Liyang Rescue Station: 8 -year -old boy was rescued, wearing a pink piglet Page pattern pajamas, and sandals

Latest news: With the feedback of the rescue station, the rescuer has found the family with the help of today’s headlines and rescue stations. Please pay attention to the kindness of this matter! In order to protect the parties’ privacy, the names and photos are now removed.

Name of the recipient: unknown

Assistant Gender: Male

Acting age: 8

Reasons for loss: others

Features of the recipient: He is about 130 cm tall and was sent by Shuidongjiang Police Station. He wore a pajamas with a small pig Page pattern and a sandals. Suspected dumb, unable to communicate, and cannot provide your identity and family information.

Aid time: 2018-06-30 20:20:01

Aid location: Liyang City, Hengyang City, Hunan

Detailed address: Shuishui Wharf, Shuidongjiang Street (along the River along the River Road)

Contact: Liyang Rescue Station

Contact number: 0734-4327729,

Other information: rescue number 180630448


Whether to report to the police: Yes

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