How to eat three meals a day to be healthy? The food is nutritious like this, you may wish to collect it

For the human body, the diet skills are mastered to ensure that the nutrients are sufficient, and the energy should not be lacking. Natural health is guaranteed, and life activities are maintained. However, some people get in the mouth because of the errors of diet, incorrect food ratio, irregular meals, and harmful substances, which may cause disease. Therefore Essence

1. Portal ratio 1: 4

Regarding the health ratio of dietary health, we must understand in advance in order to obtain rich nutrition, protect the digestive system and control the weight. Among them, there is a need for vegetarian and vegetable matching. Some people simply like to eat meat, and some people are vegetarian in order to control long -term weight. These are unparalleled behaviors.

To ensure that nutrition will not be lacking, it is best to keep the vegetarian ratio at 1: 4. Meat foods are high in calories and should not be obtained too much, but they should not eat meat for a long time. Meat foods have high -quality protein, iron elements, and other trace elements can be obtained. In the case of 1: 4, there are other vegetables, fruits, and coarse grains to increase satiety. At the same time, it also provides rich dietary fiber and health. Only then can be maintained.

2. Watching ratio ratio 3: 4: 3

The three meals will not lack energy and nutrition, and be cautious when breakfast, lunch, and dinner nutrition ratio. Generally, the ratio of 3: 4: 3. Lunch should be full, because at noon, many people will have obvious hunger, coupled with the work in the afternoon, learning consumes more energy, and need to eat more to meet physical needs. The energy consumed in the morning and evening is relatively small. It is not advisable to eat too much, accounting for 30%of the total energy, and seven or eight fullness is the ideal state.

3. Thin -thin grain ratio 1: 3

Some people will regulate the body by eating coarse grains. They feel that eating more coarse grains is healthier. Indeed, coarse grains contain trace elements, minerals, vitamins, etc. that contain the human body, and cellulose can also be provided by intake of coarse grains.

Fine foods, the ratio of coarse grains should be appropriate in order to meet the needs and not increase digestion pressure, and have enough satiety. The fine combination of general foods is 1: 3, and the more coarse grains are not intake, the better. Some people simply eat a large amount of crude grains with rich cellulose content, which will affect gastrointestinal function. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust according to this ratio.


It can be known through the above content that the combination of food is a science. If it can be proportional, the energy acquisition is sufficient, and it will not be too much. Make sure that the human body needs all kinds of nutrients. At the same time, protect the digestive system and maintain the normal operation of the body. It is worth noting that the choice of food should also be cautious to ensure freshness and lightness, and do not overeating.