40+ Women’s dressing, why is it beautiful? The personality of the seasonal wardrobe is worthy of tasting carefully

Wen: Luo Wei

Hi, I am Luo Wei, continue our fashion trip, and never get lost.

How do women around 40 build up early autumn wardrobes? At the invitation of some Wei friends, today’s protagonist is it.

For a long time, Luo Wei is trying to avoid the impact of “age” on dressing thinking, and does not want it to become a fashionable dress. The primary indicator of dressing is to first consider the [Temperament Body & Requirements], followed by [Style & Coloring].

The age is just a string of life numbers. It has nothing to do with dressing and does not have reference value. Of course, if you really want to be true, you are not good at maintaining and not understanding your own women, you will be portrayed on your face and reflected in the image.

But for loving yourself, I hope that the shell of [beauty] to sharpen you who pay attention to women, there is no need to hang age on your mouth and remember. Be sure to forget it and dilute it in order to be unobstructed.

Want to wear girls? It doesn’t matter, as long as you know how to reconcile, mix and match your temperament; do you want to wear neutral handsome? Just add the appropriate femininity; do you want sweet? Of course, come up from the corner of your heart sincerely …

How can we have a variety of changes and the possibilities of shapes, can it be about age? As long as you dare to think about it, you will dare to do it!

Just like today’s fashion sharing, it is a high -level mix and match that a mature woman dreams of. Elegant neutral, handsome and fashionable, high -level atmosphere


Early autumn personality wardrobe


What fresh highlights are there?

First: Gorgeous wind coat

This year’s top


The elements are full of wind, without age, sweeping all beautiful women. Young and beautiful girls, tried boldly, showing their chests, revealing their backs, and waist, I couldn’t wait to treat gorgeous as a clear sign.

For mature women, carefully holding the weight and size of it, for fear that a little overfire will affect the elegant image of years of hard work to maintain. The same popular elements are different. So, what are the styles of gorgeous wind jackets between sweetness and atmosphere?



Want to publicize low -key,



Always the first choice. Above it, trying to try any fashionable and popular elements without losing decentness. Conversely, the gorgeous style is also striving to make black more charming and charming.

The oversized neckline of lace lace has almost no sense of quantity, but there is still unstoppable vitality overflow. Taking the sweetness between the appropriate weight, there are not many, and it will be beautiful.


: The formal bag that is particular is the killer of a mature woman. With it, she appears and suppresss all vulgarity.


It is also good, less black and calm tension, more clean and relaxing. Reduce the sense of quantity of the collar lace, so that it is well attached to the small high collar, and the elegant sweetness is quietly released.

This is always matched with white jeans.



, I don’t hesitate to wear it casually, all of which are street scenery blockbusters. Black and white birds are good, rice brown dark pattern, classic elegant suit and them are all perfect match.


Gentle shirt

The most ultimate use of gorgeous wind elements is


A full top or shirt. Fine small prints, bubble sleeves, lace small high collar, soft fabric, and pumping cuffs, femininity everywhere.

It is inevitable that it is too greasy. It looks a little weak than it is cool. It takes a lot of energy to reconcile a gentle top to pick people and pick up. Fortunately, a simple



It is a wonderful product that uniforms it.



Relatively speaking, the intervention of lace -up and ribbon elements makes the shirts omnipotent. Big women and small women can get fashionable tension in its adjustable collar type. The color is not limited, the pattern is also available, the lace is thin or wide, depending on the design.

Big ribbon

The white shirt, naturally the light low temperature is colorful. Light green, light powder, and light blue are available, highlighting gentleness and reinforcement. A mink velvet jacket with obvious texture outside, keeps warm and fashionable.



Small high -neck shirt

When you need to express the gas field, Xiao Gao stands up his white shirt, which is just the time. Compared to common lapels, it is gentle and tough. Block the slender neck, and the majesty is naturally born.


The elegant small stand -up collar, picking necks, only suitable for slender long neck and small breasts. The skeleton is large, the chest is plump, and the face is thick and the neck is thick and short, please avoid. With a scattered long necklace, artificial manufacturing levels make up for loneliness.


Second: neutral jacket

The neutral jacket suitable for mature women may not have to be cool. Knowing how to filter some exaggeration and impetuousness, and keeping simple and powerful atmospheric silhouettes is the wise choice.

Baseball uniform

I have to say that the small round neck of baseball uniforms is the most coincidence. On the one hand, it is convenient to mix and match, and the other is gentle and humble. The unique beam hem and cuffs expressed the neutral unique and neat thoughts.

When choosing, you do n’t need complex decoration or patterns. The simpler the more simple power, the simpler. It should be paid attention to its matching

Two points

: 1. Female elements; 2. Personal enhancement. It takes a little tone to win the atmosphere.

These three sets are just confirming the two points mentioned above. Each set is full of British spirit, but it is delicate and gentle but everywhere.

Mix and match

It is the fashion mind to control baseball uniforms.

Black+gray blue; dark khaki+black wave dot; beige+brown, each with its own characteristics, wonderful models.


Sports Wind Beils


Compared with the elegance of baseball uniforms, sports wind jackets are inferior. but,

Cool personality

It is a symbol of its unique line. There are always occasions that it needs to be chic; there is always some mood to write it to it.

It has a match

2 routines

: One is to mix and match with feminine elements, create unintentional contradictions and conflicts, and let the tide and sweetness come to a fashionable brewing. Box skirts, printed skirts, all gentle items can cooperate with it.

The other is to match with leisure or neutral items. It is simply a cool handsome to the end. This style is more suitable for big and easy women, but please don’t forget to show about 10%femininity.

Rough flower coat

From Xiaoxiang, it is not limited to its naughty elegance ~

Rough flower

Fabric. The beautiful time in autumn is indispensable for its support. Especially in the early autumn, there is a certain heating thickness, and there is still a big school that has penetrated into the hearts of the people.


Don’t mention the rough flower jacket, the classic small incense wind emerges. It can combine the more handsome version to obtain the improved fashion new faces. The work style, suits, and even traditional large grids will open its refreshing unique effects.

Third: Chao Kuku pants

Even though pants are tens of millions, the only one belongs to autumn

Knitted fabric

The most pet. Knitting, soft skin, warmth and thickness, from micro -bullets to super bombs, let it be combined with sharp pants, showing a variable fashionable style.

Among them, the most common is casual sports pants, loose waist and drawing straps, loose waist and hips effectively modify the slightly fat body shape. The pants can be beamed and the leisure wind is biased with small feet. No one can be enemy!

The following 3 models are different styles of knitted pants, from leisure to formal, can you see their differences? Do you think it ’s very ordinary? After some matching?

From the surprise of color matching, to the personality of the bag, to the clever echo of the pointed high heels, no details have never been called random, and they are all carefully polished.

In addition to knitting,

Cooler leather

It is also one of the favorite fabrics in autumn and winter. Put it in the pants, let it make a wave of fashionable waves, cool and personality. When choosing, highlight



This is the key to wearing leather pants.

The classic wide and narrow radish pants can resolve the superficial skin of the leather pants, maintain a certain space with the legs, and there will be no cramped and shabby. With a delicate blue cardigan and white T -shirt, the elegant leisure wind protrudes, which is more suitable for tide cool leather pants.

The soft touch makes the teating of the leather has a wealth of extension and play. With less toughness and distance, the gentle and cool little angel is incarnate. In terms of style, it is even more surprising.


Loose sweater+narrow -leg leather pants

: Don’t hesitate, choose it as soon as possible when wearing a big sweater. The conflict of materials is not much, and this little cute contrast alone is also fascinating. Easy and cheerful, and have personality, who doesn’t love?

Same color

: In the formal workplace, beige leather pants can also play a different tenderness. Just one piece of the same color suit, the simple atmosphere is in one go, the same color embellishment of the beige accessories makes the advanced color of the same color raised instantly.

Sweater+leather pants

: Both leisure and cool handsome, the intervention of leather pants makes white casual sweater pay attention to a lot. You can wear them casual and formal, and reconcile with shoes and bags.

Fourth: Jiao Gong Red

Once a woman matures, Jiao Di’s red will inevitably become a good heart. Wearing red and green, it is nothing more than to catch the youthful little tail and take the wind to make waves. Catching the right is a fashionista. How to deal with red?


Not to mention red pants, if you must wear red, please come to an elegant skirt with a waist. In the appropriate area, wonderful style, and overwhelming sense, the red romantic style has been expanded, and vulgar disappears.

Of course, it must be a black sweater with it, and the red of the skirt must be dark and dark. Only Black and Hongzai is a wonderful drama. By the way, a pair of handsome Martin boots, do you want it? What do you say?

Classic red object

Red items, don’t be elected. Only by choosing the right classic style can you be safe. For example, the red -creekweight sweater, the basic model is selected, at least ten years. When wearing it,


It’s positive solution.


Other red bags, scarves, shoes and other accessories are small, the more popular and more exciting.

Fifth: Hundred Variable Set

Set, compared to a dress, there is no time to be. In the autumn and winter wardrobe, they are high -end items, which determine the richness of the level and the possibility of transmissions. Apply properly, adding bloom on the cake;

The common set of autumn sets is as follows:


Vest pants suit

There are generally two forms of vests and pants: small vests and long vests, and the pants are unchanged. The combination and style are completely different. The long suit vest+sharp straight pants below is the most suitable for changing demand in the season.

The shiny fabric and soft pink are very stylish, and they easily say the atmosphere and advanced. It is very light and luxurious, but it is worthy of being wearing or beautiful.

When wearing, you can wear endless glory and atmosphere, but also match it separately. With different colors and styles, you can enjoy the infinite charm of mixing and stacked. There is another advantage:

Sigh and thin.

In particular, with the same color of the same color, and then using the long vest to create a simple and neat vertical lines, this effect is not to say.

Not much to say, a pair of elegant pink pants, just it, is enough to earn enough fashion in autumn and winter.

Knitted skirt suite

Autumn and winter very common styles: loose sweater+narrow skirt, the color is not limited, the style is simple and clean, which can be worn alone, but also stacked and mixed. From top to bottom, it is gently connected into a piece, single but not boring, and the side split details are feminine.

Black, beige, brown, beige, or light blue, pale pink, wear it, warmth in the bottom of the heart.


Jacket pants suit

Hey, autumn jacket+pants, too handsome! When a set of wearing, it is domineering; when you match it separately, you will be loving. It is most suitable to be worn to describe a suit.

: Needless to say, when you wear it, please remember

Restoring feminine elements




Sixth: Long shirt

Shirt skirt, don’t think about it, at least one in autumn can be relieved. In the autumn of temperature mutations, it is not only a fashion battle, but also a sense of security. How can you not like the sweetness of the skirt and the sharpness of the shirt?

In terms of style, it uses it

Fabrics, details

Make different morphological changes. There is both a loose cover look, as well as a free and easy lapsee shirt structure, and more delicate small collar and waist strap curve silhouette.


When matching, turtleneck sweater, small foot pants, wide -leg pants are available, even if we wear it alone. Its fashion point is accessories, and it is often from this. Just don’t make stunning a scare.

The thick -soled sandals in the figure below make Luo Wei sigh from the heart: This is really the attachment of the Japanese style. As for whether it is good or not, she does not borrow it.

Well, the fresh elements of the mature woman autumn wardrobe have been shared. I hope to inspire you a little bit!

I am Luo Wei. I use image management as my homework that I have done in my life, and use a beautiful image and a beautiful mood to welcome the blooming every day in my life.

I not only share wearing, but also hope to help you establish your inner aesthetic system and spiritual nourishing system. Both internal and external cultivation are beautiful!

If you are confused, you can make a private message. Welcome to leave a message to discuss. We grow up together on the road of beauty and be strong together!