Increase the fashion of men, choose these three styles of sterling silver rings

Some people think that the jewelry is only exclusive to girls. Boys are too “ladylike”, which is very wrong! In fact, the ring originated in ancient Egypt. At that time, the male rulers had the habit of wearing the seal representing the wealthy and the wealthy. Ancient fingers have different work. Later, it gradually evolved into jewelry, and men and women were worn.

Xiaobian found that most men do not often wear rings because they did not find a suitable style. Most of the rings are divided into two styles: text ring and inlaid ring. Among them, the simple atmosphere of text ring is very suitable for men. The editor also summarized three silver rings that are suitable for most male friends style. See which one is your favorite!




Refers to Zen, the six -character mantra

There are text precepts in the Qing Dynasty in my country. The six -character mantra on the ring usually represents religious beliefs or warnings on its own, and always does not forget the principles of belief. This style is very suitable for mature men, and it can show more and deep charm.



Tianyan gentle and elegant, frosted wide face ring


The ring is designed with a wide surface, and the atmosphere is simple. Men’s wearing can show its clear knuckles and long fingers, adding masculinity. The scrub surface is different from the bright surface. It is more low -key and exquisite, which can show the style of men’s unwillingness and calm gentlemen.



Cool youth, personality hip -hop ring


For young male friends want to show their personality and show themselves, so it is more suitable to wear a hip -hop ring with a strong design sense! You can choose the domineering dark bat, tiger noodles, wolf noodles and other styles, or to create a form of alphabet hollow, etc., put on it, you are today’s Cool Boy!

Rings have been symbolic since ancient times, so its method of wearing is very particular. According to Chinese habits, the engagement ring and wedding ring are worn on the middle and unknown fingers of the left hand; if they are unmarried, they should be worn on the middle or ring finger of the right hand. If male friends care about, you can choose according to your own situation when wearing!

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