Kehui Tai Avoiding the battery 12V200AH communication base station supporting model

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Kehui Thai battery

Kehuitai 12V100AH

Kehuitai battery model

KT12-100 KT12-100

KT12-65 12V65AH KT12-65 12V65AH

KT12-200 KT12-200

German Kehui Thai battery KT12-150

KT12-65 KT12-65

KT12-20 KT12-20

KT12-24 KT12-24


KT12-100 12V100AH ​​parameter and model

KT12-100 battery LK series LK12-100EA Y model of KT12-100 battery

It is used in uninterrupted power supply (UPS), power system (EPS), emergency backup power supply, emergency light, railway system, aircraft signal system, alarm and safety system, electronic instrument and equipment, telecommunications and communication system, DC screen power supply, solar wind energy system , Aviation label signal system and other fields.

Product Features

KT12-100 KT12-100 high reliability

The connection design of the wall welding monomer can effectively avoid the virtual and fake welding of batteries; through long -term charging and discharge tests, the traditional internalization of the traditional internalization has been improved, which significantly improves the re -charging capacity of the polar board; effectively guarantees the product within the design life period of the design life period. Can run well.

High safety

The safety valve made of KT12-100, which is imported from KT12-100, has a long-lasting effectiveness, anti-aging, and corrosion resistance to effectively ensure the safety of the product accurately released during the use of the product.

long life


The lead -alloy manufacturing grid with the addition of rare earth elements is used to reduce the expansion of the grille during the charging process and the precipitation of the gas to improve the capacity of the board;

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KT12-100 KT12-100