Select furniture to choose furniture if you choose furniture

Whether it is a fabric sofa, a leather sofa, or a rattan sofa, every comfortable and durable sofa can make people relax physically and mentally after a day of tiredness. So how can I buy a good sofa? Let ’s take a look with Xiaobian.

沙发选购注意事项 选家具就要挑三拣四

1. Leather

The leather sofa is like cowhide, saddling leather, and can show a simple and generous texture, especially suitable for a space that is suitable for modern design. Xiaobian reminded the breathability and softness of the first leather sofa when choosing in the furniture store, which will affect the comfort of future use.

沙发选购注意事项 选家具就要挑三拣四

If there are pets in the home, such as cats, it is not recommended to use a leather sofa, which can be changed to choose a deer skin sofa. The traces of cats on the wall of cats on the wall are too obvious, affecting the overall beauty.

2. Cloth

The advantages of cloth sofa are many choices of colorful color, such as littering cloth, plain, cotton and linen materials, etc. According to the different preferences of consumers, there are more patterns to match. The most important thing is to consider the cleaning method of the fabric sofa. Xiaobian recommends choosing a zipper and felt sofa, which is easier to remove and clean in the future.

If you buy a sofa, you must try to sit on the spot

In addition to the precautions of size and material, Xiaobian recommends that before buying the sofa, you must try on the spot. For example, if you are habitual lying, you can choose a soft sofa or adjust the sofa style of the back angle of the chair. The leather touch, the bubbles are soft and hard, and the back of the chair is really in line with the needs. Carefully evaluate it, and then start with multiple parties before you can buy the most suitable sofa.

沙发选购注意事项 选家具就要挑三拣四

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Summary: The sofa is a home product that people love more, and it is also a large piece of furniture. Everyone has to choose according to the decoration style of the home and uniform, so the furniture and decoration style can complement each other.