Central Asian shoes and boots special specialty weeding: Clarks its joy Marcosedge casual shoes

Every day I work boring time to fight with Auntie Zhang. I want to buy what I want to buy.

中亚鞋靴专场特价除草:Clarks 其乐MarcosEdge 休闲鞋

For the Clarks brand for a long time, it has never started. It happened to be this event, over 999-500. The strength is still possible, and there are many new products in the season, and the number is relatively uniform.

Originally chose SAO (bao), but the hand is not your own code.

中亚鞋靴专场特价除草:Clarks 其乐MarcosEdge 休闲鞋

The color is very summer, but it is not easy to control this color. Usually, the silk is plain clothing, and the accessories are mainly black and white.

Finding a number of models finally found another color and a pair of inventory, and the color can basically be regarded as versatile.

中亚鞋靴专场特价除草:Clarks 其乐MarcosEdge 休闲鞋

The activity reduction is 500, which is equivalent to 50 % off the new product is still very powerful, and the order is decisively placed


中亚鞋靴专场特价除草:Clarks 其乐MarcosEdge 休闲鞋

Speed ​​up the order, and there is no number.

What I want to vomit is that the price of Central Asia is 1,000. Tmall’s original price is 1299. Who’s price is correct

The gorgeous cutting line is here

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~by~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~mar ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ent It is quite fast to be delivered.

In the morning, I received a call from the courier brother in the morning, and ran away to pick it up.

The packaging is quite strict

中亚鞋靴专场特价除草:Clarks 其乐MarcosEdge 休闲鞋

Bring an invoice, adding air vibration sac. Shoe box does not shake

中亚鞋靴专场特价除草:Clarks 其乐MarcosEdge 休闲鞋

The soles are a little thin, but the feet will not be too bad.

中亚鞋靴专场特价除草:Clarks 其乐MarcosEdge 休闲鞋

The maintenance instructions of the bottom of the sole are environmentally friendly PU. It is recommended to wear it once or twice a month to increase the PU molecular structural endurance

Essence For the first time, I know this material, and I do n’t know if it ’s the whole sole or partially used. However, the rubber at the bottom of the shoes is relatively thin, and the durability needs to be verified. There must be no adhesive to durable.

Ship design, simple and easy to match. Coupled with the gray matte skin you chose, you should be competent at work and leisure

中亚鞋靴专场特价除草:Clarks 其乐MarcosEdge 休闲鞋

The actual effect of the two live beasts was later. This model is designed in the spring and summer of 14, and it may look better with shorts in summer. However, Xiamen is not too cold in winter, and there should be no problem with a kaki pants. The first PO text level is limited.

中亚鞋靴专场特价除草:Clarks 其乐MarcosEdge 休闲鞋

PS: Aunt Zhang is at the end of the year, it should be given a year -end divide