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When it comes to Japanese snacks, what do you think of? White lover, Riqing cup noodles, Youha candy?


If you are a snack lover, you may notice that the grass and recommendations of Japanese snacks on the domestic network have always been quite lively.


Imported snacks are full of flowers, and Japanese snacks have a magical power that attracts all ways to eat. Various ideas in the Japanese food industry often become a topic of talked about the domestic industry.

December 9th,


The Japanese snack website MOGNAVI officially released the 2021 Japanese snack awards award.

Since last year, MoGnavi will hold two best food awards in the middle and at the end of the year and the end of the year, and release the comprehensive list.

At the end of last year, FBIF released


Mognavi 20120 Japanese snack awards

It has received quite high attention, causing many readers to discuss and express their insights. We also hope that through continuous follow -up reports on this award, we will provide more creativity and thinking for the domestic snack industry.

01 mognavi Japanese snack awards


Japanese snack website is known as the “public comment” in the Japanese snack industry. In addition to the release of new information, it will also rank food popularity and word of mouth every other cycle. The users are mainly housewives and OL in their 30-40s. They like to convey the impression of food through the Internet.

MoGnavi’s 20121 Awards Awards are included

14 major categories, 92 sub -categories


From the cumulative comments from November 1, 2020 to October 31, 2021, Mognavi summarized 88,734 comments and aggregated 436,906 items. The selected products represent the highest popularity in their respective categories


In addition to the daily snacks, the awards also cover a variety of categories such as beverages, coffee, condiments, and convenient foods. We noticed that this year, the “Chinese cuisine” sub -category was added.

In this article, we will choose some of the special winning products of the Snack Awards and Square Categories of Mognavi 20121. Combined with product profiles and consumer reviews, some elements they have succeeded.

02 Elected to the Hall of Flower


The “Selected Hall of Fame” awards is to pay tribute to the first -place products many times. This year, a total of 4 products were successfully selected. (No ranking)

NO.1 Star Food Yiping ん Nightclub fried noodles

This fried noodle is mainly composed of salty noodles and rich sauce. With egg yolk sauce inside the packaging and “egg yolk sauce nozzle”, it is easier to apply. Other ingredients are original, mixed with sauce slices, sea lettuce, black pepper and other ingredients. The colorful and delicious mustard yolk sauce is well received by many consumers.


NO.2 Bourbon thick chocolate Browni

This product adds chocolate coatings to Brownie, so that the soft Brownney has a crispy taste, the taste is slightly bitter, and it also has a small amount of whiskey, which reduces the sweetness of chocolate Brownney.

No.3 ohayo Jersey milk pudding


This is a milk pudding cup with a rare and strong taste of Jersey Milk. It is painted with two layers of cream on the pudding. The texture is delicate and smooth. He has won the second place in the 2020 Best Food Award Pudding Group, and the first place in the best food award pudding in 2019.

NO.4 Li Jinchuan burned cream ice cream

After thawing this cream ice cream, use a microwave oven or oven to heat and eat it for snacks or breakfast.


Outside is a soft dough made with unique formulas, which contains crispy ice cream and Nichirei cream that is instantaneous, forms a contrast of texture and taste. He has won the first place in the 2020 best food award dessert.

03 Comprehensive Department

NO.1 Fuji “rural lady” chocolate biscuits


This product is a strong chocolate biscuits, which uses chocolate as a coating, which adds chocolate tablets and chocolate debris, which is suitable for adjusting the mood when learning or tired. After opening, each small portion is packaged independently, with different character illustrations on it. He has won the second place in the best food award in 2020.

4 kinds of nut biscuits of No.2 toHato Salty series


New biscuit products of the ToHato Salty series, with the crispy taste as the selling point,

There are four kinds of nuts (tonsils, coconuts, hazelnuts, and Australian nuts) to the biscuits, and then add French rock salt to season. It maintains a balance in saltiness and taste, suitable for afternoon refreshments. He has won the first place in the best food award in 2020.

NO.3 Sanguang “Persimmon Seed” Meiguo Rice Cake

Persimmon species is a rice -making snack in Japan. This product is made of persimmon planting into snacks, suitable for snacks and afternoon tea. It has a sweetness and the aroma and sourness of the plum. At the same time, the taste of the plum is complemented by the bean sauce -flavored persimmon species, which is addictive.


04 Subtime Class

1. Best Chu-Hai (wine): Sanchali Horoyoi series

Chu-Hai is a pre-tuned alcoholic beverage category with Japanese characteristics, which is made of Japanese shochu and soda. Horoyoi Chu-Hai, launched by San Deeli, is moderate with a moderate sweetness, with a degree of 3%. At the same time, it has the taste of vitamin carbonated drinks. It is an easy-to-drink alcoholic drink.

The three selected models are cream soda carbonate, Horoyoi Schwabita Sour, and summer lychee.

2. Best wineless fine wine: Sanchali without alcoholic citric acid beverages


Citic acid non -alcoholic drink is a new brand. San Deli adopted the “citric acid original manufacturing method” for the first time. It wraps the aroma of lemon in non -alcoholic beverages and condenses the flavor of shochu into non -alcohol extracts to allow consumers to enjoy it. The delicious citric acid.

3. Best beer: Kirin Spring Valley Dongyang Army 496

This is a handmade beer produced to pursue the delicious beer. The number of alcohol is 6%, which is characterized by handmade craftsmanship, with delicate and soft foam and the mellow malt aroma that spreads in the mouth. In addition to being a sense of orthodox beer, the novelty packaging design is also eye -catching.

4. Best wine: Mercian Sanglia sour wine x orange

This is a carbonated drink of Sanglian wine, using 350ml cans, 6%alcohol. The special thing is that the special orange juice is added, and the spice or sweetener is not added to highlight the original taste and aroma of the juice. The overall taste is strong and slightly astringent.


5. Best Cup Noodle: Riqing Food Cup Noodle Series


Everyone is familiar with Riqing’s cup noodles. There are four products selected this time, including pepper tomato, shrimp tomato cream, Hokkaido milk seafood noodles, chicken southern buckwheat noodles, and the taste is relatively unique. Among them, milk seafood noodles are winter models, and Hokkaido milk powder is added to seafood soup.

6. Best Speed ​​Soup: Misujiajiale Cup Corn Cream Soup

This quick soup launched by Weisu can be poured into hot water and enjoy the warm soup immediately. He has won the first place in the best food award in 2020.


The product is mainly made of Hokkaido fresh corn raw materials. It is made of a lot of sweet corn and milk, and the taste is smooth and rich. New ingredients such as crispy homemade bread, butter fried onion and other new ingredients set off the flavor of corn.

7. Best fast food: Sun Qing Curry Rice


This is a cup curry rice that can be used for microwave heating. You only need to add hot water to enjoy anytime, anywhere. It has the aroma and sweetness of fried onions, the slightly acidic sourness of the tomatoes and the umami flavor of beef, and add spices such as cinnamon and cloves as rich and balanced.


8. Best Skin Gum: Lotte Green Gum

This is a mint green gum launched by Lotte, which uses a new packaging design. Green glue is made of the best first mint. After fresh processing, it brings a complete and rich flavor of mint.


9. Best Credaka: Fuji “Rural Lady” chocolate cookies

This chocolate biscuits won the first place in the comprehensive department of the best food award, and it has been introduced earlier.

10. Best Fudan: Bourbon fine noodle stripe series series


The shape of this kiwi -flavored fudge is like Italy’s niche powder. It has a slightly hard elasticity to chew, which is very fun. The kiwi concentration juice and kiwi seeds are added to the ingredients.

11. Best potato chip snacks: ToHato Vano umami pods

This is a 100%pea snack. By adding garlic to the hidden flavor of butter and chicken, it creates a delicious flavor to enhance bean. Contains 5 small bags for easy consumption.

12. Best Xianbei: Sanguang “Persimmon” plum rice cake

This is a snack made of persimmon, with the sweetness of soy sauce and grain, as well as the aroma and sour taste of plums. Won the third place in the comprehensive department of the best food award.


13. Best crop candy: Yizi Japan CLORETS Relax Movies Series

Yixi Japan launched the crusher candy series, including mint flavors, scent of orchids, and lime mint flavors. The relaxed tablets are larger than ordinary small films, fresh and delicious, and chewy.

14. Best Chocolate: Younesses BlackThunder Chocolate

This is a coating chocolate biscuits. Black cocoa biscuits and hard biscuits have chocolate coating. The biscuit matrix is ​​full.

15. Best Nut: Yakai Food Camoi Soft Almond

This almond texture is soft, with a slightly soy sauce flavor, and has the flavor and texture of dried almonds. Based on the enhancement of diet and health awareness of low carbohydrates, almonds are being re -attention in Japan. The birth of this product is because the brand wants to eat this type of almonds for more age groups.

16. Best Potato chips: Calebi Grass Series Series

This new product is released this year, using the original “Jagarico” process. The sweet potato flour was rubbed into the bottom of the steamed sweet potato, allowing consumers to taste the sweet and crispy original flavor of sweet potatoes.


17. Best Candy: Youha Uha Moan Sugar San Nong Milk 8.2

Yaha’s Tongtong Milk Sugar series is also a best -selling product in China. The selected Chinese domestic milk has a strong aroma, and the packaging is changed from plastic to paper.


18. Best Ice Cream: Mori Mow Prime butter & cream cheese

The MOW PRIME series is created for those who want to enjoy the “luxury sweet time” in daily life. It is made from the strict Hokkaido cream cheese into a strong cream cheese ice cream with a large amount of sweet biscuits, which is particularly salty and butter.

19. Best cake: Tatou Food Orange Cream Puff


Among this orange cream puff, a lot of cream, egg milk, etc. are added, and it tastes full of milk. The price is also relatively affordable, which is very useful for cream lovers.

20. Best jelly: Tarami × Lidon tea jelly (mixed fruit)

A fleshy pure tea jelly developed by Tarami and Lidon. With a strong aroma Liton black tea solution and three kinds of fruit (oranges, pine trees, apples) carefully selected, you can enjoy the refreshing sweetness of black tea aroma and fresh fruit at the same time.

21. The best quick -soluble coffee: Nestlé’s golden mixed series deep coffee


The Gold Blend launched by Nestlé is a mixed coffee series that positions the quality of “coffee coffee”. It uses fine grinding roasted coffee beans to maintain the taste while maintaining high -quality aroma. The black design is also visually bitter, more astringent, and deeper than gold.

22. Best tea drink: Kirin raw tea


The PET bottled green tea drink sold by Kirin is also more common in China.


23. Best Latte: Mori Mountain Dairy Mount Rainier Series


The coffee drink combines the two flavors of the classic and popular “Mocha coffee” and “Kabucchino”, including the three models of concentrated latte, sugar -free latte, biscuits and cream, containing rich chocolate and cinnamon taste.


24. The best is drinking coffee: Costa Costa Black Coffee


A black coffee launched by Costa Costa has a strong, fluffy coffee aroma, and has a moderate bitterness and fruit flavor, with nuts.


25. Best fruit juice: Kirin Okinawa salt salt litchi drink

This is a “salty taste hydrating” anti -heat -proof drink launched by Kirin. It adds the Okinawa specialty sea salt using traditional production methods to bring out the rich aroma and delicate sweetness of the seasonal litchi.

26. Best Su Dingshui: Asahi Welkinson Charcoal Black Series

Citrus oil is added to the soda water, which is rich in fruit -rich flavor, while maintaining the unique strong carbonated stimulation of “Welkinson”. It is a strong carbonate with lime flavor, which is very suitable for refreshing in the morning.


27. Best Cocoa Drink: Nagoya N.Y.C.D New York Chocolate Drink

This product has a strong but bitter chocolate flavor and can be mixed with milk. For chocolate enthusiasts, it is a difficult chocolate drink.


28. Best box of tea: Ito Garden incense tea

This tea uses the “Ecological Baking Ecological Baking” process, which brings a stronger aroma without destroying the core nutrition. In addition to the six rows of wheat with fresh aroma, the sweet “two barley” is also mixed, creating a sweeter and more fragrant taste.

29. Best milk protein drink: Meiji ZABAS milk protein 0 fat series

Meiji milk protein drinks mainly contain a variety of vitamins, 0 fat, including honey lemon, strawberry, cocoa, yogurt, banana and other flavors.

30. Best Health Sports Drink: Okasuka Pharmaceutical Bao Mining Power Water Special


Baojin Lishui is one of the long -term best -selling series in sports drinks. It is an electrolyte drink that can help restore the balance of body fluid.

31. Best Healthy Beauty Beverage: Jiangqi Gree Gaoming Effect Series

An almond milk, which does not use milk ingredients, is made of almond milk, including caramel, sugar -free, and original. Carameter has the sweetness and bitterness of caramel.


32. Best Su Daza Water: Sonyong Lanzong Soda Water

The new product “Moriyong Ramune” is a kind of drink that reproduces its taste on the basis of Mori Yong’s dessert. With glucose, you can enjoy a refreshing taste.


33. Best lactic acid bacteria drink: Asahi Kerbin series


The product is added with fresh cream and blueberries. The sweetness of blueberries and the unique sour taste of Kerbisbisbi are rich in taste and easy to import.

34. Best solid drink: Weisu AGF thick milk tea

A cheese milk tea that combines cream cheese with fragrant black tea and strong milk. When pouring in hot water, it will foam and drink moderate sweetness.


35. Best vegetable drink: kagome vegetable life 100 apple salad

“Vegetable Life 100” Apple salad is mixed with 20 kinds of vegetables and 6 kinds of fruits. While absorbing a large amount of vitamin C and calcium, enjoying the refreshing sweetness and aroma of apples is a drink that can easily supplement vegetable nutrition.

36. The best semi -finished cakes: Maru Gong Yu Cake Pavilion Zun Da Mo

Pour the product into the plate, add a tablespoon of hot water to stir, and adjust the sweetness and salts according to the taste, you can make hemp or ice cream. The raw material uses the rough grinding edama bean paste, which uses the original flavor and taste of the edamame.


37. Best simple cooking: Close the chicken lord crab flavor Yuzi burning

A kind of powder seasoning, you can easily cook the crab stick fried egg rolls after adding the eggs.

38. Best seasoning: Saraja Lacanto S sugar granules seasoning

0 sugar 0 card, using a natural sweetener derived from lacanto. The product is slightly natural brown and has a flavor of brown sugar. The sweetness will not change after heating. It is suitable for any dishes, coffee, drinks, making candy, sugar -free yogurt, etc.


39. Best salad chicken: AMatake salad chicken cheese

A chicken breast product, the meat is softer and humid, does not contain pork belly, and is also suitable for children. Use of Carse cheese with both acidity and richness, which has a uniform cheese flavor.


40. Best 0 sugar noodles: omikenshi Pu Run sauce noodles 0 sugar series

Omikenshi has launched a lot of staple staple products with control card control and 0 sugar. This general noodles have two types: soy milk and chicken salt flavor. Under the premise of low calories, it meets the user’s taste needs.

41. Best pasta: Toyo Aquatic Pills Fragrant Fried Noodle Series


Maruyama fried noodles are a classic best -selling product. Steamed noodles and powder sauce are prepared in the packaging. Users can use the refrigerated vegetables in the refrigerator at any time to match the cooking. The flavor of the powder sauce is relatively strong, and even a large amount of vegetables will not make the fried noodles fade.

42. Best cheese: Sixty -level butter qbb apple cheese dessert

A fruit cheese dessert, which contains Fuji apples in Aomori Prefecture, has a crispy taste.


43. Best Yogurt: Hokkaida Dairy HOKUNYU Fruit Salad Yogurt

HOKUNYU fruit salad yogurt single cup specifications of 130g, including orange, pineapple, white peach, grapes, and large pieces of large pieces of flesh strictly controlled standards. You can even dig out the entire petals. Essence

44. Best soy milk: Turtle armored soy milk drink series

Turtle Wanjia is a well -known soy sauce company in Japan. It was founded in the 17th century and has rich experience in making soy products. In 2017, the development of soy milk beverages began to make some interesting innovations for taste.


For example, chance is the taste of Indian milk tea “chai” with spices. It is characterized by a gentle sweetness, with flavor of spices such as cinnamon and ginger. There are also two types of watermelon soy milk and caramel soy milk.


45. Best tofu product: Asahiko tofu stick


A small packaging tofu stick, which is said to contain 10g of protein each, has a lighter taste and is more biased towards health needs.

46. ​​Best milk drink: Coca -Cola Japan Ayataka Cafe Matcha latte

The bottle of drink launched by Coca -Cola mixes matcha with latte and milk, highlighting matcha granules and taste, with a mild taste and a faint fragrance.

47. Best Grain Food: Riqing Cisco Gorotto Granola Oat Mercy Series


The two of them were selected for the award -winning chocolate nut oatmeal and 60%sugar whole bean oatmeal. In addition to soybeans, black beans, oats, blue beans, etc. are also added to make it crispy.


48. Best sweet bag: Pache Pausco Pausco large amount of raw cream bread


This frozen bag is wrapped in bean paste in a moist and fragrant bread, and a large amount of fresh cream is added. The cream is frozen and the texture is hard, but it will melt quickly after the entrance, and it is also moderate in sweetness.

49. Best balanced nutrition food: Okasaki Pharmaceutical Calorie Mate Block cheese flavor

Caloriemate is a energy supplementary food brand under the Nakasuka Pharmaceutical. Its product packaging is only marked as “Balanced Food”, which is very concise, but it is inconspicuous, but it is very famous in Japan. The selected Block series is a bar cookie sold in two or four packaging.

50. Best cooking/microwave rice: kagome sugar -like risotto

This meat sauce is made of slow -boiled meat sauce and strong soybean cream, which can be heated in the microwave oven. Rice is made of 100%sticky Japanese glutinous rice. The content of carbohydrates is equivalent to 2/3 cup of white rice.

51. Best frozen dessert: Cold melon bread on the island bread

A sweet melon bread that is rich in cream needs to be thawed and heated after thawing.


52. Best Chinese cuisine: flavors frozen dumplings

Japan’s Tasuko is one of the top ten food companies in the world and has also operated in China for many years. This quick -frozen dumplings can be easily cooked in the fried pan without refueling or water.


53. Best frozen noodles: Kinrei Chinese ramen

There are two products selected for the award, one of which is a cooperative product with the “Henggang Ramen” with the popular ramen store in Kansai. It can be easily cooked in the pot without adding water. The characteristic is to make thick soup with pork bones and chicken bones, so that the ramen soup has a stronger taste.

05 Some enlightenment that Japanese food brings us

According to Ai Media Consultation data, the scale of my country’s leisure snack industry in 2020 has reached 1120 billion yuan.


Last year, the three squirrels made the first A -share leisure snack brand with a revenue of 9.794 billion yuan. And this number is less than 1%of the total scale of the snack market. It can be seen that the market is large, and every brand has the opportunity to become a giant.

Today, domestic snacks, imports and domestic competition, traditional brands and new consumption PK. Facing the problem of low threshold and homogeneity, how the brand avoids the trap of “new and new”, improving the repurchase rate of product and consumer stickiness is a matter of thinking.


We can learn from some concepts from the classic best -selling cases of Japanese food. For example, the most often discussed is the user experience of Japanese food.

There was a passage on the Internet: “In Japan, yogurt does not need to lick the lick, seaweed is always crispy. Eating fried chicken will not stick to oil.

Although it is exaggerated, it is enough to see that Japanese food brands have enough intentions in user experience. It is this subtle carving that has successfully constructed the emotional connection between the brand and consumers.

For example, Meiji, a century -old chocolate brand,, has launched the Meiji almond chocolate, which is known as the king of chocolate world. It has won the Japanese almond chocolate market sales champion for 15 consecutive years.


In the 1970s, Meiji launched the two rural style chocolate snacks of “Mushroom Mountain” and “Bamboo Shoot Village” through the grasp of the cultural and ideological changes of Japanese social social and ideological changes. Not only was it well received, it also triggered the 40 -year -old “mushrooms” and “bamboo shoots” disputes between the Japanese people.

On the surface, a young and long -sized brand is that the product is constantly pushing out and the deep motivation behind it.


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