Crash Series is suitable for people aged 20 to 30. The Xueyan Crash series focuses on Huang whitening, which is suitable for healthy skin with whitening demand. The snow -saving series adds plant ingredients such as snow lotus, white ravioli, Poria, etc., which can help improve the dull complexion, brighten the skin tone, make the skin evenly clear, suitable for dull and yellowish skin.

Water password glacier mineral series

The glacier mineral series is suitable for people aged 18 to 25. The glacier mineral series is mainly used for water and water, which is suitable for dried young skin. The glacier mineral series can help the skin lock water while hydrating, concentrate the skin and dryness of the skin, and make the skin look moist and full.

Water password seaweed Yingrun series

The seaweed Yingrun series is suitable for people aged 18 to 25. The seaweed Yingjun series mainly uses hydration, helps the skin to maintain water and oil balance, and is suitable for young skin with oily skin. The seaweed Ying Run series can improve the dull skin and rough skin due to the lack of water, which helps fine pores and maintaining skin water and oil balance.

Water password Ocean Source Extract Series

The marine source series is suitable for people aged 25 to 35. The ocean source series is mainly moisturized and tight, suitable for fine -grained dry lines and relaxation skin. The marine source series can deeply moisturize the skin, help the skin to restore elasticity, fine skin, make the skin more young and light, and shows a delicate and delicate skin state.

How much is water password three -piece set?