This summer, there is enough “mud” to be enough.

This summer, there is enough “mud” to be enough.

After chopping hands and pulling up this wave of 618, how long do you have to prepare to eat so far?

However, today I will tell you that “traditional eating soil” is too wasteful. Have you ever thought about using “soil” to become beautiful?

How important is “mud”?

The little fairy should never think that the mud film is the product of the new era. As early as the ancient Egypt, people would soak themselves in the mud to maintain the skin and use the concept of mud beauty.

净肤美人小case 这个夏天,有「泥」就够了

The specific soil contains a variety of natural minerals and trace elements, which are now applied to various mud skin care products. Therefore, if you want beautiful, you can also try to use mud to face your face ~

净肤美人小case 这个夏天,有「泥」就够了

In fact, there is no reason for the “independent pet” of the mud film.

First of all, the mud film is unique to clean the skin oil, but the natural mud composition can hardly be made into a paper mask, and it is fully scored directly into the mud film. In addition It does not require the layer of plastic parcels of the paper film.

净肤美人小case 这个夏天,有「泥」就够了

The most important thing is that for the mixed skin, the mud film is convenient for partitioned care, which can be flexibly applied to the key nursing area of ​​the face. When the basic daily cleaning is not enough, as a delicate girl, you must also need a one. The mud film with a deep cleaning ability to save the pores blocked by dust and dirt.

Why do you say that? When you find that you have uneven skin tone recently, dull and rough, uneven, only use ordinary hydrating and moisturizing masks, but you feel difficult to absorb without any effect. In fact, the skin oil is excessively accumulated and the stratum corneum is too thick.

净肤美人小case 这个夏天,有「泥」就够了

The mud film is different from the traditional facial cleanser. It is composed of natural mineral particles with strong adsorption. It can absorb excess oil in the pores. Compared with ordinary cleansing milk, it can achieve deep cleaning effects and conditioning from the source. Oil secretion and reduce skin oil.

净肤美人小case 这个夏天,有「泥」就够了

Want to deal with summer cleaning problems?

This has to mention the formula of “Pore Expert” Kiehl ’s Amazon’s Amazon white mud cleansing mask.

The key is the “mud”. The soul component of this mud mask is “Amazon White Mud” -a a “magic dirt” called by the Indians.

For centuries, Brazil’s aborigines have been used to reduce and detoxify.

净肤美人小case 这个夏天,有「泥」就够了

When the Amazon River carried a large amount of mineral soil, when the Amazon River entered the sea, it deposited special soil and eventually turned into white soil particles.

Because the molecular structure is regular and has super strong attachment, it can absorb excess oil of pores;

Rich minerals and trace elements can also condition pores from the source.

In other words, Amazon white mud is a natural, with a magical soil with cleaning and calming and soothing effects.

Many little fairy will worry that the use of a cleaning mask will be pulled dry, so in addition to Amazon white mud, Kiehl’s Amazon Amazon white mud cleansing mask also adds two white mud CPs — Culopo Aloe leaves that can be directly absorbed by the skin Juice, and delicate and gentle oatmeal powder.

The addition of these two ingredients can effectively control the pH value of the skin while bringing a mild and soothing skin feel. While deep cleaning, it can also moisturize and whiten naturally.

净肤美人小case 这个夏天,有「泥」就够了

The white mud mask with three core ingredients contains three core ingredients, and the upper face is also super comfortable.

The paste is thick and delicate. As long as a small puppet can be covered with the entire face, the mask contains small particles, clear and cool, and instant K.O’s summer heat.

净肤美人小case 这个夏天,有「泥」就够了

For 15 minutes thick, let the magical Amazon white mud fully suck out the black head acne, wash it with warm water, and remove the old waste horny. The pores are visible to improve, and the skin will become soft and delicate. ~

净肤美人小case 这个夏天,有「泥」就够了

In the end, I also want to share with you a good way to bless the effect of the effect of the Amazon white mud skin mask:

Before applying the mud, use Keyan’s calendula toner to supplement the skin with full water, apply white mud on the moist skin (pay attention to avoid the lips and eyes, the thickness of the skin color and pores). The black -headed white heads embedded in the pores, after thick compress, will obediently come out of the pores.

After 5-8 minutes, when the white mud mask gradually became dry, clean it with warm water, and followed the Amazon white mud pure toner to converge the pores, and the perfect cleaning routine was achieved.

净肤美人小case 这个夏天,有「泥」就够了

As a cleaning mask with all-skinned orientation, neutral polarizing skin can be used 2-3 times a week. Neutral and medium-sized skin can be used as special care once a week.

It does not destroy the skin barrier. It is a clean mask that can be really gentle and effective and can be used for a long time. It is confirmed that the eyes are suitable for summer cleaning artifacts!

Therefore, you are still struggling with you who are looking for a mud film that is strong and not dry, and the Amazon white mud cleansing mask of Kyan’s Amazon is definitely an excellent choice for the entry model. It is worth blowing!

What is even more exciting is that this star mask has actually released a limited edition now?

净肤美人小case 这个夏天,有「泥」就够了

Kyan’s public welfare “Panda” has already released many versions. This year’s limited series was designed by brand spokesperson Liu Haoran himself. It also launched three models at once, so that the panda of Mr. Bone’s family also became addicted. After watching the three limited packaging of this time, I have to convince the design skill of the younger brother of Haoran, each one is so cute to scream ~

净肤美人小case 这个夏天,有「泥」就够了

The orange detective panda, based on Liu Haoran’s classic movie image as the prototype, puts on the giant panda, picked up the magnifying glass, greasy blackheads, and one did not let go!

The blue warm sun panda is the gentle and loving brother Hao Ran himself!

净肤美人小case 这个夏天,有「泥」就够了

Blue packaging is designed for the hot summer, and it can cool a few degrees visually!

The green young panda is full of vitality and vitality, and it is also a symbol of Kyan’s tenth anniversary of public welfare!

In addition to simple cuteness, these three public welfare limited edition limited editions also give more significance.

净肤美人小case 这个夏天,有「泥」就够了

Kiehl ’s Keyan has practiced environmental public welfare in China for ten years. This year is the eighth consecutive year to work with the protection project of wild panda habitats in the eighth consecutive year.

净肤美人小case 这个夏天,有「泥」就够了

Similarly, the three “Panda” public welfare limited edition income will also be given to the savage giant panda community protection project to protect the food, drinking water, safety and habitat of wild giant panda community protection projects.

Therefore, not only the pores of people need to be cleaned, but also the living environment of giant pandas also needs to be cleaned. This can also contains the green faith of Kyan’s green mud, which is committed to providing a more pure ecological habitat environment for giant pandas.

净肤美人小case 这个夏天,有「泥」就够了

Cute K Star People, are you not happy to claim these three super -obedient giant pandas?

While making a “skin cleaner” beauty, the home of the national treasure giant panda will also become more pure and clear because of you!

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