Edison Chen has forgotten Nike. It turned out that there was the Adi version of “silk” that year

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Recently, the big news in the trend circle is undoubtedly the top trendy coffees in our major trend.

The fritters are also the first time that I have seen Quan Zhilong, Drake, Travis Scott, Virgil Abloh and other trendy superstars wearing gold and silver.

Like Chen Guanxi, he kept tiptoe behind Fujiwara, and also performed a fierce struggle for us.

陈冠希高举 Nike 已忘本,原来当年还有阿迪版“丝绸”

“Nike Alliance”

And the representative Adi, who is lonely, begging for defeat, just holds


陈冠希高举 Nike 已忘本,原来当年还有阿迪版“丝绸”

Sitting leisurely sitting on the show.

Of course, the “Nike Alliance” all handed over their joint works in the event, and made a wave of advertisements for many joint sneakers such as Matthew M Williams, SACAI, AMBush, and many other joint sneakers to be released. Here I had to admire Nike’s savvy marketing strategies.

陈冠希高举 Nike 已忘本,原来当年还有阿迪版“丝绸”

In addition, a tribute to the Kobe Bryant session was temporarily set up. Although it was all children’s design models with Kobe jerseys, Kobe did not happen to be unexpectedly. Then, then, then

However, the most surprising thing about the fritters is Pinde Guanxi on the PO on the PO of the CLOT X Nike family portrait, the text

“Checks Over Stripes”

The hook is the bonus bullish, and also marked Nike.

And Chen Guanxi’s public provocation like this, when Yu Wenle launched Madness X adidas “splashing ink” joint shoes in 19 years, also used the same

Madness has no idea on Weibo.

陈冠希高举 Nike 已忘本,原来当年还有阿迪版“丝绸”

Checks Over Stripes is a lyrics from Travis Scott “Sicko Mode”. Because English is “words in front of them”, the lyrics are “lost my respect, you are no longer my threat” is really wanting to express And Edison Chen’s brilliance is obviously proud of forgetting.

In fact, when Edison Chen took her daughter’s unsubstable OFF-White X Nike Air Force 1 children’s shoes at the end of 18, she wrote it in the text

陈冠希高举 Nike 已忘本,原来当年还有阿迪版“丝绸”

“Nike’s youngest spokesperson”,

陈冠希高举 Nike 已忘本,原来当年还有阿迪版“丝绸”

And some fans asked if they returned to adidas Edison Chen and decisively said

陈冠希高举 Nike 已忘本,原来当年还有阿迪版“丝绸”


The relationship between the interruption and adidas is nothing more than in the past in the name of the brand Clot, and last year, Nike directly signed him as the spokesperson.

Naturally, the benefits of resources after endorsement do not have to say, just like the two pairs of AJ13, such as “Terracotta Warriors”, were launched. Last year, the “silk” was exposed 5 pairs.

I believe that everyone is more clear than I know about Clot X Nike, and now CLOT’s masterpieces are nothing more than “Alienegra” thorns heel “Royal Silk” silk.

陈冠希高举 Nike 已忘本,原来当年还有阿迪版“丝绸”

Speaking of thorns, CLOT launched a charity series for the Australian forest fire in January this year. It is doubtful that the epidemic that happened in China has no expression in recent times. Money, and then donate to Australia.

陈冠希高举 Nike 已忘本,原来当年还有阿迪版“丝绸”

Silk is indeed the soul of Clot. The brand has laid style aesthetics since the launch of the silk series clothing in the early days, not to mention being held on the heavens.

陈冠希高举 Nike 已忘本,原来当年还有阿迪版“丝绸”

“Longevity generation”, “Visvim slippers”, “Tang costume camouflage”

Wait for cooperation.

陈冠希高举 Nike 已忘本,原来当年还有阿迪版“丝绸”

Many people know the “Red Silk” Air Force 1 released by “Nike 1 World” in 2009.

In fact, CLOT took the lead in participating in Adidas Originals at the time of the “AZX” in the name of ACU in the name of ACU in a physical store, and launched ACU X Adidas Originals ZX 800.

陈冠希高举 Nike 已忘本,原来当年还有阿迪版“丝绸”

Adi version of “Red Silk”

Because it was still in the Beijing Olympic Games at the time, it used the “red” and “yellow” color schemes representing China, and the “acupuncture” pattern representing ACU.

陈冠希高举 Nike 已忘本,原来当年还有阿迪版“丝绸”

“Red Silk”

Elements, and the accessories are very particular about the red silk dust bag and bamboo shoe pulling. It is estimated that the amount of the shoe is more sparse than the Nike red silk.

The thorns are also very silk, and the work of Clot’s shot, saying that it is too dependent on the circle of friends and Chen Guanxi’s circle of friends.

陈冠希高举 Nike 已忘本,原来当年还有阿迪版“丝绸”

Therefore, the interests of the interests suddenly broke up. After all, the trend of rivers and lakes changes many ends. Popularity and over -the -world are often a day, and Edison Chen of Adi stays in the photo forever.

陈冠希高举 Nike 已忘本,原来当年还有阿迪版“丝绸”

Chen Guanxi’s return “Mr Sandman” MV 2010

Speaking of hopping, I have to talk about Lord Kan. Once he chose to leave Nike in the Air Yeezy series, as well as brand planning in addition to profits.

As the first star of “non -athletes” and sports brands, Kan Ye believes that the influence of the Air Yeezy series can already go hand in hand with the Air Jordan series. It should independently make Air Yeezy a brand.

Nike Air Yeezy 2 worn by Grammy in 2008

陈冠希高举 Nike 已忘本,原来当年还有阿迪版“丝绸”

But Nike believes that Air Yeezy will be separated from Nike’s sports spirit. Then Kanye listened to the suggestion of friend Yamamoto Yamamoto and joined Nike’s deadly opponent adidas.

Adi directly gave Kanye an independent design team, and the Yeezy series came completely from the hands of Kan Ye’s intervention. Now the market value of YEEZY is only over one billion U.S. dollars after Jordan. Good choice.

Lord Kan made a earlier $ 150 million on the Forbes Wealth List by selling shoes last year, and Chen Guanxi held Nike to help him create a pair of pairs for him.

“Air EDC”

Although Edison Chen also endorsed adidas for a long time, it was only good at the good times in 2016. Although CLOT X adidas’s sneakers have long become a past, each pair is co -branded to now is a classic sincerity:

陈冠希高举 Nike 已忘本,原来当年还有阿迪版“丝绸”

Clot X adidas nba pack

陈冠希高举 Nike 已忘本,原来当年还有阿迪版“丝绸”

Before CLOT and Jordan Brand launched the AJ 13 Terracotta Warriors, Clota, in 2009 with the NBA supplier, built TS Cut Cretor and TS Commander LT for the 2009 NBA Asian Tournament. A large number of CLOT silk lines and injection of Chinese elements are used, and the number of sale is very scarce.

Clot X adidas Rod Laver

Clot’s 2009 FROM Dusk Till Dawn Winter Winter series opened the season with classic tennis shoes Rod Laver. You can see the theme of the season at the heel. From the famous font, the overall is covered with distinctive horse and hair. Even after ten years of time, this design is still very novel now.

Clot X adidas superstar “Star Wars”

2010 Clot and Star Wars have launched many joint models, the most famous of which is “DARKSIDE Star” based on Adidas Superstar as a prototype

After adding many elements of the Black Samurai of Star Wars, plus the translucent outsole and 3M reflective configuration, it is definitely the most explosive shoes of the year. Of course, Guan Xi ’s many times also made this shoe price.

CLOT X KZK adidas Superstar 80s “Blue breathing”

陈冠希高举 Nike 已忘本,原来当年还有阿迪版“丝绸”

In 2010, Edison Chen and his friend Cang Shi Yishi and jointly launched the Kzklot plan. It is a shoe remodeling with Adidas Superstar 80s. Because the shoe body is made of super -blasting mesh cloth, the “blue breathing” that the most crowded in 12 years is used crazy in 12 years. It also affected the generation, and Guanxi’s two Mandarin albums had assisted ADIDAS for shooting.

Clot X adidas zx flux

In 2015, CLOT joined hands with adidas consortium to be inspired by the common “red, white and blue plastic bag” commonly moving goods in Hong Kong. It is a pair of sneakers that best represent the streets of Hong Kong.

As the saying goes, there are people who eat water and do not forget to dig wells, but Adi is still sending resources as a endorsement at the most downward time.

Nowadays, I do n’t talk about eating the old suspicion after the job. The operation of turning my face back and stepping on the kick makes people sigh. Maybe this is Chen Guanxi, the businessman of “true sex”, proves success, why should you lose character?

“Checks Over Stripes”