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On the 14th, the 2021 14th Yantai International Spring Tea Industry Expo and Zisha Ceramics Tea Aesthetics Exhibition, hosted by Yantai Ya Xiong Exhibition Co., Ltd., officially opened in Yantai International Expo Center. According to the introduction, Yantai International Tea Expo has been held in 2010. In 2021, I experienced 12 years of depositing, and has developed into the most influential and authoritative professional tea fairs in Jiaodong, and the national trade exchange meeting will be used.

The reporter learned that the total exhibition area of ​​this exhibition has nearly 20,000 square meters, lasting until the 17th, last 4 days. A total of 800 international standard booths are set, attract more than 500 companies from many provinces and cities such as Yunnan, Guizhou, Fujian, Guangxi. Ad Hoc 8th National Theme Exhibition Area: Brand Tea Exhibition Area, Country of Origin Tea Exhibition Area, National Green Tea Exhibition Area, Yixing Ziha Exhibition Area, Boutique Ceramics Exhibition Area, Tea Crafts Exhibition Area, Red Wood Collection Zone, Theme Activity Exhibition Area, the general public must come Go shopping, absolutely worthless.

Extreme Iceland, deeper impression

This year’s tea fair, a good brand of good tea, no matter whether it is retail, wholesale, joining or agency, enjoy the special custom-made activities of the manufacturer, and may only have this opportunity for 1 year. Yesterday, the reporter came to the Tea Expo to tasting one by one.

There is a saying in Yunnan: “The first heart of the world Pu’er tea first heart is the latter”. The frozen tea is unique, and the tea is fragrant. It is fast and lasting, and it will leave a deep impression after drinking. “Icelandic impression” series of Icelandic tea and its series products are favored by consumers at home and abroad, like Yunnan The citizens of Pu’er tea must come to the “Icelandic Impression” booth to taste.

荟萃全国茗品,给力特价优惠 快来烟台春季茶博会现场逛一逛

Three Hexi Fort Tea, I am not forgotten the taste

荟萃全国茗品,给力特价优惠 快来烟台春季茶博会现场逛一逛

Lift Liubao Tea, many tea friends will think of the Sanhe Liubao Tea in the Zhangzhou Tea Plant. Sanhe Liubao Tea as “China Liubao Tea Symbol Brand” is deeply loved by the majority of tea friends. It has a special betel nut, the longer the quality, the better is also known as “the antique you can drink”; its four features: “red, strong, Chen, alcohol” also makes the tea friends to forget . He Communist He Qin, the head of the booth, said that this tea fair, Sanhe Liubao tea is also minimizing the offer, and quickly come to the product.

荟萃全国茗品,给力特价优惠 快来烟台春季茶博会现场逛一逛

Unique cheongsam, beautiful

As the only cheongsam booth in this exhibition, you gathered a lot of love for beauty to try to buy. Ms. Sui Yun, the head of the booth, said that she did a cheongsam business for more than ten years. The store is located in Zhenhua Luoming Commercial Center, Laushan District, sold from the six leading companies in Hangzhou, not only high, but the style All, it is more tailored. This exhibition is given a large discount, and it will be sold 8% off.

Zhu Jingming inheritance people Zhu Jingming visited the scene

Zhu Jingming is the court ceramics expert in China collectors, and the excellent inheritors of China ‘s intangible cultural heritage, Jingdezhen enjoys a prestigious ceramic world – Zhu Gong kiln in the fourth generation inheritor. Over the years, he has always maintained an immersion state of artistic creation. Under the self-cultivation of the independent spirit of the ancestral artist, he tried to figure out the artistic tension and aesthetic ideals of “many tears”. Out of national spirit and China.

The exhibition, Teacher Zhu brought a precious work such as many unfounded foods such as a moon, and Yantai citizens can enjoy purchase discounts.

荟萃全国茗品,给力特价优惠 快来烟台春季茶博会现场逛一逛

Zisha pot “虎 藏龙” debut

This exhibition, the national purple sand craft master Zhang Aizhen made by Zhang Aizhen, was sought after by many purple sand lovers.

At the exhibition, according to Zhang Aizhen’s female Wu Chao introduced, “Winhu Hidden Dragon” is not revealing, tiger is New, domineering, opening the pot chassis dragon style, swallowing the cloud, echo the theme. The work is full of fullness, and the flying will take advantage of it. Small bend, and coordinate symmetrical coordination. San Ding is standing, full of power is full of strength, and has a god rhyme.

Mao Shengli Tea, famous Southeast Asia

Liu Bao Tea is coming, and is listed as one of the national famous tea with its unique “red”, it was the earliest popular in two wide regions, and the Chinese who were far away from Southeast Asia took them out of the country and became Southeast Asians. Popked tea in the tea. Yinhong’s soup is known as “China Red” in a tea bowl. “

Nowadays, the mother of Mao Bao Tea, “Liubao Tea”, the mother Soviet, inheriting innovation, so Liu Fort Tea is prevalent in China, and the work is indispensable. Zhang Zun, the head of the tea fair, Zhang Zun, the head of the Ma Ma, said that this time brought seven six fort tea brands, the scene discount is very strong, and the merchants who want to agents Liubu tea are also welcome to come.

荟萃全国茗品,给力特价优惠 快来烟台春季茶博会现场逛一逛

“Golden Flower Tea”, drink healthier

In 1939, the Hunan Bai Shaxi Tea Factory of Hunan Construction Plant has been ancient in more than 80 years. It is one of the famous tea treasures of the ancient and modern China and foreign countries! Tea is a journey, Bai Shaxi people pick tea, tea, follow the tradition, find hope, and create their own black tea.

The tea fair scene, Wang Dongsheng from the vice president of Yantai Tea Association Black Tea Branch, told reporters that Bai Shaxi black tea specially launched a “Golden Flower Tea”, Golden Flower Society of Crown Prusted Fungi, is Anhua Black Tea The unique strains are the only protective strains listed as secondary confidentiality in the national tea world. In the past, only the millennium ganoderma lucidum was accidentally found. “Golden Flower” is very helpful to human health, is known as gold in black tea, very precious. Some tea products in the booth buy one get one free, and there is an old old tea scene, and friends who like Baishaxi black tea must do not miss the opportunity.

Wu Chaolong boutique purple sand “good pot does not fall hat”

“The pot is tilted 90 degrees, the pot can’t cover it, it is a good pot.” Exhibition scene, senior craft artist Wu Chaolong said. According to reports, Wu Chaolong is particularly obsessed with purple ceramic art, and as always, the pursuit and continuously feel the true meaning of purple sand pottery, often exchange creation with the pottery master, and the essence of each school, the artistic personality is one, with superman imagination and Breakthrough, do a good job of “good pot, no cap”, further prove the essence of its work, friends who like Zisha, must come to the tasting, and make friends with Wu Master.

Chinese tea, specializing in food tea

China Tea Co., Ltd. is a member of the world’s top 500 China Food Group Co., Ltd. (COFCO), is a national professional company established after the founding of New China. It is an unlaguable leader in the Chinese tea industry.

Yantai Yu Shanzhong Tea as a first-class distributor in China Tea Yantai, Weihai region, adhering to the company’s philosophy, with the full understanding and profound understanding of Chinese tea, and concentrate on the lumen of the people, promote Chinese tea culture.

The exhibition Chinese tea makes everyone sixburg, white tea and Pu’er various kinds of tea according to the demand for Mid-Autumn Festival. Buy two get one free, and there are 100/2 boxes, 100/4 box specials tea brings you, providing everyone with the rest of the people. At the same time, it is also for Yantai, Weihai Region sincerely, and welcomes friends to come to consult and purchase.

“Yantai Tea” quality evaluation competition was successfully held

On the 14th, “Gu Yu Project, Yantai Tea Cop Special Action” and the first “Yantai Tea” Quality Evaluation Competition in the 14th Yantai Tea Expo stage event area.

Under the advocacy of the Shandong Tea Society, the event was hosted by Yantai Agricultural Rural Area. The Yantai City Tea Society is committed to promote green development of the northern tea industry, guiding Yantai citizens to healthily drink tea. The vice president of Yantai City Tea Society said in an interview that there are tea production in the counties in Yantai, and the activities within the range of smokers, the professional review points, that is, to the public with Yantai Tea Concentrated, it is also the industry promotion of Yantai Tea. The city of Haiyang, Lai Yang, is currently growing in the winter, and the emerging tea industry in Fushan, Penglai, Zhaoyuan and other places has also developed rapidly. “Shengshi Chinese Tea, Co-drinking, Water”, promoted the development of tea industry, is the direction of our tea industry workers.

There is a Ding Yaxuan in the event, and the Yu Tea Garden Teahouse brings green tea brewing skills to the public, and invites public to taste. The tea review activities were reviewed by five national grades, and will raise the gold medal, the silver prize, the quality award and issue certificates.

Hold your ID card + health code, online registration, safety

荟萃全国茗品,给力特价优惠 快来烟台春季茶博会现场逛一逛

In this exhibition, the organizing committee actively did the preparations for exemption and control. Always keep the anti-prevention security, put all participants, the safety and health of the audience in the first place! Therefore, this exhibition, all visiting viewers need to hold ID card and health code, measure the temperature, and register online. Online registration, please pay attention to the official WeChat: Yaxion Tea Expo.

荟萃全国茗品,给力特价优惠 快来烟台春季茶博会现场逛一逛

May 14th – 17th, Yantai International Expo Center, looking forward to your visit! Tel: 13335012258

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