The hot “thick sandals” in summer, comfortable and versatile, and fashion bloggers are wearing

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The types of clothing are diverse, and the style of the shoes is the same. Different shoes are suitable for different seasons, and different styles are also suitable for different clothing.

One of the most pleasing shoes in summer is of course the second to none.

But as far as sandals are concerned, there are many types of its types. Among them, thick sandals are one type, which is very comfortable to wear. And there is not much difficulty to match it, and the girls who like them can choose freely.

I have to say that the fashionable and beautiful “thick sandals” are comfortable and not tired, especially suitable for sweltering summer.


Each sandals have different silhouettes, whether it is color, style, or material.

And thick sandals can’t escape this frame. Its different styles and different wear shows a different sense of fashion.

Types of thick sandals

Coarse sandals refer to the setting of thick straps on the upper,

It looks more comfortable and comfortable to wear to wear


, But it also has a different style. There are also various types of girls. Girls who don’t know much about them can take a look together.

1. High heel thick sandals

The coarse sandals designed by high heels are probably very popular,

It looks taller

Essence It will also grow more slender leg modification, and it will look very elegant with a suit or skirt.

Bring a strong ladylike temperament

Essence Whether you are incarnation in the workplace or as a daily upper body, you are very decent. This kind of dress has great temptation for mature MMs.

2. Thick heels and thick sandals

Like the thick -heeled sandals with fine heels, it has a sense of fashion to modify the femininity. It ’s just that it’ s more comfortable to walk on the road. If there is still a waterproof platform design, the feet will feel more comfortable.


With a small shirt or a loose skirt, the overall dressing looks chic. Of course, the dress or casual trousers can also be easy to fight with it.

3. The fish mouth thick sandals


The thick sandals of the fish mouth are also a very feminine sandals. They quietly reveal a few toe on the toe, which looks more frying. If you apply nail polish again,

Will be more sexy and enchanting

, Put with a dress, a strong ladylike at a glance at a glance. If it is matched with the atmospheric wide -leg trousers, it will look strong.

Create a full queen style.

4. Slipper -style thick sandals


Using slippers designed thick -band sandals, many lazy cancer girls especially like it.

It is very comfortable and convenient to wear and take off

Essence And in terms of matching, it is also relatively simple. You can switch freely in skirts and pants.

Wearing different fashion styles, all kinds of occasions are like fish.

5. Curdone sandals with square heads


The rough sandals designed by the square head have a strong retro atmosphere,

It looks very elegant and generous to wear

Essence This kind of square head is thick sandals, and the comfort of wearing will be a little more comfortable than the toe, which will not squeeze the tip, so that there is more space in the tip.

Add its comfort.

6. Holding toe thick sandals

Choose a coarse sandals designed with a clamping toe,


Fashion, simple and casual sense


, Like this thick sandals, the whole shape is a bit like the silhouette of wooden crickets,

Very novel and unique


Essence This style is generally matched with casual clothing. The overall feeling will look more casual, creating a different trend tone

, It looks very brilliant.

7, thick sole thick sandals

The thick bottom is thick sandals, and the feet feel is quite good.


It is comfortable and generous without losing beauty

Essence This kind of shoes look a little bit of sex, and it is the love of neutral style and simple style girls. With a dress or short hot pants,

You can wear different fashionable styles

What about the upper body in summer?

8. Cingard head with thick sandals

This coarse sandals design can be more slender and more slender.

It looks good

Essence If it is designed in a flat bottom, it will look more casual, and if it is a high -heeled shape, it will interpret women’s taste more perfect.

Wearing skirts, out of the street, or other scenes, you can easily wear your unique style.

9. Solid -colored coarse sandals

Pure -colored coarse sandals, fashionable, simple and generous,

It also looks very simple and capable

Essence In this way, the solid color is also more popular with the girls. It is relatively simple in its matching.

Elegant lady’s temperament full score

, Create casual pants, and wear a free and comfortable taste, how to wear it depends on your preferences.

10. Round head with thick sandals

Round -head design thick belt sandals,

The comfort of wearing is also quite high

, Combined with the design with a little heel,

Make your body taller

Essence With a casual suit suitable for girls in the workplace, with a sexy suspender and suitable for daily life with the streets, and different items to create a different fashion taste.

11, fine heel thick sandals

Bringing sandals with thin high heels,

The style of the goddess of temperament is exposed to the fullest

Essence Wear the body that sets off the body more tall and tall. This kind of high -heeled coarse sandals are used to match a dress dress to allow you in some party scenes.

Easily become the focus of the audience.

The color of thick sandals

There are many classifications of thick sandals on the color. Different colors bring different visual sense, and combined with different items will also show a different trend.


1. Black

Black is the most classic versatile color. It is not effortless to match. It can get along with any color. Black -band sandals use black tones, which is also unexpected. The degree of popularity is also evident. The girls who like it, hurry up and try.

2. Purple

Purple thick sandals, color tones are a very noble color,


It can set off the foot type fair and soft.


If it is a high -heeled shape, then the elegance of a woman is also stronger. If the shape of the flat bottom,

And the leisure and unruly sexy will deepen a little.

3. White

White is also a very classic color. It can’t be worn out, and the white -tone coarse sandals are also more suitable for hot summer wear. How to match it casually,

You can wear a simple, fresh and elegant taste

The loyal powder of this color is also superior.

4. Green

Green ribbon sandals,


It is very healing in summer,

And it looks more fashionable to wear. Small fresh nature taste, nature presents,

It is very comfortable to see at a glance


Essence With different clothing you like,

Declarier your tennis style, romantic and beautiful.

How to wear thick sandals

Most of the thick sandals are followed by routine,

To show a different trend and tone

Essence Bringing up with different items can interpret different fashion tastes.


1. Clee color thick sandals+contrasting dress

Solid -colored coarse sandals,

Simple and generous and very versatile


, Together with the dresses of contrasting color stitching, the shades of color tone are one, creating a distinctive visual sense.

It looks very elegant

Essence The skirt body uses a slimming shape to create a slender and slim figure.

Amazing lady.

2. Coarse band high -heeled sandals+handbags

Belt high -heeled sandals, sexy femininity is well known,

It looks charming again to wear

Essence With a exquisite handbag, it looks more ladies, get along with the dress,


The rich femininity taste is fine at a glance

This way of dressing is also particularly liked by many women.

3. Coarse sandals+suits

Brewd sandals and suit jackets have a sense of workplace OL. In the suit, in the suit,

It looks more fashionable with a small shirt and half -bodied hip skirt.


This style of wear is very popular in the workplace and daily life.


4. Coarse sandals+skirts

The thick -heeled thick sandals, stylish, simple and generous, matched with a skirt,


Elegant and very feminine

Essence The tight band of the upper body can modify the slender figure,

Highlighting the enviable A4 waist

Essence Before carrying a delicate cross -body bag, it seems to have a sense of layering,

Have a good three -dimensional sense.

The hot “thick sandals” in summer,

Comfortable and versatile, not tired,

Fashion bloggers are wearing. These fashionable and simple thick sandals, fashionable and elegant,

And casual casualness,

Various styles are dizzying. Combining with different clothing items, wearing a different fashion trend style, it looks beautiful and eye -catching out of the street.


Easily create your exclusive beauty.