The funny function ARKI smart wristband can help you correct your posture

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奇葩的功能 Arki智能腕带可帮你矫正姿势

Recently, the Zikto team from six Korean engineer components from LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, SK Telecom, and Shinhan Bank will jointly create a fitness wristband.

This fitness wristband is called ARKI, which is a product similar to Fitibit and has more powerful features.The Zikto team said that in addition to tracking the daily exercise steps of users, it can also adjust the user’s posture according to the number of steps and quality.

奇葩的功能 Arki智能腕带可帮你矫正姿势

ARKI can analyze the wearer’s shoulders, waist and hips through active learning technologies called Body Balance Analysis, and provide feedback suggestions to tell users how to improve.In addition, ARKI can be used as a pedestrian as an ordinary fitness wristband, and tracks the calories consumed by the user and the sleep tracking.At the same time, the ARKI’s wristband part has a replaceable design, which not only provides a variety of colors, but also has two options: plastic and leather.