Such a new Chinese -style Chinese style furniture bed, beautiful shape, elegant style

In recent years, with the development of the economy, the new Chinese -style mahogany furniture has become more and more sought after by people, which is enough to explain the important position of Chinese traditional Chinese style furniture that carries traditional Chinese culture and integrates modern fashion elements. Several new Chinese -style furniture styles that are very represented by everyone are beautiful and elegant. Is there something you like?

Tianyimei Mama Mangoshima New Chinese Furniture Double Bed Big Bed Villa Furniture

1. New Chinese mahogany furniture style large bed: Pin crown · Generous bed (backbone back)


1. The design inspired by the ancient crown, describing beyond everyone, living in the first place. “Pin Guan” is named.

2. Shan is Ding, water is wealth. The wide and thick bed screen gives the master’s sense of security. The meaning is back in the back. The continuous water wave pattern penetrates the entire bed screen, adding a little vivid. The meaning of wealth is rolling.

Tianyimei Family New Chinese Furniture Mahogan Big Bed

3. The word “Pin” LOGO is the manifestation of the brand and the representative of the owner’s noble identity.


4. Red, has always been a representation of celebration and love for life. With the local embellishment of Chinese red, it shows a noble and gorgeous gas field.

5-1. Installation of the bedside installation is convenient to use

5-2. The comfortable bedside bag allows the owner of the busy day to relax and read books.

5-3. The storage bed box is more neat and dignified to the entire home space

5-4. The bedboard adopts a thin mattress, warm in winter and cool in summer

Second, the new Chinese mahogany furniture style big bed: moral and big bed


1. The design is inspired by the ancient official hat chair. It is designed from the left and right to look up.

2. In the middle of the shallow carving process, it adds a bit of softness to the bed screen. Avoid rigid and rigidity of the bed screen, and properly highlight the tough and tall and upright decoration, rigid and soft. The meaning of wealth is not enough, and the descendants will continue.

New Chinese fashion mahogany double bed

3. The matching bedside tables are flat and stable, dignified. The design of the two pumps is also very practical. The rounded corners prevent bumps. The legs of the bedside cabinet are from thick to thin, with aura in stability.

4. Cancellation of the bed screen is accustomed to a soft bag design. The black rosewood with staggered texture shows the front of the eyes, simple and natural. The so -called “clean water comes out of hibiscus, and naturally carved”, which is beautiful.


3. New Chinese mahogany furniture style large bed: taste · shelf bed

Tianyimei Family New Chinese Villa Furniture Mahogany Bed

1. Design inspiration is taken from the classic Chinese four -pillar bed. The shape is simple and beautiful, and the style is elegant.

2. The bed screen design is a highlight of the bed. The design of the grille and window flowers above. This inner design connection makes the furniture increase the visual transparency, and it also has a Chinese ancient and elegant taste.


3. The bed screen leather soft bag and pull -off design make the soft bag full and the three -dimensional sense. The improvement of Victoria Blue gives people a strong sense of visual impact. The bedside cabinet handle handle hardware, exquisite and practical, the matching of metal and wood complement each other.

New Chinese -style furniture mahogany shelf bed

4. Because the four pillars are very secure even if they sleep, they can sleep very well. The window mantle can be designed by itself. The four different bed veils are customized, namely green, yellow, orange, and purple. In different seasons, different bed veils are replaced with Romantic feeling to the bedroom space.


Fourth, the new Chinese mahogany furniture style big bed: character · big bed


New Chinese -style furniture villa furniture bed

Clean, elegant, dignified, stable, exquisite, not publicity is the character of describing people. As a person, the original intention of designing this bed is to give it to these beautiful qualities, so the name of the name is large.

New Chinese Furniture Club Furniture Bed


5. Pinye · Big bed combination

1. On both sides of the bed, the ears, the ears are great as a symbol of blessing and longevity.

2. The bed screen uses a sewing process, which is unique and charm.

3. The bedside cabinet is inspired by Ding, and Ding is the representative of my country’s bronze culture. It is a witness of civilization and a carrier of culture. At present, Ding’s shape is mainly used to symbolize auspiciousness.