Lin Zhiling, Rihanna, and GIGI’s wool slippers in summer are not only hot, but also cool.

Do you still remember the Fenty Puma Rihanna wool slippers in the entertainment industry?

They have recently returned to the rivers and lakes again.


The style and appearance have not changed, but just changed the vest. The four colors of the original “black and white powder gray” were abandoned, and light blue, lake green and pink purple were used. (The color is too girl’s heart)

Dolce & Gabbana, who has always taken the luxurious style, also launched a slightly exaggerated Mao Dragon version in the autumn and winter 2017.


Valentino is booking the early spring market in advance ~

▲ Human characters are also a little novel ~

At least this proves that the popularity of wool slippers will not be attenuated until 2018. Should I start a pair of wool slippers now? Sister Sister’s answer is: should.

But what style to buy is a problem!

Because the styles of slippers are so many, the tricks are very complicated. If you don’t pay attention, you will step on many thunder pits! These pit stepped on one of them, super embarrassing!

Dakeng No. 1: long hair slippers


Embarrassing: cleaner to pay tribute to you

After buying this kind of slippers, you must be a respectable person. There is a sincere heart that wants to reduce the workload for the road cleaners.


Because many people think that long wool slippers are like pier and brooms.


▲ Gucci 2015 autumn and winter series

Sometimes, there is a bit like hair, such as President Trump’s head hair ~ Hahahahahahaha


Sister Zhiling was very bold and once passed through this long hair dragging. It is for the sake of shooting magazines,

Otherwise, you will go out to clean the street.

Most long hair slippers are not so exaggerated. But even if this kind of long -haired slippers may occur, the problem of gray may occur.


This kind of wool slippers should wait and see from the side.

If the plush on the side is very long, it is already over the sole, and no matter how beautiful it is, it must be given up immediately.

▲ Turn around the road, and catkins are brought home.

Conversely, the length of the hair is just a qualified sole ~


Like Givenchy,

The hair edge of the edge of the shoe is the best choice!

Dakeng No. 2: Light color hair

Embarrassing: just become dirty as soon as you wear it

Light -colored clothes are not dirty. So close to the ground, of course, the hair and hair slippers that are often exposed to dust will certainly not be spared.

The dirty plush is more difficult to take care of it than the dirty fabric.

Introduce an INS celebrity named Konnie Metaxa. At first glance, this street shot is so beautiful. There is no problem.

Put on another Konnie Metaxa PO map, have you seen the difference?


Do you want to choose light -colored hair drag? Babies

In addition to pure light colors, you also need to pay attention to this kind of colorful name, and the essence is still light -colored hair drag.


They are also not resistant to dirt. Fantasy sweet slippers may become a dream haze color in a week …

Black wool slippers will not make mistakes. Although Feenty Puma has several colors of hairy slippers, Rihanna loves to wear black!

Whether you are a nine -headed body like Gigi or a five -headed body like Kardashian, black slippers live in minutes!


Of course, if you feel black monotonous, dark green and wine red can also be considered. However, there are no wild drags in other dark hairs ~


Dakeng No. 3: “Long” hair on the soles of the shoe

Embarrassing: others ask you not hot

Compared with the above pits, the number 4 pit is relatively stuffy, which is not suitable for summer. The long -haired slippers of the sole can only be left for a short -term autumn that is not cold or hot.

Sister If I used to buy hair with hair on the soles of the feet.


In winter, you can’t wear it. If you wear it in autumn, the weather will be cold as soon as you wear it. As for the spring and summer seasons, the weather is slightly hot, and you will feel very hot.

And because of stepping, the plush on the soles of the feet is easy to fall down, and it will collapse over time.

When you go to other people’s houses, you may even be embarrassed to take off your shoes.

so awkward!

You see this

Short -haired suede noodles are easy to step out of the seal, and the long hair is easier to collapse!

Like Miu Miu, a light -colored slippers with soles of shoes, let it live in the photo!

If you really want to buy slippers with hair with hair, Gucci Mueller Drag is still recommended. It has a sole that is not long hair, and there is hair on the side of the shoe ~

Dakeng No. 4: Mao is too expensive


Embarrassing: Mao slippers are also expensive, you can’t afford it!

Sister If Sister visited several well -known e -commerce websites, including Net A Porter, Farfetch, SSENSE, etc.

The price of wool slippers is not capped, and two or three thousand yuan is considered a general level.

For several e -commerce websites, my sister has seen the cheapest pair of more than 600. In fact, the original price of FENTY PUMA’s hairy slippers is also nearly 600 yuan.

However, because it is too hot, adding a few hundred yuan to the original price may not be able to buy it. If you buy it, it may be a copy …

And in the mentality of scientific research, the IF sister carefully studied it, and the conclusion was–

Mao slippers with price below 1500 yuan are almost all environmentally friendly artificial synthetic hair feathers.

Compared to the real animal hair, Sister IF recommends everyone to try artificially synthesized hair. After all, even fur is advocating human fur.

The pair of big eye cute slippers I bought some time ago are also made of artificially synthesized plush. The price is only ¥ 168.


If you are not sure if the wool shoes are suitable for you, or you want to try something new, or you are a baby who loves heels,


You have to look at the big eyes.


The little friends around them were under the strong Amway of the sister, and they started to see their actual experience ~



I won’t be tired for a long time


The slippers are very comfortable ~

Environmental materials EVA is soft and breathable!


Don’t worry about sweating the soles of your feet in summer!

The thickness of the 3cm of the cute slippers is just right. It is a great benefit for people with short legs!


Hin’s legs are long ~


The toe and bow of the toe and the inner bow on the soles are particularly great!


Properly relaxing toes also make people have enough support when walking without tired feet ~ It is okay to walk for a long time. There is no feeling of soreness and tightness of the foot muscles. The more you pass through love ~

After going out for a long time, there was no wear.


This is due to the heat plastic rubber where the soles are stressed at the forefoot and heels, so that the shoes have good shock absorption and non -slip and wear -resistant.

Indeed, as Sister If said “very resistant” ~


Full of face value, comfort and workmanship


It just went to the face value, so there was nothing to say about the value of the face!


If you like it, the street shooting is absolutely trendy at all times ~

Just look at the surface and material, I think it will be sinking,

But when I got it up, I found that it was super light. Such shoes were worn for a day, and my ankle would not be tired!

The arc of the heel and the outer side can just play a fixed role ~ Prevent children’s shoes that like to launch on the shoes, and the feet are on the shoes.

In the furry place, the great touch, the embroidery of the eyes is also good. After a lap, it seems that after the thread has passed, another circle has passed with glue.

Don’t worry about any issues in the later stages.

@月 月 月


It is light and fluttering, not stuffy or hot

It will have a little taste when I just receive the goods, which is normal. The fluff on the upper is a place where everyone is widespread. I took a closer look.

The internal fabric of the fluff is breathable. So some friends can completely abandon the sultry psychology, because it really won’t.

The overall shape of the soles of the sole is very good, and it will feel very fit when you step on it. It feels really brisk when wearing this lap. The thickness of the sole is moderate,

Make people in the walking feel that it will not feel tired at all.

Because the feet are fat and really hard to buy the right shoes, let alone look good to wear.


This slippers are relatively loose,

Foot fertilizer is not afraid of feet bones! Because I look a little smaller after putting it on

It looks adorable. It’s just two strokes!



Don’t blew, it is more comfortable than the flat -bottomed cold drag I wear at home

Prior to this, I only knew that the bottom of the slippers had cloth and rubber, but these pairs of EVA environmental protection materials+TPR anti -slip soles! My mother is no longer afraid of the slippery I wear ~


What is more intimate is that the shoe body is undulating, especially the raised support on the front of the feet to provide support!


Those who often wear flat shoes should know that the flat hard shoes will be uncomfortable. This slippers are really designed by conscience.

@bia’s inertia is particularly large 117181

Slippers are very good and fashionable

I am more concerned about the thickness of 3cm and the feeling of hairy.

The form of high 3cm heels and slippers will not show short legs because of flat bottoms.

Overall well -deserved fashion slippers.


The second is the foot feeling. It is slightly softer than ordinary slippers, elastic, and the foot feels very comfortable and light. There are non -slip patterns at the bottom, which is generally worn.

Brush the buyer show, always allows the sister to raise a sense of satisfaction.


Little admire your good vision, and thank you for your trust ~

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