Xinjiang: The difficulty of selling at a high level of long velvet cotton is increasing

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China Cotton Network News: According to the feedback of cotton textile enterprises in Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan and other places, since February, not only has fewer long -velvet cotton resources in each country and abroad of 2021/22, but also less quotes in blooming factories and traders. As due to less The quotation of Changye cotton is significantly higher than the psychological expectations of textile companies, and market inquiry and transactions continue to deserture.

First, considering that the contradiction between the supply and demand of domestic and foreign cotton cotton cotton in 2021/22, and the cost of seed cotton purchase price rose all the way, the cost of high long velvet cotton was increased. Therefore, most of the processing enterprises and traders were sold. The value -added order is lower than expected. Large and medium -sized gauze factories delay the replenishment or buy it, mainly to digest the old inventory.

From the perspective of traders’ quotation, from February 22-23, Shandong Zibo, Jiangsu Yancheng, Nantong and other places 3137 Xinjiang Changye Cotton price 54800-55100 yuan/ton (41CN/TEX, including 2.5-2.6% ), Qingdao, Zhangjiagang and other places imported the prices of long velvet cotton at 57800-58000 yuan/ton, and the price difference between the cotton in the inside and outside of the inside and outside was narrowed to 3500-4000 yuan/ton.

新疆:长绒棉报价居高位 销售难度增加

A medium-sized textile company in Zibo, Shandong said that 2021/22 Xinjiang Changye cotton color level reaches level 21 or more (mainly 41, 31 to the main), fiber length is concentrated at 35-37mm, and imported long velvet cotton cotton cotton cotton cotton cotton cotton cotton cotton cotton The price difference drops to less than 4,000 yuan/ton. Therefore, the short-term inquiry and the willingness to purchase domestic long cotton are not strong. It is planned to supplement the US or Egyptian long cotton cotton in March-May to meet the export orders.