MDUNK youth can move basketball rack (0182H) assembly and experience records

1. The reason for starting

In May, I would like to ask the king’s football interest class to ask him if he was willing to continue to play football. He said he still wanted to play basketball. Thinking of the bites of his and basketball, about 2 years old, I raised him to the highest on the basketball court. He still held a big basketball and could not cast (small strength), crying particularly sad. At the age of 3, he likes to play shooting machines in the playground and play well. Later, I bought him a small rebound at home, and the freshness became a debris. In early June, he went to the mall with the king, and he saw a standard No. 5 basketball. Seeing that his body and strength improved, I decided to configure him a basketball frame, otherwise the basketball was also bought in vain ~

2. Selection process

Decathlon is also the first choice, but it is very expensive.

What is the size and weight of B200 Easy?


-Dita (cm): 80 x 53 x 15

-Pir (centimeter): 3.8 (diameter)

MDUNK 青少年可移动篮球架( 0182H)组装和体验记录

-Rebound (cm): 80 x 48 x 2.3

-The basket size (cm): 35 (internal) / 38 (outside)

MDUNK 青少年可移动篮球架( 0182H)组装和体验记录

-The box (cm): 80 x 60 x 20

MDUNK 青少年可移动篮球架( 0182H)组装和体验记录


MDUNK 青少年可移动篮球架( 0182H)组装和体验记录

-Alvailing (kg): 14

-Pelaced (kg): 71

MDUNK 青少年可移动篮球架( 0182H)组装和体验记录

-Datopae capacity (ascending): 57

What ball should you use?

The size of the basketball depends on the age and gender of the user.

Children’s basketball: 1 to 3.

Girls and boys under 10 years of age: No. 5 Ball: Girl over 10 years old, and a 10-12-year-old boy: No. 6 Ball:

Boys and adult men over the age of 12: No. 7.

If you need a very durable basketball, select rubber balls. If you want a good basketball, leather or synthetic leather is an ideal material.

When using B200 Easy, we recommend

No. 5


MDUNK 青少年可移动篮球架( 0182H)组装和体验记录

Take advantage of the 6.18 event, I bought an ordinary basketball rack on a certain east (MDUNK children can move the basketball rack 0182h).

3. Installation

The installation process is also a parent -child interaction.

Simply unpacking

Strict packaging

The king is too excited, and when the pipe is connected

In fact, the Nets were not packed, and I found out that it was wrong.

Installation experience: Although the basketball rack is simple, I still read the wrong drawings many times. It is estimated that the old eyes are fainted, and I can only understand the instructions of the low and young version.

4. Experience

MDUNK 青少年可移动篮球架( 0182H)组装和体验记录

In the room, a small test shoch on the balcony at home (no photo)

Outdoor, I chose a basketball court that has few people

IKEA’s bags are equipped with flood control sandbags for weight

Moment of shot

Go again after a few days

MDUNK 青少年可移动篮球架( 0182H)组装和体验记录

Prepare “Launch”

This shooting posture, I will be able to change it slowly in the future, 2W ball

5. Principles of parent -child sports activities

MDUNK 青少年可移动篮球架( 0182H)组装和体验记录

1) Time node: According to the characteristics of children’s age and personality, if they are investing, they must also give “opportunities” to contact a certain type of movement.

MDUNK 青少年可移动篮球架( 0182H)组装和体验记录

2) Overall planning: For the timing of exercise, the subsequent skills improvement expectations, the energy and cost of investment need to be briefly understood, try to achieve the initial parent -child interest cultivation, have the momentum of cultivation, and gradually increase investment.

MDUNK 青少年可移动篮球架( 0182H)组装和体验记录

3) Interest judgment

· Small input, see interest, see talent

MDUNK 青少年可移动篮球架( 0182H)组装和体验记录

· China investment, see persistence, depend on skills mastery

· Continue investment, watch the ceiling, and experience the cruelty of competitive sports