True T1 watch experience: Watch can turn the phone into a warm baby

Recently, I started a Watch T1 watch of Realme. This watch should be a relatively cheap watch launched by mobile phone manufacturers on the market, only 400+.

So why is this watch so cheap? What is the difference between 1000+ watches such as Huawei? After a few days of use, I deeply felt the difference between small factories and large factories!


Let’s talk about the advantages first:


【1. Comprehensive basic functions】


As a sports bracelet, the functions are relatively comprehensive. There are many types of sports. It supports 5ATM waterproof. Bathing and swimming can be worn. In addition, blood oxygen, pressure, breathing, sleep, NFC, payment, mobile phone, message display, telephone reminding the standard function of these sports bracelets is very complete.

【2. Comfortable to wear】

The watch itself is relatively light. With the silicone strap, the oppression of the wrist is not great, and the people who are more sensitive to the wrist will not have pressure. I have always brought Casio’s GSHOCK series, and I always hurt the wrist of my wrist.

【3. Independent storage】

With 4G independent storage space, support independent storage music, and connect the Bluetooth headset to play through the watch, but the watch cannot put the music outside.


Let’s talk about the shortcomings:


[1. Watch status detection problem]


During outdoor activities, the watch often mistakenly detected that I took off the watch, because it was set to pick up the non -receiving message and wearing a password, so it was inconvenient to re -enter the password after each mistake was tested.


[2, the sports interface is not friendly, the screen brightness is average]

Under the running interface, the numbers are white and thick, and the text is all gray small characters. In addition, the outdoor sunlight is relatively strong, and the screen brightness is insufficient, which makes it difficult to see these words.

At the same time, there is no time to display the movement interface. After lift the wrist, you need to slide a picture to the right to display a small time at the top, which is also not clear.

So it can only be inferred by running time, which is inconvenient. I hope I can optimize it later.

【3. There are very few dials】

This should be one of the differences between large factories and small factories! True Watch T1 connects the mobile phone through OPPO, which belongs to the Ecological ecosystem.

The number of online dials is more than a little bit less than the number of dials in Huawei, and it is far more beautiful than Huawei. I have to admire the ecological incentive plan of Huawei’s ecology. The quality and quantity of Huawei’s ecological creators should be much stronger than Ogar.

【4. Function】

As a sports bracelet, the function of this watch is qualified, but as a smart watch, it must be failed.

The division of smart watches and sports bracelets is actually just like the division of smartphones and traditional mobile phones a few years ago, that is, installing and adapting to third -party software. This is a test of the manufacturer’s ecological integrity, and this is the biggest advantage of Apple.

And this Watch T1 cannot install third -party software. In other words, it is a watched sports bracelet. At the same time, it does not support direct calls, and can only be used to connect to the Bluetooth headset through the watch.

This is a bit logical. Since the call is inseparable from the mobile phone, the watch can only talk to the headset. So why do I not have to call the headset to talk? What does it have to do with the watch?

【5, mobile phone turning body warm baby]

I use the real self -GT NEO flash version to connect to the watch. After using it for a few days, I found that the power consumption of mobile phones was significantly accelerated. And the next night in use, there was a severe fever in the mobile phone. In the morning, I touched the phone as hot as a warm baby. This night’s power consumption is nearly 40%. The first time you turn on the power consumption details to see which application is secretly consuming power consumption. It is found that there is no abnormal power consumption app. 1mah. This shows that the system does not monitor this huge power consumption.

After asking the customer service, after the response of the left -handed flash, the mobile phone connected to the watch would send data uninterrupted, which would lead to an increase in power consumption of the phone.

As for the problem of increasing mobile phone power consumption of wearable devices, there is no similar phenomenon on the previous Huawei wearable equipment.

at last

True Watch T1 is indeed real price, but in terms of functional perspective, it is just a sports bracelet. From the perspective of the experience, it will increase the power consumption of mobile phones. Unable to satisfy customers.

This may be why many people are more willing to spend more money to buy Huawei.