What dumplings of Shandong people are rest assured? The latest sampling results are released

On May 30, the Shandong Food and Drug Administration issued the 23rd issue of Shandong Food Safety Supervision and Sample Inspection Information Notice.

山东人 哪些粽子吃着放心?最新抽检结果出炉

According to the “Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” and Shandong Food Safety Supervision and Summary Subsidies, recently, the Provincial Food and Drug Administration has conducted supervision and sampling inspection of festive food dumplings in the food circulation. A total of 34 batches of products sold by the province, all of which were qualified.

The list is here


Dangzi Supervision and Sample Examination Qualification Product Information

山东人 哪些粽子吃着放心?最新抽检结果出炉

The products for this sampling are dumplings. The random inspection basis is the requirements of GB7099-2015, GB2760, GB2762, GB29921 and other standards and product indication standards and indicators. Smooth test items include: peroxidation values ​​(with fat meter), lead (with PB), Sudan red i-IV, benzoic acid and its sodium salt (oxic acid) ), Sodium Sodium (with sugar sperm), sweetin (with a sulfonic acid mesonic acid sulfonic acid), An Saimi, aluminum residue (dry sample, AL meter), dehydrogenoetic acid, and its sodium salt (dehydrogenation with dehydrogenation Acetic acid meter), total colonies, colonobacteria, golden yellow bacteriococcus, Salmonella, mold, commercial aseptic and other items.

山东人 哪些粽子吃着放心?最新抽检结果出炉

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