Loreone carbon fiber riding shoes fit the buyer’s foot through 3D printing

According to foreign media reports, the more professional the professional riding shoes, the more the wearer’s leg movement can be effectively converted into wheel movement.

This is the role of carbon fiber Loreone shoes, because it customizes 3D printing and provides accurate fit for each buyer.

Loreone was created by American startup Lore and cooperated with the Olympic venue bicycle athletes and elite bicycle coaches Colby Pearce. It is a kind of shoe -free pedal shoe aimed at road bike riders, which means that it mechanically couples with the mechanism on the plywood at the bottom of its bottom.

Buyers first scan their feet at home with Lore’s Morphic iPhone app. The data is then sent to the company, where it is used to guide the customer’s shoes to print. Do not use molds during the continuous carbon fiber 3D printing process. Lore CEO Stephan Drake told us: “This is the first and only consumer product in this way.”


The main body of the shoe produced is called a custom carbon fiber air frame (CAF), which is composed of the back side and the metatarsal side (upper and lower parts). Each time we wear shoes, they will be locked around the user’s feet. In the CAF, a cushion cushion made of polyurethane and regeneration polyester, and a hook buckle fixed zone.


The finished product was transported to the customer, and the client selected the insoles of Shimano, LOOK or Speedplay for installation. In order to guide the positions of these insoles and subsequent adjustments, the position of the first and fifth metatarsal bones of the wearer has been marked at the bottom of each CAF.


According to LORE, due to the accurate cooperation and hard carbon fiber, the user’s feet do not move inside the shoes when stepping on, their energy will be transferred more to the bicycle’s transmission system. The lattice structure of CAF also makes it very breathable, although the shoe does have three types of lids in order to use it under cold or humid conditions. Drake said that the weight of a pair of No. 10 shoes is about 270 grams (0.6 pounds).

LORE is now receiving pre -order for the initial “founder kit” version. This version will be launched at 277 pairs at a price of $ 1,900 per pair. General supply and large -scale production will begin early next year.