Are these “long -sleeved retro collars” that you are looking for next?


Summer is either a T -shirt or a shirt. At first glance, it is boring. However, smart men will inevitably know how to tap the wonderful inside.

It is said that the shirt is not bad, but there are actually many changes in the facts to adapt to different styles of use.

The most direct is the collar type.

Except for the most traditional and formal closed collar, everyone knows that in recent years

CAMP “Little V -neck”

More and more popular.

The open CAMP collar is not as good as the neat and serious closed collar. It liberated the men’s neck in the summer, bringing a more lazy and leisure atmosphere, which is very suitable for men to “heat” in hot weather.


Of course, everyone knows the Hawaiian shirt.

But Ye Zi is not here to introduce it today.

The Hawaiian shirt is absolutely “summer”, but in fact, in the eyes of many people, it is by no means so easy to control, not only because of complicated prints, but also its short -sleeved structure. Sometimes it also makes men wear too much. “Put the waves”.

In contrast, if a man wants to wear a more qualitative, and does not want to be so hot, the leaves are more recommended to choose “

Long -sleeved CAMP collar


Why is it more suitable?



The long -sleeved CAMP style has converged a lot, unlike the “casual” when matching the short sleeves of the Hawaiian shirt and the small V -neck. With a certain degree of restraint, it has a certain decent feeling, which is suitable for most men’s absolute absolute Most use



Secondly, compared to ordinary long -sleeved closure, the CAMP collar is still more comfortable and free, so that the shirt look has a cheerful taste.

Moreover, this long -sleeved CAMP collar will mostly use the soft and breathable artificial silk material like Hawaiian shirts, etc., even if it is long -sleeved, the breathable comfort is not low.


Not only can men wear it, but not to increase the burden of hotness

Essence So, who is not exciting?


Below the leaves have selected a few brands of long -sleeved CAMP shirts to see which brands of styles, and the best way to save your summer style?

Recently, if you want to buy a shirt, please collect these shirts to “become handsome passwords”:






Speaking of shirts, maybe most people in China will not notice Camoshita.

However, the characters behind this brand believe that everyone is familiar with it. It is founded by the famous Asian gentleman Yakita Kang in 2007. It mainly produces classic men’s clothing brands such as American ivy.

Although the buttons collar shirt is the more classic Ivimo clothing, but the long -sleeved shirt of the CAMP collar has become a very distinctive single product of Camoshita.

The brand’s shirt is the same as the style of the Kazakhstan people. The classic is eternal, calm and quality, with very obvious Asian characteristics.

As a men’s clothing brand, Camoshita interprets it with customized and delicate thoughts. Whether it is cut or fabric, it can be called a high -level quality assurance. It is not highly cost -effective, and the price / performance ratio is excellent.

Camoshita’s long -sleeved CAMP collar shirt is mostly the style of re -engraving in the 1960s.


The style is relatively retro, and they are good at matching various striped patterns. The overall feeling is not too old.

The reason is that Camoshita has changed the color and silhouette design. Although it is traditional stripes, the color matching is soft and natural. Various fresh neutral hue transforms the calm vision of the stripes, making the low -key escape and exquisite. You can wear a man’s elegant tone, but it will not be excessive.

Secondly, Camoshita’s long -sleeved CAMP collar shirt cutting kung fu is more inclined to Italian style.


The overall improvement of the shorter contour also makes it extremely easy to adapt to the figure of Asians. The square structure is very strong and has a strong sense of leisure. It belongs to a more easily and practical cut style.


Combined with the diversity of its color schemes, the shirt also shows a strong sense of motion and leisure. While the version of the lines is clean, it will not give people a sense of restraint. The modern atmosphere is obvious.

At the same time, Camoshita’s shirt fabric is also chic.

Because of positioning in the middle gear, Camoshita’s fabric is not luxurious, but it pays special attention to skin -friendly and elasticity. Multi -cotton, artificial silk, and wool linen fabrics are used.

For men who enjoy the style, they can make us wear relaxed and comfortable, and they also have basic texture support.


Gitman vintage


Many people are more familiar with Gitman Vintage. They are a retro branch of the famous shirt manufacturer Gitman Bros. The main thing is the retro CAMP collar shirt, but it is actually known for its universal Hawaii short sleeves.


In contrast, long -sleeved CAMP collar shirt is not a wonderful style of gitman vintage.

But thanks to the Gitman Bros, it blesses the brand’s unique fabric technology and manufacturing process. If you want to find a durable “long -sleeved CAMP collar”, Gitman Vintage naturally can be regarded as an excellent option.

Gitman Vintage’s long -sleeved CAMP neck shirt style is not as rich as Hawaiian shirts. Most of them are classic stripes or plaid styles.


It can be the same. Most of its classic elements color schemes are also soft and clever. The delicate color of the exquisite match will not be too rigid. It can also show a vibrant young dynamic in the retro atmosphere.

Compared with the above Camoshita, Gitman Vintage’s workmanship may not be as good as, but the high -profile high -profile fabrics make it impossible to underestimate it.


On the whole, Gitman Vintage’s CAMP collar shirt is generally loose and straight, but on the basis of this, the brand also separates two structured styles.


The first is


Straight edge

Like the Camoshita mentioned above, the version is more square and sporty, which makes people feel very relaxed.

The second type is that although the overall is still loose and straight, the hem has added obviously


Curved change

This is the style of gitman vintage based on the foundation of French shirts.


Although it still does not belong to the formal shirt category, the overall French shirt is matched with the CAMP wide -collar design, which also injects elegance and mature atmosphere into its retro style.

In addition, the Gitman Vintage shirt is very elegant. This is where it is more special because the brand uses the silk blend fabric.

This material not only feels soft, has good hanging, and has outstanding luster. Although soft, it is not easy to shrink and deform. It is a “practical” summer shirt material.

Gitman Vintage uses it as the material of the CAMP collar shirt, which undoubtedly fits the style of the shirt itself.





Monitaly is not a special shirt brand, but a Japanese brand focusing on American retro culture. Various types of reciprocating military products are its most famous design.

But Monity’s CAMP collar shirt is also very good.

Long -sleeved CAMP collar shirt is called in Monitaly

Milano shirt

It is a American military -style shirt in the 1950s


Gabardine shirt is a prototype. After changes in Monitaly, it has less nostalgic atmosphere and becomes more minimalist and extreme.

Open collar and chest bags


The intensive processing design corresponds to the sense of power and structuralness of the prototype of the shirt.



Compared to ordinary long -sleeved CAMP neck shirts, Monitaly’s version is longer and wider, and it is easier to make people feel the fashionable and minimalist.

Unlike other brands, Monitaly’s long -sleeved CAMP neck shirt only has solid colors, mainly black and white.

Although I ca n’t feel such a rich style and enthusiasm here, the designed version of the brand has faded the surface decorative elements, but it can make us more pure style feel.


In particular, Monitaly is made of 100% silk material, and the elegant style of the show is more outstanding, with lasting softness and silky texture.


Wacko Maria


In contrast to Monity, Wacko Maria is the more “arrogant” one.

Whether you want to experience the unrestrained wave of Hawaiian shirts on the long -sleeved CAMP shirt, or to avoid being unable to control shorts in Hawaii, but also want to “excellent” in hot weather, Wacko Maria can definitely satisfy you.


WACKO Maria inspired by music and rock culture such as Thunder and Rock is exclusive to “bad men”. Even long -sleeved CAMP collar, its style of passion and romance is not lost to short Hawaii at all.

And relatively speaking,

Long -sleeved printing is better than short -sleeved printing

Frankly talk about the shirt process. Wacko Maria is definitely not extraordinary, but the good fabric quality with a very personalized printing element can easily mobilize the style and emotions of men in the summer.


From the simplest stripes, wave dots, to tropical islands, to exaggerated Oriental elements, Old Shcool, all of them are strong and bold, are all men’s strong sturdy tones.

The above is the long -sleeved CAMP collar shirt brand introduced by Ye Zi. The open collar type is braking with the long -sleeved version. It allows men to wear free and comfortable. The existence of good style and fun.

And different shirt brands have different styles of style, which is even more exciting.