TCL builds a full-time smart home – “Small T small t, playing TV on integrated stove”

Source: Economic Daily

For Chinese consumers, smart home is no new vocabulary, and major merchants compete for smart home from not stopping. However, after years of development, there are few types of intelligent single products, and there are few integrity solutions. “2020 Intelligent Home Industry Research Report” shows that only 2% of consumers use the whole house smart home system, 94% of consumers are still using intelligent items, more than half of consumers believe that different brand product compatibility is hindered The main factors they use.

Who is capable of doing a whole house? At the 2021 China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo, the Economic Daily reporter found that Haier, Changhong, TCL and other home appliance companies have launched a set of smart home products, and they are equipped with screens on washing machines, refrigerators, integrated stoves. Distributed entrance. These devices can not only achieve intelligence of home appliances, but also introduce more rich value-added services into home scenarios.

“Small T small T continues to play TV on the integrated stove.” The scene explains the person to the reporter, while describing various types of usage: “Dinner is coming, but the movie has not been finished, cooking in the kitchen and can’t take hands Use the remote control. Just call the ‘small t’ voice assistant, you can continue watching on the screen of the integrated stove, so that the time is no longer boring. “

This is the “Spirit of the C12 full set of AI home appliances” in TCL. It is understood that this home appliance is equipped with information cross-screen transfers, through gestures, voice, remote controls, and touch, etc., whether they are receiving pictures, text, or play movies, music, or video calls, can be in multiple Products carrying smart screens include TV, refrigerators, integrated stoves and other products, allowing users to enjoy uninterrupted interoperability.

“The product is the first full-time AI smart home appliance solution for the TCL. In order to achieve interconnection between different devices and the cross-screen circulation of audio and video, we have set up Hongyi Laboratory, which is committed to artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, large Technical research and development of data, cloud services and products, innovative applications. “TCL Industrial Holdings CTO, Hongyi Laboratory General Manager Sun Li told reporters that the networked equipment will upload massive data to the cloud, based on big data AI training platform through operation Continuously optimize product performance and enhance user experience. At the same time, the Data security program designed by Hongyi laboratory can fully protect the privacy of consumers.

Let home appliances become more intelligent insecure from AI technology. Sun Li is exemplified that air-conditioning with millimeter-wave radar can accurately calculate the space size, ambient temperature, the number of indoor people, and provide personalized “air services” based on these parameters. At the same time, the visual AI algorithm automatically recognizes the TV scene to change the image quality. “We use the screen as a distributed entrance, carry a basic hardware device such as a sensor, millimeters, microphone, and camera, and then equipped with cloud computing, artificial intelligence technology, and jointly complete the construction of smart space.” Sun Li said.

“The device connection, voice control is just the first step, the media content distribution, the audio and video cross-screen flow, the scene link is the core wisdom experience we provide to the user.” Sun Li shared the intelligent scene constructed by TCL: Go home You are using mobile phones and friends video calls. If you return home, you can directly turn the video call flow to TV. Sitting on the sofa to chat with friends; don’t look at the doorbell camera on all the screens in the home, you can see the doorbell camera. Visiting the guests; when the refrigerator perceives the goods out of stock, it will automatically remind the user to place an order in the network platform.

For all-class home appliance companies, building a full-time smart home must not only have manufacturing capabilities, but also have multimedia communication technologies behind the screen. “Our audio and video decoding, anti-weak network technology, and various processes can protect audio and video to achieve cross-screen seamless flow in various network environments.” Sun Li said as a TCL smart screen operation platform. The Group’s Raybird Technology combines the operating system to form a rich product matrix. In July 2020, through the acquisition of TCL communication, communication ability is incorporated into the company’s home appliance layout.

(Economic Daily – China Economic Network reporter Li Wei)