The knowledge point is here. Are there any attention of the “nail sets” of the ladies?

In many court dramas of the Qing Dynasty, it is easy to see some distinguished concubines wearing some beautiful and exquisite handicapped jewelry on their hands. The Manchu clothing style similar to cheongsam is closely related to cheongsam. The Manchu lady combed two heads, and the hair buns extended upward; high -bottomed shoes with a thick four or five inches held up their feet; the cuffs of the coat were horsed from the horseshoe -shaped back of the hand; Harmony and unified decoration.

In “Zhen Huan Biography”, the concubine wears nail sets

Leaving nails is a symbol of identity. Because it is not convenient to work with nails, it is usually a scholar or a rich and rich person to leave long nails. Except for flexible and unlimited thumbs, the rest of the other fingers are You can wear it, you can wear it symmetrically, or you can wear it with one hand or single finger. The nails of the Queen of the Qing Dynasty and the concubines include gold, silver, jade, jade, copper, enamel and other materials. The decorative methods such as hollowing out, flowers, and inlay are used. Filling, the back is mostly carved, and rarely seal the plug.


Bai Baiyu Nail Set


There are many indexes in the Qing Dynasty, and the production is more delicate. Most of them are made of gold and silver. With the growth of the nails, the length of the finger protection has also increased significantly. In the portrait portrait of an American painter collected by the Palace Museum for the Empress Dowager Cixi, Cixi’s hand is wearing gold. The long nursing fingers made of jade.

Clear silver carved flower pattern nail set connecting silver carving flower pattern round box


The most enthusiastic about the nail sleeve was the Empress Dowager Cixi in the late Qing Dynasty, and her love for the nail sleeve was far beyond her predecessors. The Empress Dowager Cixi of the Qing Dynasty had a few inches of fingernails and wearing nails inlaid with jewelry to protect. According to the Rong girl who is a maid around Cixi, Cixi’s nails have more than one inch, which may be about two or three inches long. Before you go to bed, put on the nail set made of yellow satin, and change to the gold and silver nail set during the day.

Usually, after washing her face, soaking her hands and arms for her queen mother, she would brush and soak her nails for her. The rounded jade bowl larger than the tea cup is hot water, and the nails are softened first next to the order (because the long nails love the curved). Brush the nails and outside, then apply the nail polish with the tube tube evenly, and finally put the nail set made by Huang Xunzi. These nails are carefully made according to the thickness of the fingers, and the length of the nails is carefully made. It can be said that they are all art.


In the late Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China


Lafayette has a small box herself, saving a set of tools for repairing nails: small knives, small cuts, small crickets, small brushes, as well as long -hook needles, mules, and field snail boxes. Foreign tribute. Nails are divided into nails and tube nails. The thumb belongs to the nails. When repairing the thumb, it must be fixed into a horse’s belly. The ring finger and the small finger belong to the tube nails, which must be fixed into a semi -circular tube shape. Nails are thick, hard, bright, and tough, which is a manifestation of a strong body. If the nails are signs of deterioration and yellowing, they need to be cured.

Qing dual -bat holding life golden nail sleeve