Black shorts+cotton cardigan+V -neck vest, generous, will you learn from?

Black shorts+cotton cardigan+V -neck vest, generous, I will learn from it. The vest+shorts are a classic match that is never outdated. The beauty in the picture shows long legs wearing black shorts, which shows feminine charm. The V -neck vest reveals beautiful collarbone, exquisite and charming. Good thin effect, but there is no clothes to cover the arms and shoulders, and it is easy to expose the shortcomings of the figure. , Show extraordinary fashion taste.


The beautiful woman combed the low ball head, put sunglasses on her head as a decoration, and brought some free and easy -to -free in the laziness and leisure. It feels that it can not only modify the face shape and the face is small, but also block the direct exposure of the sun to play a good sunscreen effect. The silver necklace on the neck is exquisite and dazzling. It is elegant, the color is low -key, and the style is consistent, making the overall shape more vivid and harmonious.

Her black shorts are handsome and fashionable. The holes and edges on the legs of the trousers add fun, reflecting a unique personality. The vest with V -neck design can eliminate the neck lines, showing softness The swan neck looks more elegant, and the hem has a translucent lace lace. The pattern on it is very delicate and high -level. The lace comes with a sweet and lovely atmosphere. It is full of youthful vitality. Women of all ages, the length of the vest just covering the crotch, can modify the figure and show a narrow role. The cardigan and vests are all white, which saves the troubles of color matching, and the white is clean and clean. It is purely more highlighting its own temperament, and it will not be obtrusive to match with any style of clothing, and ordinary people can easily control it.


I will learn from this generous dress. If you like this kind of match, try it.